Fantasy Movie Along With the Gods Hits 8 Millions Viewers and Becomes 2nd Highest Grossing K-movie of 2017

There’s a new number 2 in town and it came right at the very end on the last day of the year. On December 31st, the fantasy movie Along With the Gods surpassed 8 million tickets sold in the theaters, putting it in the second highest grossing box office K-movie of 2017 just ahead of Confidential Assignment. First place remains A Taxi Driver and will stay that way since Along With the Gods could surpass Taxi but it won’t count until 2018. Along hitting 8 million viewers a day faster than Taxi so it has a chance to top that movie, not to mention this bodes well for the production with a second movie coming next year as this movie adaption of the same name webtoon was split into two movies due to length. With the success of Along With the Gods in the theaters has the production company deciding to also adapt the webtoon into a K-drama, with the script written next year along with filming and slated for 2019 to hit the small screens.


Fantasy Movie Along With the Gods Hits 8 Millions Viewers and Becomes 2nd Highest Grossing K-movie of 2017 — 4 Comments

    • I know right. Both of his movies are doing well in the box office right now. Along with the Gods hit 8million and the other one 1987 when the Day Comes hit 1.5 Million at the end of the year.
      It has been mpre than a year since his last project, glad his 2 comeback movies are such a success in the box office. He definitely is the actor to trust to bring in the crowd.

      I dont think I like it that they will do a remake for this, well not unless they cast Ha jungwoo for the drama adaptation

    • Ha Jung-woo, the crown prince of Chungmuro! Multi-talented with mega star power!
      I’d love to see him back in the director’s chair and hopefully soon.

      I’m still kind of bummed that Park Bo-young turned down this movie. It would’ve resurrected her film career.

      “A Taxi Driver” had legs with good reviews from both critics and movie goers so I’m not sure if “Along with the Gods” would be leggy enough to dethrone it.
      Impressive box-office numbers so far. I’m happy for the cast and crew especially for my baby Kim Hyang Gi.

  1. “Along with the Gods” currently 9,750,617 tickets sold 1445 screens. Looks like it’s going to beat “Taxi Driver” if the theatre counts doesn’t drop below 500.

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