Producers of Along with the Gods Manhwa Planning K-drama Adaptation and Deciding Between Network Airing or Streaming Only

Normally I think a hit movie should just stay in that medium and not get a television version (and vice-versa) but I’m actually game for a K-drama adaptation of Along with the Gods. I didn’t read the original source manhwa but I loved loved loved the two K-movies that were massive box office hits. I always recommend it to viewers looking for an action movie that actually has deeper cultural, emotional, and spiritual elements but remains a popcorn flick. The production is reportedly deciding whether the drama will air on network television or be sold exclusively to a streaming platform. I don’t think the movie leads are likely to reprise their roles but I think there are lots of great threads the Along with the Gods universe can tell on the smaller screen to delve deeper.

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Star-studded Cast of Fantasy Death K-movie Along With the Gods Holds Press Conference

The year end holiday season will have a star-studded big-budget K-movie to look forward to, and hopefully end the Korean box office for 2017 on a high note. Fantasy death movie Along With the Gods (Two Worlds) is adapted from … Continue reading