Wallace Chung Reunites with Famous Former Drama Costars Tang Yan and Janine Chang at Cosmo China Event

C-dramas have recycled the same male leads and female leads for the last five years it’s come to a point where the top 5 actresses have worked with the all top 5 actors and it’s back to the drawing board. That means costars are even getting repeated, and at event functions fans have fun watching OTPs reunited for events. I haven’t seen Wallace Chung out in awhile and missed his last C-drama General and I because it was hella stupid after the first episode but hey maybe it got better. I enjoy watching him on the small screen and marvel at his never-aging visage, for someone who is 43 years old he is incredibly ageless and handsome. He attend the Cosmo China event this week and adorably was seated between two of his more famous drama costars – one his right was Janine Chang from Best Time (Secrets Hidden by Time) and to his right was his You Are My Sunshine (My Sunshine) female lead Tang Yan. Both dramas drove me nutters but I couldn’t stop watching so yay for Wallace holding down the fort in both.


Wallace Chung Reunites with Famous Former Drama Costars Tang Yan and Janine Chang at Cosmo China Event — 16 Comments

  1. Ah, i miss watching best time but i dont wanna watch it again. My head and heart are still hurt even it’s been years already. Sigh. While my sunshine was adapted from my fave novel so…

    Yes, he’s close to janine more than tiffany. Probably bcuz tiff is taken? Lols. Kidding.

  2. Seeing him here ans remembering him in the General and I which I honestly try to watch it through but couldn’t do so, thanks to Angelababy make up artist doing her lipstick. That lipstick was a whole big distraction. But anyway back to topic, seeing him now.. he look good for his age but seem like he lost weight. But that might just be me.

  3. Oh Gawd! General and I………that drama totally ruined my fond memories of reading the novel…mainly Angelababy to blame. I hope Wallace Chung will carefully choose whom he will work with for his next project. He’s one of my favorite C actors.

  4. Not sure where you got this news.. but this event was weeks ago lol. It was during December too so it’s considered 2017 news.
    I agree Wallace is so young looking.

  5.  Every year thousands of movies and dramas are produced in mainland China but most are headlined by the same batch of familiar faces. The Chinese audience simply love reassuring familiarity (in actors as well as subject matters), and there is no such a thing as over-exposure. That works very well for the dozen or so familiar faces and makes them obscenely rich, but not that well for new budding actors or for variety and change for the show biz in general.

  6. “Cdramas have recycled the same male leads and female leads”

    Maybe the cdramas you watch. You never seem to be up to date with cdramaland at all. Some of the new popular face this year are Liu Haoran, Hu Yitian. To be honest most of the most popular dramas this year had new faces or new pairings. 2017 was great for introducing newbies in Cdrama so it’s just so obvious that you don’t follow it when you make outdated statements like that

    It’s embarassing when you write about super old news like this or when you actually get the news wrong such as with that awards ceremony where you thought the actors were actually holding vegetables and not awards.

    • Yeah but these were good newcomers but not the most popular actresses and actors of 2017? And thats what she talking about and not newcomers :/ Of course there is some change but koalas words do have some truth. The King and I: Dilireba & Zhang Bin Bin worked together before, Ode to Joy: Ziwen & Wang Kai worked together, The Princess Weiyoung: Tiffany Tang & Luo Jin worked together, Imperial Doctress: Liu Shi SHi & Wallace Huo worked together before to and surely there is more, which I cant remeber and this is only 2017. Nothing wrong with working together again, if it does work out 😉

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