Guli Nazha Tries On Interestingly Assembled Dress for Media Event

Funky fashion done right always gets my interest, and C-actress Guli Nazha simply has the born beauty to pull off interesting looks. Her style veers towards the very feminine which goes well with her lithe frame and incredibly unique facial features from China’s minority Uyghur ethnicity. I still think she looks best in period costume, almost born to wear the flowing robes of the past, but like fellow period goddess Crystal Liu she also needs to really cement her modern style. I don’t think this odd dress at a recent media event is it but I can’t help trying to deconstruct it. It looks like a cross between a sexed up kimono on top with the shortened hem of a hanbok on the bottom, plus weird gray long sleeves. I think Nazha wears it to beautifully show off her shoulders, and paired with the statement earring she actually looks quite charming.


Guli Nazha Tries On Interestingly Assembled Dress for Media Event — 12 Comments

    • She has the high bridged nose but she doesn’t look like the typical Chinese. Much less the PS C actresses. Only saying it as someone used to pinpointing ethnicity while at work- to behave appropriately. And as someone who has people assume I am from about 1/2 doz ethnicity and presumed to speak double the languages. I hate being asked to translate this and that language.

  1. Think the dress achieves its purpose, eye catching n inviting comments from all sides. But agreed with A n Celina. For the past few years I find it more n more difficult to distinguish one actor from another, C n K actors likewise.

  2. She’s very beautiful Chinese actress and so tall, now got me interested to see her works and drama. But I dont think her tiny dress is a mash up of Kimono and Hanbook, it’s nothing but a sexy doll dress, sexy cute it is.

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