Han Ga In Returns to Acting After 6 Year Break with OCN Remake of BBC Series Mistresses

Leave it to Han Ga In to make me actually miss seeing her onscreen, even knowing full well she likely hasn’t improved in acting much lol. It’s been six years since her last acting project with the MBC mega hit sageuk The Moon Embraces the Sun, which is a good enough project to rest her laurels on for a few years but six is to long that I’m grown rather fuzzy about her brand of bland acting. He has been busy in the interim years having a baby husband Yeon Jeon Hoon and doing countless CFs so her incredible beauty remains quite prevalent in South Korea plastered all over beauty and skincare advertisements. Her agency said early last year that she was evaluating dramas for later in the year but nothing came to fruition but now she’s signed on to headline cable network OCN‘s remake of the popular BBC series Mistresses. She’s playing the Korean version of the character Trudi, with the drama scheduled for an April premiere and directed by the PD of b.


Han Ga In Returns to Acting After 6 Year Break with OCN Remake of BBC Series Mistresses — 10 Comments

    • Maybe not for actresses whose image would likely take a hit with their weak acting, and therefore their earning power through CF could be jeopardize. The same for actors, but maybe more of the box office receipt (ex. Wonbin) could adversely affect their CF status. I actually think it was a wise move on her part since her last 2 projects, she was basically outshined by her young counterparts (kyj-needs no words on this and even suzy-technically weak but charming in archi). At least her bland acting reputation took a back seat for awhile and she can just bank on her pretty face for CFs.

    • I have a vague memory that she might have suffered a miscarriage as well as getting pregnant and delivering a child so her priorities might not have been focused on her career especially if the CFs kept the $ flowing.

      • She did suffer a miscarriage and had quite a traumatic time for a while because of it. I think she was focused on recovering her mental and physical health rather than dramas or CFs.

    • Agree actors should work when and as much as they can to stay relevant..The business in S.korea is inundated with so much talent…You can never assume you may be able to work when you want..But yes people obviously people have personal reasons higher priority to being a celebrity.

  1. Hmm I don’t have high hopes for this but I hope OCN pulls through. Most kdrama remakes of US tv shows have not been great. Even the American remake of the BBC original was not that great.

    I’ve heard her acting isn’t great but I haven’t seen her in anything so I can’t comment on that. Hopefully she’s been taking acting classes and has been getting some experience here and there during her hiatus.

  2. I guess I’m in the minority but I love watching her dramas and am looking forward to her return. I thought she was elegant and graceful in Moon Embracing the Sun. And I’m glad she took as much time off as she wanted. I’m tired of only watching pretty young faces. I want to see real humans in the screen who age gracefully and live through life. Not just cookie cutter productions that churn out dramas like a factory.

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