Lee Dong Wook and Jo Seung Woo to Star as Male Leads in Secret Forest Writer’s Upcoming jTBC Medical Drama Life

Talk about starting 2018 off with major K-drama buzz! Lee Dong Wook must like the dual leading man route because after teaming up with Gong Yoo in the hit Goblin he’s going to pair up with Jo Seung Woo next in drama land. Lee Dong Wook and Jo Seung Woo are confirmed as the male leads for the upcoming jTBC cable drama Life most notably penned by screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon who burst out of nowhere last year to debut with Secret Forest (Stranger). Life is a medical drama set in a hospital, with Jo Seung Woo playing the hospital director and Lee Dong Wook a doctor. The drama is in the early stages of development and is scheduled to air sometime in 2018.


Lee Dong Wook and Jo Seung Woo to Star as Male Leads in Secret Forest Writer’s Upcoming jTBC Medical Drama Life — 12 Comments

  1. As much as I like Jo Seung Woo, I really dislike medical theme drama. And I didn’t enjoy Forest of Secrets too which I find the pacing is too slow. But the drama got rave reviews, just not my cup of tea. Anyway, it’s nice having JSW staying in dramaland since I thought he would probably take 2 to 3 years before returning to the small screen.

  2. Good pair.Good Writer.The Koreans love their medical dramas.Its rare to see medical dramas flop, no matter how cliche they are.Question now is, who is the director? is there a leading actress too and is her acting on par with these two?will SM or YG through in their models and idols in there?

    • Koreans also love someone losing memory all of a sudden and getting it back all of a sudden….And gripping neck when they hear something unpleasant kkkk

  3. Major props to Lee Dong Wook.He probably had loads of offers to star as solo male lead.But for love of his craft.He is willing be sharing the spotlight with another big name like Jo Seung Woo.

    I mean this was a guy who shared not long ago, that he had a period of depression after Goblin.He even doubt himself and his skills because he got a load of public love and then it decreased(he said this himself in the interview).Its rare to see such actors who are passionate about what they do that they are willing to stay in the shadows as long as the role/script/co star is good.

  4. The writer nim’s latest drama, secret forest was full of real actors. So i guess, this one too. Even they put some idols, i dont think they will be the leads. But who knows, some idols nowadays are good, such as D.O from exo. Junho from 2pm. Ex mblaq member, lee joon. But the rest.. Even eunji in untouchable is just meh. Ught, meh.

    Give JSW a love lineee juseyoo!!! Im so thirsty seeing him falling in love in a drama!!!

  5. I love medical dramas. It’s so fun to see certain aspects of Korean hospitals, doctors’ protocol and how they conduct medical procedures in dramas and compare it with real life. We used to talk a lot (good and bad) with class mates during lunch breaks when Grey’s Anatomy was airing lol

  6. Looking forward to this…..I’m sure this writer is not going to do a cliche medical drama plot. Not to mention these two are amazing actors.

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