Lee Shi Young Delivers as K-ent Welcomes First Star Baby of 2018

The first K-ent baby of 2018 is here and gotta give it to actress Lee Shi Young for being ahead of the curve and leader of the pack. She had the most incredibly active pregnancy as befitting a star who was also active with even an amateur boxing career on the side. Her baby with non-celebrity husband arrived over the weekend and mother and child are both healthy. Lee Shi Young worked out regularly during her pregnancy, mountain climbing for leisure and even running a 10K with a bare noticeable belly. Congrats to the super fit star on the arrival of her bundle of joy, wishing this is a great omen for 2018 in her life and happy news to share with everyone.


Lee Shi Young Delivers as K-ent Welcomes First Star Baby of 2018 — 10 Comments

  1. She’s beautiful!

    Why don’t East Asian actresses reveal the gender of their baby born?
    I’d read Rinko Kikuchi and Maki Horikita (hope I got this name right) giving birth but their baby’s genders are also not said.
    Is it superstitious thing in that region not to reveal the gender of the new born?

    • maybe it is because the parents want to keep info private about their children. It is really not necessary for strangers to know as long as we know she has delievered I guess…

    • Well, Kim Tae hee revealed her baby’s sex (not gender). So did Jun Ji Hyun even befre her son’s actual birth. Moon Hee Jun also revealed his baby’s sex after her birth. Many do. Some don’t. It really has nothing to do with ’superstitions’. As @candycane said, some people prefer privacy. Not everyone are comfortable in showing every aspect of their lives to strangers. Besides, what would we regular folks do with that information?

  2. Congrats! Hope the mother and her baby are healthy. I remember the first time I saw her in Five Senses of Eros and she didn’t have much impact. I think she’s come a long way now.

  3. hi, might want to check the year in the first sentence, unless you meant that this is the baby of far,far future 😀

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