First Look at Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun in KBS Mon-Tues Drama Radio Romance

While video definitely killed the radio star, it’s unclear yet if Youtibe will kill the television star. With that said, it’s nice to see a K-drama focus on an older form of entertainment medium that is radio, with plenty of people still tuning in daily to keep abreast of the news or keep company with the chatter. Upcoming KBS Mon-Tues romantic comedy Radio Romance puts a top actor in Yoon Doo Joon as a fish out of water hosting a radio program produced and written by Kim So Hyun.

The rub is that he’s horrible at improvisation and can only work accordingly to a script and radio is all about improv, while she’s terrible at writing despite that being her primary job and more adept at management. This is exactly the opposites attract type of quirky workplace romance that I adore when done right, and it helps that Kim So Hyun turned 20 years old in Korean age with the start of the new year and with it shedding the final remnants of her being too young for onscreen romantic adult pairings. The drama premieres at the end of January after Jugglers.

Teasers for Radio Romance:


First Look at Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun in KBS Mon-Tues Drama Radio Romance — 35 Comments

  1. This drama has a beautiful nostalgic feel to it. I’m really looking forward to this because of both kim sohyeon and yun dujun. They give me a feeling of being warm & gentle in real life.

  2. I’m really looking forward to Radio Romance, Mother and Children of a Lesser God for the first half of 2018. They all have solid actors with offbeat storylines.

  3. Idk about korean age but she’s still 18 and she still looks way younger than him so im not comfortable with this i guess I’m skipping this lol

      • U literally can’t comment on anything on this site lmao it’s like ppl aren’t allowed to have different opinions.

      • @Chh: right? KSH fans are so damn defensive it’s hilarious. You decide to skip the drama for valid reason imo and it’s none of their business, who even ask for their opinion on your skipping? lol

      • That would be half the dramas in 2018 you need to miss then. Mr Sunshine, My Ahjusshi & About Time have major age gaps as well. Not to mention super hit dramas like Goblin, Oh My Ghostess & Doctors. The only one that’s creepy is you to think this kind of thing doesn’t happen in real life. Kim Go Eun – Shin Ha Kyung were how many years apart? Hyeri – Tony Ahn, IU – Jang Ki Ha. They did more than just kiss and hold hands.

      • umm..i’ve seen the naver comments for this drama, its almost entirely from young teen girls who are going gaga over the chemistry of the lead pair. do they also suffer from pygn whatever syndrome? i’m huge fan of both the leads so i’m happy to see them together looking sweet.

    • Yup, it really rubs me the wrong way how these barely legal girls plays love interest opposite men 10+ years older than them. Definitely not watching this.

  4. I really like KSH drama choices. I find her a very sensible girl with a good head on her shoulders. She impresses with every performance. Korea is lucky to have such a talented young star.

  5. Omgee love that hair! She’s so beautiful even with the perm! I love listening and watching to Korean live radio so this drama is a must for me!

  6. I just read the discussion on psh article, it looks like she is still struggling to be completely free of her child actress image even after she become almost 30. It is good then ksh start shedding image now only. It will be few years before anyone accept her as full grown adult no matter what she do so it is good she start early.

    • I personally find it slightly uncomfortable too. But she made a very wise comment recently: “I’m nervous and afraid, but I’m going to have a good time acting with good people. I decided to act in this drama because I was drawn to the boldness and brightness of my character.”

      I will watch this drama to support this brave girl who love acting but also mature enough to know how seedy this industry can be.

  7. If im not mistaken, yoo eunhye also did this kind of hairstyle in one of her drama. Well, i wonder if koreans will love this type of drama. But im gonna give it a try. Ksh is one of the best young actresses in Korea. While Doojoon, hmm… He’s so manly!

  8. I’m really not convinced by KSH. She looks so young. I don’t care about age gap if the actor/actress can play his/her role but in this case, the fact she looks like her real age doesn’t help…

    I think if she want to take a more mature role, she should do in a movie where the freedom is bigger. In a drama on KBS, she’s still a child actress because TV has to maintain her pure image for the public.

    • Which public TV channel doesn’t maintain a pure image? Even the kisses in DOTS were so pure. Same for Yongpal and Hospital Ship. All these actors we ‘adults’. In fact KSH has made the perfect choice to play a mature role because KSH personally doesn’t want to lose her pure image. She’s been very clear about that. She loves her icon of innocence tag and works hard to maintain it. This kind of light drama is perfect for her to play an adult role without hurting her image. KSH looks every part the bumbling scriptwriter who can’t do her job. I for one am happy she’s not sticking to childhood roles or high school roles. Its time to put away the school uniform and to be fair she’s never worn a high school uniform in real life.

    • Agree with you @Kurama, she should start taking mature roles first in movies. Now this romance is going to look unconvincing too, because she is a child actress after all and TV stations will want to keep the pure image because the public wouldn’t accept KSH suddenly acting more adult.

      • She doesn’t want to do that though so why do people keep insisting she do that. She prefers dramas over movies and there is nothing unconvincing about this romance just like there was nothing unconvincing about her and taec. Remember how people kept saying they were mismatched but turns out they had the most out of this world chemistry. These two have already proven their chemistry at the drama awards so there isn’t much else to say about that. Stop insisting about what will or won’t be convincing since this is something that kim so hyun will keep doing for the rest of her career. She prefers to pair with older actors than younger ones because she matches with them in terms of maturity. The public don’t see her as child actress very strongly. Her image as a child actress has never been that strong in Korea just like park bo young.

      • @kokwa, Sorry, I really don’t think underage actors kissing much older actors on screen is anything near ’’great chemistry’’. Stop pushing that agenda that ’’some girls are more mature than their age so that’s why they prefer to act with older actors’’ when that’s not true at all. This is an extract from her interview; ’’In the beginning the director said, that there would be no kiss scenes at all or just one or two, but we had as many as four’’. So, the director and producers didn’t even tell her what she was going into. Young girls are conditioned from a very young age that they mature faster and they have to do things and not complain.
        Especially in the entertainment industry where the sexual exploitation of child actors and young women (and men alike) is rampant but only a fraction of it ever gets revealed to the public. While I think that it’s essential for child actors to gradually take more mature roles, that doesn’t mean that they need to do straight on kissing scenes with adult men while still underage.
        And Park Bo Young doesn’t have that strong child actress image because she debuted at the age of 16 and she has always focused more on doing movies.

  9. I am stopping myself from commenting but i cant help it tired of reading comments that doojoon is too old for ksh..can we atleast wait for the drama to commence and watch perhaps the first few episodes to say that they’ve got no chemistry or whatever..i like kim so hyun since she was a kid..and i love yoon doo im looking to this drama..

    • Its because people can’t digest their food unless they say something negative. There is too much hate in the kdrama blogs these days. It was never like this before. People just aren’t able to write positive comments anymore. Everything about this drama screams cute so I’m looking forward to it as well.

    • She doesn’t look 15 by any standards. She didn’t look 15 even when she was 15 because she’s famous for always look 5 years older than her actual age. Don’t be such an obvious hater.

  10. @kokwa You should take a breath :p

    I don’t hate KSH. I think she’s a good actress.
    For the TV channels, I agree SBS, MBC or KBS are the same, they can’t pass a certain limit but TVN or JTBC have a bigger freedom. It’s true some dramas are very innocent relatted to love story but they had pretty great chemisty like in Suspicious Partner or Jealousy Incarnate too.

    If she likes her pure image, it’s good for her but it will narrow the characters she can play…

    In this case, my problem it’s she doesn’t suit for the character, she looks too young and I’m not a fan of dramas with too much cuteness in the love story. If you don’t have a problem, it’s good for you. And the age gap doesn’t bother me if it’s not too obvious.

  11. Yeah I’m not feeling the styling either, she already has a baby face and the curly hair does not help. I’ve personally not been able to get majority of the dramas with where the female lead is younger than 19 (in real age) and the male lead is almost a decade older than her. It just never sat right with me and I never felt comfortable with it in Hollywood movies and shows either. Now she’s a little older but the styling and the way she acts in the teaser made her look even younger than usual. I’ll try it out for Do Joon and KSH individually but I hope I don’t constantly feel/see their age gap. Anyway,I hope when Kim So Hyun gets older she’s just as utilized as an actress as she is now because she has a bright future ahead of her.

    Also people need to chill, if other people do not feel comfortable with certain age gaps, there’s no need to start accusing them of negativity just because you feel comfortable with it. People can differ from popular/unpopular opinion and disagree about things, it happens and doesn’t mean people are trying to hate or aren’t a fan of the person in question. Most opinions will change as usual when the drama starts airing anyway.

  12. There is always going to be hate I guess. When she tried a completely new hairstyle it make her look young/ does not suite her and when she has similar hairstyles it is she always has the same hairslyle so boring or something. Anyway when you are famous there will be love and hate at the same time. You can’t pleased everybody.

  13. Women are so funny, they have double standards for themselves and their Korean idols. She is just out of her teens, you mean to tell me they couldn’t find an actor, who is talented and younger to play her lead man? Why not put her in a high school uniform to help all the older men fantasize about her, more easily. The older actor and the very younger actress. My God the outfits they make these very young girl groups wear, are very sexual, and makes one wonder which age group of men are they trying to attract? Something seems, at times, a wee bit kinky. You have dramas portraying sweet innocent women, then there are these sexually clad popular girl groups which are dancing seductively, and they seem way to young to be doing this.

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