Lee Min Jung and Han Sunhwa in Talks as Dual Female Leads for MBC Weekend Drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo

Even as prime time K-drama ratings have take a one-way plunge for the last five years, weekend drama have remained steady in viewership and still able to deliver ratings into the 30s and even 40s on occasion. That’s why it’s no demotion to do a weekend drama, and for K-actress Lee Min Jung it just may be the jet boost she needs back in the time slot where she got his biggest K-drama hit. That was nearly a decade ago with Smile, You in 2009 and now she has been offered the female lead role in upcoming MBC weekend drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo. It’s a dual female lead drama and the other actress in talks is Han Sunhwa. The drama is from the PD of My Daughter Geum Sa Wol and the screenwriter of Mama, taking over in March from Money Flower. I hope she takes this drama and shows the audience what she’s able to deliver in warmth and spunk onscreen, shaking off the last few years of questionable role/drama selections and very unpopular opinion in choice of a husband.


Lee Min Jung and Han Sunhwa in Talks as Dual Female Leads for MBC Weekend Drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo — 15 Comments

    • Sadly, in K-Entertainment how you conduct your personal life interferes with your professional life. Especially as a female, if our behaviour is not up to Korean standards, it can lead to her been blacklisted, meaning no work opportunities!

      She’s married to infamous Lee Byung-hun. I’d say that doesn’t help her professionally. Quite the opposite.

      So, if she gets the opportunity of a successful drama under her belt, the better for her.

      • Yes I know how it works, I just do not feel the comment was necessary. But we must always have something negative to insert.

    • Thank you for your spunk. Who people choose to marry is no one else’s concern. The “husband” comment, in my opinion is quite low-down.

      • Totally agree. Its abt her drama nd yet has to linkup w/ her personal life. But not everyone gets the same treatment tho. Selective grp can cheat millions, involved in sex scandals, drunk drive or anything criminal can get off the hook without having their wrong doings ever brought up again.

  1. I like her with Jung Kyung Ho in Smile You. They were cute together !

    I’m not sure about Han Sunhwa. She’s not bad but bland for me.

  2. Han Sunhwa is not the best actress but one thing I do like is that she’s not taking lead role after lead role right away. If you look at her filmography they were all mostly supporting roles. She’s working her way to the top and I gotta give her props for that considering how many idols land lead roles right away. Hopefully her acting has improved though.

  3. I thought this actress did quite well in Come Back Mister. It was so unfortunate that the airing time of that drama went opposite DOTS. DOTS was sweet, fun cotton candy but the meaning and story of CBM stayed with me much longer.

  4. i did like lee min jung with joo sang wook in cunning single lady (sly and single again). i didn’t watch her last drama with rain so i can’t comment on that.

  5. Min Jung is a good actress. I may not care much about her drama choices, but I know she can deliver and only needs the right script to make her popular again. Who she’s married to should have no reflection on her character or reputation. It’s not as if she ever did anything wrong! If anything, she’s handled herself with grace and maturity. I do wish her the best in life and in her career ??

  6. 2 lead actress again with her, if im not mistaken der were some friction in how they put der name in the drama poster of come back mr.,not really sure though but i read it somewhere before about that.

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