Prosecutors Re-open Investigation into Allegations of Forced Prostitution in Jang Ja Yeon’s Suicide Note From 2009

The brief entertainment career of aspiring K-actress Jang Ja Yeon remains an instantly recognizable name for K-drama fans who were active in the late 2000s om Hallyu entertainment. She had a bit part in the 2009 hit K-drama Boys Before Flowers but only became (in)famous when she committed suicide later that year leaving behind a devastating suicide note and accompanying documentation that her agency president had been forcibly pimping her out as a hostess and prostitute. She was beaten if she didn’t acquiesce to having drinks with powerful and rich men and in some cases even forcing her to sleep with the men.

Her suicide cased an outcry and the case was handed over to prosecutors for investigation but ultimately none of the men she was forced to entertain were prosecuted claiming for lack of evidence and only her agency president was slapped on the wrist with a small fine. That’s a travesty but now nearly 10 years later the prosecutors office has announced that it will be re-opening her case for review. If this was one of those bajillion legal dramas onscreen these past few years then I have hope for a stirring justice is finally served moment alas this is real life and I doubt anything substantive will come of this but am still grateful to hear she’s getting another stab at justice.


Prosecutors Re-open Investigation into Allegations of Forced Prostitution in Jang Ja Yeon’s Suicide Note From 2009 — 18 Comments

  1. It was buried by the higher ups because too meny men in power were involved in the sexual abuse ring that raped and abused rookies and trainees. Jang Ja Yeon wanted to reveal the truth and make these bastards pay for their crimes after her death but too many powerful men are being protected..

  2. Times Up. I’m extremly happy they are reopening this case. This is a step forward in revealing these dirtbags, I hope whoever is in charge of this case succeeds in bringing her justice.

  3. There is no justice in this damned world as long as these corrupt sociopaths rule this world you have to know that all of the planet are ruled by them. Peace

  4. New government?? Nothing changes.Actually its the result of government and its lack of laws the main reason for such tragedy.

      • Btw Do you even know when the Government changed? And when this tragedy happened? If you do you research, you will get your answer.

      • Sorry You Are wrong..Very little ever changes.
        Government only make things worse.
        Keep your politics to yourself and stop being brainwashed.

  5. This is a tragedy. I wonder how many women suffered through the same thing but have to remain silent for various reasons (threats, economy, career aspirations) This has to end, not only in S.Korea but everywhere.

    This woman (RIP) chose to end her life, her sufferings became too much to bear. I hope that at least her soul will witness some justice.

  6. And her last and I think only movie role mirrored her real life. She played a woman who got used in same manner and ended her life because he couldn’t bear to live more. If her allegations are true then I hope she gets the justice and the guilty party rot in the jail.

  7. Such a tragedy that befalls on her and woman. Shame on the men that suppose to use their strength to love and protect women instead of bully and harassed. Men should remember that this tragedy also could happen to their mother, sisters or daughters.

  8. “So I want all the girls watching here, now, to know that a new day is on the horizon!” – Oprah

    YES!! please put those men including her agency’s President behind bars – name and shame them.

  9. Hollywood stars are wearing Black/ White to protest against sexual
    abuse in the industry..This young girl killed herself to do that. I hope all her abusers have nightmares and Insomnias.

    • Hohliu you seem to harbour hatred and revenge in your heart as you seem to be making irrational comments. What you just said makes no sense and you seem to think your current government can wave a magic wand that will fix a problem that has been their a lot longer than governments have existed. Complete fantasy. The change needs to come from everyone on a social and cultural level including South Korea which is still way behind the rest of the world when it comes to respect and equality of women…Sorry a sad fact. I wish you well with any personal issue you may have.

  10. This is sad but probably more prevalent, in the industry, than we can even imagine. Look at how these corporate sponsors and management companies treat singing groups. They capture these star struck kids and use and abuse them, for profit. Blood suckers, all of them. Just my opinion from what I have read.

  11. This is one of those cases that hits me like a mack truck every time I read about it. I remember I almost stopped watching kdramas after finding about her case when I finished watching Boys over Flowers years ago. Went back and watched all her bit scenes and felt sick to my stomach only to find out justice has still not been served aka some powerful people were involved, threw money around and scattered like flies. It’s good to know everyone involved are walking around scared shitless. This life or the next, you do not get away with evil deeds no matter how hard you try.

    I hope she gets the justice she deserved in this life and that any other men or even women who also endured or are still enduring such treatment today get the help they need. Most entertainment industries have a very dark underbelly, sadly not surprising in the type of world we live in.

    May your soul Rest In Peace no matter what evil and injustice there is in this world, Jang Ja Yeon.

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