Lee Sang Yoon to Romance Lee Sung Kyung in tvN Fantasy Romance Drama About Time

I’ve got some solid casting news  in the K-drama front looking out into early Spring. tvN has confirmed the casting of Lee Sang Yoon as the male lead in romance K-drama About Time opposite earlier confirmed female lead Lee Sung Kyung. It’s a fantasy tinged drama about a girl who can see the mortality clock of others and the man who stops her time, whatever that means. Lee Sung Kyung is a charismatic and talented stage performer who can see other people’s life span and one day she encounters the aloof and successful company president played by Lee Sang Yoon who does not have any supernatural abilities other than stopping time for the female lead. Their fates entwine and a romance ensues. The drama is fro the PD of Second Time Twenty Again with a new screenwriter in collaboration.


Lee Sang Yoon to Romance Lee Sung Kyung in tvN Fantasy Romance Drama About Time — 15 Comments

  1. Lee Sang Yoon is a charismatic actor but I am not sure about Lee Sung Kyung. She was good in WFKBJ but because that role more or less tailored for her. Apart from that, she is just mediocre. The pairing frels rather odd.

    • I beg to differ. I don’t think she was good in WFKBJ. Her ’’fat, butch, not-conventionally-pretty girl’’ act wasn’t believable at all. The fat suit and baggy clothes she wore, too, were not believable at all. Her mannerisms and expressions weren’t good either. The only reason WFKBJ was s successful among i-fans was the chemistry between LSK and NJH. And the pretty looks. Those kind of dramas tend to attract all the shipper fans. In my opinion LSK’s best acting was in Doctors, where she was subtle and more natural and her demeanor and expressions and the character she played fit her very well. She was good in Cheese in the Trap too. The intentional overacting strangely fit her character well. I have no clear memories of IOIL accept that she was bratty and had romance with Lee Kwang Soo’s character who suffered for Tourette syndrome. She wasn’t phenomenal in that drama with Kim Sung Ryung either. I think her ’breakthrough’ really was CITT/Doctors because after those dramas, she got leading role offers and WFKBJ secured her international popularity.

      • I agree that her acting in WFKBJ is rather muppet like but probably her lacking was covered up by the good writing of the drama. Even the stiff NJH apppeared pretty good in WFKBJ. I didn’t watch Doctors so I can’t commemt much but she was OTT in CITT. Overall, I still don’t find her fit as a lead actress just yet.

  2. I have seen LSY in quite a feww dramas already (and looking for movie Santa Barbara as well which looks like an interesting watch) = USED to think eye candy Lee Sang-yoon was a fairly ok actor – until he was paired with Lee Bo-young in Whisper! 🙂

    On The Way To Airport still remains a fond drama, but Whisper totally woke me up to how limiting his range/expressions actually are.

  3. I don’t really like her. She always overacts. I couldn’t believe she was a surgeon or weighlifter. She should take second role for now.

    I’m not interested by the story or the casting, so I think I will pass this one.

    • Is 9 years objectionable to you? Would you have a problem with it if it were the other way round?

      Some people who didn’t have a problem with and often defended the bizarre pairings we kept seeing from 2010 – 2015 seem to be hot and bothered now that the tides have turned.

  4. I’m quite disappointed actually. I love and miss Lee Sang Yoon. I loved whisper and OTWTTA. I’m excited for his new drama, but Lee Sung Kyung???? I don’t hate her, I am just not a fan. I want him to act with more mature actress, he looked fine with them.

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