K-drama Kingdom Filming Halted as Crew Member Unexpectedly Passes Away

The bad news keeps on coming from K-drama production sets in the last month. There was the critical ladder fall accident in December of a crew member for Hwayugi who was hospitalized and suffered paralysis of the lower half. Now there is news that a 33 year old crew member on the set of pre-produced zombie sageuk drama Kingdom has unexpectedly passed away. It was an art department crew member who went home from work and was plagued by a splitting headache. After being taken to the hospital to was determined to be a cerebral aneurysm and the crew member passed away shortly thereafter. The drama is from the screenwriter Kim Eun Hee who wrote Signal and 3 Days and starred Joo Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Bae Doo Na. Filming has been halted for the time being after this tragic passing.

Of course there is already finger pointing that the crew member passed away from being overworked. The production company has addressed this allegation by noting that the two days prior were days off for the crew member, and that filming for Kingdom has been on strict 12 hour work days with 3-5 days of filming each week. My condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.


K-drama Kingdom Filming Halted as Crew Member Unexpectedly Passes Away — 13 Comments

  1. This drama is preproduced and has only 6 episodes, so the schedule shouldn’t be too tight. I think it’s the consistent overworking of crew members in the drama industry that caused the illness to worsen over time. K-dramas should just fully adopt the pre-production system for good, instead of doing it for certain dramas only. R.I.P to the crew member.

  2. And speaking of accidents… just saw the news that Jang Gwang (Hwayugi) has gotten into a car accident on the way to filming. Hopefully they let him rest and recover fully before letting him resume filming.

    • Ft island hongki is also the main suspect of illegal admission to PhD school.
      Hwayugi is cursed imo. They must have forgotten to pray before filming.

      • Might not want to spread rumors when nothing has been confirmed yet. Please don’t drag something unrelated as Hwayugi when it’s not their fault this time. I don’t even think it’s Hongki. Reports are saying the idol debuted as an actor first before joining his band. Hongki already debuted with FT Island before his role in You’re Beautiful.

      • hongki is a child actor, so he acted first before singing in his band. But anyway, this is just rumor and not confirmed…

      • He was never the suspect if you know anything about him. Tacky to spread rumors like that just to hate on a drama.

    • i was about to say that.They said Jang Gwang(Hwayugi) had a headache from the accident but he soldiered on and went to film the drama.I hope he gets to go ro the hospital and have a thorough chekup jist to make sure everything is ok.

  3. Condolences to the family of this crew member.
    As a doctor, I can say that ruptured cerebral aneurysm is a very unfortunate event with a very high mortality rate. Having said that, it truly has nothing to do with the production. The aneurysm was definitely already in this young man’s brain before filming ever started, and many aneurysm just rupture out of the blue. We see many many patients presenting with ruptured aneurysm who never knew they had one.

  4. This is sad, I hope this bring attention that how Korea works in the entertainment bussiness, because I think is one of the worst countries in that department.

  5. Very sad news..my condolences to the family..Also condolences to the fans friends and family of the australian tv and film actress who passed away at only 28 after a car accident Jessica Falkholt today…So much tragedy in the industry all around the world at the moment..hugs needed.

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