Park Shin Hye Offered Female Lead in New Drama From Writer of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

Just a week after posting about Park Shin Hye heading overseas for a CF event and musing about her acting plans for 2018, news is out that the actress has been offered the leading lady role in the upcoming drama penned by the screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung who most recently wrote the hit Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Kang Eun Kyung has a huge resume beyond that drama, having written What Up with My Family, Gu Family Book, Man of Honor, and even earlier Hotelier.

The drama tentatively titled Yeowoo Gaksibyeol is a romance about a girl who lost her dad when she wad 18 years old when her dad sacrificed his life to save another person. She lost her financial support and air and learned to live independently. She met this perfect seeming man who suffered a trauma in an accident and together they experience Seoul living through the arts, music, and food, all while healing each other and falling in love. The drama will be directed by the PD of A Gentleman’s Dignity and Gu Family Book.


Park Shin Hye Offered Female Lead in New Drama From Writer of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim — 84 Comments

  1. The writer is okay-good (I loved RDTK, but I think it was more because of Han Suk Kyu). The PD is obviously very reputable who has directed a lot of hits. The story actually sounds good. It looks like she will accept it? If she does, I’ll be expecting her to stay in that promising path she is in. If by chance the story and the female lead will be yet another cliché, it’s better if she just picked a movie.

    • Cliche premise like this depends a lot on story writing and the message the writer intend to tell. One of the good examples is the currently airing “Just Between Lovers”. The drama is well-done coupled with good acting. The story isn’t fresh to begin with but so long at it is heartfelt and gripping enough and manage to convey the story, I am totally fine with cliche-ness of it.

    • Agree..She needs to transition to movies…she is pretty and popular and has potential…Intenational stars are either tv stars or film actresses..I think she needs to take the plunge if she wants to break out of the asian market..On the international stage tv is seen as a stepping stone to film and generally not interchangable.But i guess in SKorea its different to the US and Australia.Not sure her true passion for acting and if she has even studied…In the usa and australia a lot of the big stars have gone to national insitutes.Anyway i think she needs to decide actress or tv star celebrity.

      • I believe in her true passion for acting and how she understands her lack in acting thus keep her hardest in every projects she’ve got. Transition to movies is the best move for her, but she still need to maintain her spot in dramaverse.

        Actually she already got her degree in theater. So she must have studied.

      • Aside from taking.up and finishing film & theater course at Chung ang University, she admitted in her interviews that ahe consults a coach in acting and brainstorms with her on hiw to tackle her roles. She admits her flaws and works yard to hone her craft. But as an audience, I personally enjoy her dramas and tends to rewatch it many times

      • She studied in Chung Ang University and her major was Theatre and Film. She consults a lot with acting professors whenever she takes a new drama or film. In South Korea, dramas are a big deal. Many actors who primarily do movies, usually come back to dramas too now and then. The industry is different there.

      • She has been acting since childhood , and being where she is today in entertainment business, WORLDWIDE, as an artists, tells about her passion for acting and how serious she takes her career. She made a name on her own. No cheap media play to brain wash and gain sympathy! Lol! Education for her is priority , reason why she opened Shin Hye’s Center in different part of the world , to help educated children in a safe and health environment !

  2. Can’t wait to see her again!!! So excited.
    PSH almost worked with her in King of Baking. Hopefully this will be another mega hit.

  3. Super excited to hear PSH and upcoming dramas but……. that plot sounds so typical and something thats been done again and again. Just hope the writing does something good

  4. Excited and happy to know the casting news of psh. Just hope the story is a good one. Writer nim, please no more rich male lead. How about a ganster type? Looking for solid characters and humane life story. Just enough for those time travel and previous genetation of life type drama.

  5. wondering who the male lead will be (if she accepts this drama)… story sounds repetitive, but good writing may help… also need good cinematography to make it look dreamy… hmmmm….

      • Hey prettyautumn! Did you miss me? 😀
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        @Jiu and also @Hao if you are still here: prettyautumn is a huge attention seeker who has “self-proclaimed” depression <<< possibly an act to make people emphathise with her seeing how she is such a disliked pariah.

      • @Jiu: Prettyautumn claimed that she has depression 😀 If you look under the “jonghyun” tag it’s in one of the comments. Of course, we all know that it’s a lie since she has proven to be a huge attention seeker (and also the quintessential definition of a know-it-all bitch).

    • @Jiu, if you have the time, you can look through the articles tagged with jonghyun and you will find prettyautumn’s self proclamation of depression. of course, that is probably just another attention-seeking tactic of hers, because she is probably a loser in real life.

      • Yet again showing how dumb you are, Key. People are allowed to have different opinions. You really must want to live in a world where everyone has to think like you do. Maybe you could move to the Soviet then. Before that, stop being a trashy troll and stop talking sbout things you have no idea of. I bet you are one of those dumb and delulu fans who I tend to mock and insult as they deserve.

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  6. I have never watched any of the writer’s work but I hope it is at least a good plot. I just hope the female centric role is different than her usual roles that’s all. The plot sorta reminds me of the book “eat pray love” but not really. I can’t wait to see her back in drama land! I also hope the rest of the cast will be good too!

  7. Seems like K-drama is going for robot theme and melo this year. We have another similar theme with Kam Woo Sung and Kim Sun Ah as leads, which above anything else, has the acting-guaranteed in it. And then, there’s new Son Ye Jin’s drama that seems to share similar theme.

    And I am interested to see who the lead actor would be? Park Seo Joon? Hong Jong Hyun? I have no worry on this PD, he is solid…but this kind of drama depends a lot on good writing and ofc, good acting as well as great chemistry.

  8. Wasn’t a big fan of Romantic Doctor and this sounds cliche….but then most dramas do and some end up working out quite well. Probably depend on the chemistry with the lead actor.

  9. hmmm,ok so Park Shin Hye’s forte is dramas and where she shines the most.But really “lost financial support aka poor, learnt to live independently”.”Meets man who is seemingly perfect with trauma”.How many times are they going to offer her these types of roles?

    Its great that she is making a comeback.But I feel even if the storyline is unoriginal, it would have been a fresh breath of air if the roles were switched.Amnesia perfect seeming female.and poor male who has to do all things possible to survive.Something like Innocent Man.

    Anyways, if she accepts.I hope the PD directs her well.Its a melo but I hope they wont make her cry every episode and make her damsel in distress when she meets the “perfect seeming man”.Or make her too independent where it becomes too unnatural.

    Ratngs, people here are obssesed with them.So my two cents.If they pick the male lead of Kim Rae Won’s calibre.It could be a hit in Korea since they like the melos and makjang but not so much internationally.I notice the melos that do well domestically, tend to be those actors that have a more mature aura to them.If they choose a young and popular hallyu oppa, it could be a hit internationally but mediocre ratings domestically.

    • So you basically implies ratings relies on the male leads? LMAO
      If I remember correctly, Kim Rae Won’s current drama rating is far from being a hit even it’s a huge budget drama with filming oversea and 2 years planning. But having him would guarantee a hit? LOL If you don’t know a hit is more less 20% for public station right now.
      And KRW is far from a hallyu star but Doctors was leading in all viki, dramafever and all streaming sites during the live broadcasting. What does that tell you? Park Shin Hye doesn’t need a popular male lead if she has good enough role- at least it was in the beginning of Doctors. And honestly it was her role that attracted the beginning rating for Doctors and it was matter of time before they crossed that 20 mark. People were curious how she would pull off those action scenes and it was very different to her previous roles.

      And it’s not that people here are obsessed with rating but no matter what you and I think, rating is very important to the actors, screws, station and production behind the projects. The actors depend on it for acting awards, bigger paycheck or even more endorsments. The station and production rely on it to get back their investment and profit. The staffs would have no problem getting paid if they work for a huge hit drama when they might not even get paid if the drama rating flopped hard. It’s business after all if you.
      And rating don’t often rely on star power as they used to. It still happens but not as often as before. It’s usually the writer and the script who bring the ratings, the actor and their acting are usually cherries on top…
      Park Shin Hye is the safest pick for drama in all young actresses. She has support and love in Korea and the popularity equal to any hallyu actor internationally. Moreover she knows how to pick her projects.
      I’m personally skeptical with the synopsis but PSH has proven time after time and the writer has a very good record of good and high ratings dramas. So I’m going to judge when I actually see the 1st few episode.

      • I think you are way overestimating PSH’s rating call. She needs a male lead. Unless she is at the calibre of Kim Hee Sun, Kim Sun Ah and Ra Mi Ran who can lead a female centric drama with their own strength. PSH is not there yet… she still has a long way to go to be honest…

      • I read somewhere that the writer picked and called PSH herself to offer the role. Just like the “oppas” PSH is now personally called on by the writers/ directors themselves…..which is good news for us, women and equality .They probably believe in her being able to carry a drama, besides her being a real joy to work with……from various co actor’s testimony.

      • @Math – this is indeed good news! Do you think the writer will offer the male lead to a rookie? This will really show she is the one carrying the drama.

      • If the drama don’t costs much to produce, they don’t need a Hallyu male lead. Park Shin Hye will be fine even with a rookie male actor.

      • Doctors didn’t look like an expensive production and it did well in the rating locally.

        Viki and Dramafever fever don’t fetch good revenie per episode like those streaming sites and cable tv in Japan and China.

      • @Candycane: doesn’t change the fact that 20% is recognized to be a real hit. Or should we lower our standard to 7% to be a hit just because we don’t have any 20% drama right now.
        You probably have problem with comprehending. LOL I don’t overestimate PSH but I don’t underestimate her and give her male leads all the credit either, like most fangirls do. The OP basically said the drama need someone like KRW to be a rating hit when his current drama is lack luster in rating. Like he isn’t KSH even KHS had Real happened to him.
        I actually gave credit to writer and the script for rating. KHS, KSA can’t bring rating if they have terrible writer and the scripts. I do give credits to PSH for picking the higher rating project, consistently. That’s in an ability on its own

      • @Yenny – I do not have any problem comprehending. Let’s wait and see who her male lead is before you speak again, ok? You can give all the credits to your bias, but this will not change how the k-drama system works unfortunately ?

      • @candycane: Have you heard of Golden life which surpassed 40% or cable drama Smart prison living which has surpassed 10%. Those dramas are considered hits. They don’t have big male stars or hallyu actor either but they have good script so what Yenny said isn’t wrong.
        The actors can’t do much if the script sucks, including yours and my favorites.
        No matter how good your bias is they can’t do anything if people don’t like the script. HuynBin, Goong Yoo or Kim Rae Won is an examples. They might be your gods but they all have good bad and decent ratings depends on the script. Male leads aren’t what decides the rating. But you seem to be one of those stupid fangirls.

      • @math Not only the writer personally called her but in this and Doctors she was cast and announced first too. It’s usually the main/ biggest star was announced first. So people can say what they want but PSH is at a level where she doesn’t rely to a male lead’s popularity. Sure she has a lot to learn and a long way to go and is very humble but she has proved herself to stand on her own and the industry aware of that. I’m so proud of her.

      • @partner: Doctors wasn’t high budget especially if you compare to Kim Rae Won’s current drama BK or Heirs or DOTS, etc… PSH doesn’t need anyone to help her drama popularity. Doctors proves that because KRW isn’t young popular star.
        Her fans like her to work with senior actors because 1, she can learn from them 2, they don’t have many crazy fangirls but it’s funny that people think PSH needs some actors to carry her drama. Did you know one of the reasons KRW acted in Doctors was because of Shinhye. He said any actor in the industry want to work with her, whether it’s because of her personality or popularity push to her male costars, we can only guess

        I’m fine with she work with rockie as long as he can act but I’m not into noona love so it’d not be my first choice

      • @Hao – Of course I know about Golden Life, but it is a Weekend Drama so it is placed in a separate category from the Weeknight 16-episodes drama. I thought we are all referring to a usual Weeknight Drama that PSH is being casted, isn’t she? Is she being casted in a Weekend Family drama now?? Are you being misinformed??? And… When do you ever read me swooning over KRW? DO NOT CALL ME A STUPID FANGIRL!! I take great offense to your comment. All I am saying is PSH needs a male lead. Do not ever put words in my mouth, you moron!!!

      • @Hao – another lesson for you. You should never use the term “god” unless you know what you are talking about!!

      • @candycane: Did you say specifically weeknight or weekend drama? No You didn’t right? You simply asked what is the drama that is 20% rating right now. GL is weekend drama but it’s still a big deal for a weekend hit 40% these days. It can compare to to a 20% weeknight drama. It’s a hit no matter what you say. And also cable that hit 10% is definitely way bigger than a public drama at 7-9%.
        It’s the fact, most actresses need a lead actor unless it’s female central but we know how rare those are.However you clearly implied PSH needs a male lead for drama rating or popularity, naming KRW and some hallyu stars. Go reread yourself before calling other name. Why would you be so offended if you act like one, giving all the credit to some actors? A drama success is a contribution from the cast, writer, good script and team work, not just some actors. PSH can’t make a drama on her own without good script and team works. So do other actors. If you didn’t behave like one, no one would assume you to be one. And calling someone you don’t know moron is telling so much about yourself and your level of education.

        Well, welcome to entertainment industry! I thought you know very well how the system and all the common things in the showbiz. Guess not. What you are assuming might not be the exact truth either.


      • @candycane: It’s funny when people like you giving credit to Kim Rae Won when his current drama isn’t doing that well in both Korea and streaming sites when Doctors did well both. You can’t blame me to call you a fangirl when you insisted PSH needs someone like him to do well when he can’t even do well in his own right now
        He is a senior actor and I was happy that PSH can act and learn from him but everyone has eyes can see PSH carried Doctors in the beginning, at least 6 first episodes and that when the rating kept increasing. She was also the reason why the drama got international’s attention. Without PSH as lead, VIU, Viki and Dramafever wouldn’t all buy the drama at one nor it wouldn’t be no 1 drama of it runs either.

      • @Hao – when did I ever name KRW? It was Yenny who brought up KRW in her long comment! My reply to her was very short and I named KHS, KSA, RMR who are all women. Go reread the whole thread, you illiterate! Stop accusing me. I am serious here ? Go bark at another door. You are just ridiculous ?? I am never a fan of KRW and I would never never name him in my own thinking!! Stop your nonsense & read again & again here!!!

    • Kim Rae Won caliber? He is the same in every drama though. I am like seeing the same character in all his dramas and movies that I watched from the era of the little bride, Love Story in Harvard to Which Star to Gourmet to Doctor Crush.

    • @Hao That is why I said if the drama is not a big budget one, Park Shin Hye can be the main actor in generating revenue. She does not need another big actor or much more a hallyu big star. Besides, he has decent fans overseas and selling well in Japan.

      By the way Kim Eun Sook dramas from Lovers in Paris Heirs, DOTS or Goblin costs more on the marketing or promo costs, main actor fees and not really on the production value.

      • I’m not scared of you calling me names, candycane. And don’t act like a smart aleck thinking that other users have to change their usernames to talk to an uneducated fool like you. You can easily PM koala to check our IPs 🙂 Or are you feeling guilty because you have done that yourself because nobody sides with your nonsense?

        Wow, calling people dogs just because you can’t make a good comeback. Why don’t you follow your own advice and scram the hell out of here? I often see your comments on articles but they are just utter crap. You seem to like typing things just for the sake of it, but they hold no value to the discussion at all. If you are just a kid, then good for you. But if you are older, than shame on your parents and teachers for not educating you properly and letting you shame yourself in a public platform like this.

        If you feel so maligned, why don’t you hire a “lawyer” to sue me? Or you can blame your own lack of language skills that hindered you from expressing yourself properly. Or better still, stop sticking your money butt into every conversation like you know everything. I stick by my words – if you can’t handle clapbacks, then sit the fuck down and shut your mouth.

      • @Jiu – I believe I am more educated than you that I have never used swear words in any of my comments. Shame on you!! I have never changed my name, that’s why you read me all the time. Yes, I like to comment, so what? You can never get me to shut up @Hao… LOL…

      • Using insults is enough to show your lack of upbringing. And further accusing of people without evidence shows your lack of education and maturity. LOL. Then don’t shut up – nobody is telling you to. They say the more you speak, the more you show your ignorance. It’s dumbasses like you that makes surfing the web entertaining anyway.

      • But its okay – you can keep insisting that me and Hao, or even Partner, are the same person. We are not going to scream “oh you accused me!!!” or whine incessantly like you ^^

      • @Jiu – I never quote @Partner. It’s you who join this conversation. My upbringing is still ongoing, not sure where it will lead me if you are so concerned… hahaha… You sound old, go to sleep now…

      • It’s 10am right now in Japan, so I’m not sure why you are telling me to go and sleep (also I’m not even 20 yet, though I’m sure I’m still older than you). But since you seem to be running out of things to say, so ciao!

      • … Jiu is now hinting the same person is Jiu, Hao, Partner… so PSH actually has one fan here barking instead of three… wow!! This is a scam… LOL…

      • I am totally NOT related to anyone here.

        I am not being a fanatic for the heck but stating my opinion objectively.

      • You are extremely childish, oh gosh. If you can’t take clapbacks, then don’t comment. You sound like a freaking whiner.

      • @Jiu – You are the stupidest idiot! You either have not read the whole thread or you just simply cannot understand English. Go bark at another door, why do I keep seeing all these ignorant untrained dogs in this article? I cannot swallow accusations and I will never admit to your-so-called “clapbacks” to something I never said. Understand You Idiot? Stop trying to be a Smart Aleck, you moron!!

  10. I wonder who will be the male lead to suit the character “the perfect seeming man who suffered a trauma. Since this drama needs a good chemistry between the leads, I guess they will choose the male lead who has ever worked with Shinhye in CFs or MVs before.

  11. Just was so excited to read of this offer especially having her named first… now we are on countdown who will be the co actor. Wishing Hyun Bin,maybe? How about Lee wan…. KRW was a surprise choice for her last drama and they really clicked! Who will be the one this time.

    • Honestly, Lee Wan’s acting is shit nowadays. He hasn’t acted for years and he suddenly came back with Gapsoon and it showed how bad his acting has become. Many didn’t like, including some of her fans, when KRW got cast in Doctors and some still insist that they didn’t have chemistry when they had way better chemistry than what was in Heirs or Heartstrings lol. I ferl like they have to go for a mature actor. Preferably in his late 30s because as you said, you need chemistry. And I feel like a more experienced actor will be able to pull ot off properly. But I’m smelling a hallyu attempt here… aka her + popular oppa

    • Gosh…Lee Jun Ki would be perfect. He definitely can do melo and it would be a great chance for him to break away from the “action” genre. But I dont dare to hope for him cos of the age gap which becomes so much of an issue with too many large young woman+older man pairings.

    • Lee joon gi × Park shin hye would be perfect for this.. they re both good at expressing emotion and re best when it comes to crying scenes. Finger crossed

      • Those possessive fans must be uneducated and know nothing. They might be loud and noisy but I think those possessive fans are only few in numbers.

  12. I’m excited for this! Like someone said, it’s the execution that counts no matter how cliche or silly a plot might sound on paper. Hope it’s good!

  13. I just hope that the writer gives justice to both female and male leads. Because in overcoming-trauma-centric dramas, it tends to give male leads more stories to develop than the female leads, like female leads just being there to trigger the changes in the male leads. So if Shinhye choose this drama, I hope this won’t be the case.
    And bring me the melo!! I still remember the feels I get from Shinhye’s past melo drama: Tree of Heaven. She was soooo good in it.

  14. And the guesses begins for whose the male lead. A veteran? A season actor? Idol actor? Newbie?
    I love it that its the actress thats casted first. N since thw writer has good track record.. I thk it might turn out ok. I rather a generic bland sounding description that gets flesh out during execution than a mind bogging overly complicated plot (which the story tripped over itself)
    Comes down how sensitively written and executed

  15. It all boils down to the theme. Even if this drama uses common tropes and sounds generic, it could actually work. Just the writer and director need to arrive to a consensus on how they are going to portray these characters.

  16. Lee sang yeob or Nam goong min are two actors who cameo in doctors and I thought they had good chemistry with shinhye! I hope one of these two can be casted!

  17. Praying she stay in the movie land, it is her time now , to build up a strong curriculum, so in the future she can be miss as much she is missed now in the drama land . But, I will support her in however decision she makes! Please Shin Hye stick with the movies for now, you soooo good, and very smart the way you are doing it!

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