Both Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Hyun Min Turns Down AI Romance Drama Love Like a Human

This is a rather unexpected turn of events but probably for the best. Both Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Hyun Min have turned down the offer to be the leads for the upcoming sci-fi romance drama Love Like a Human. The drama would have been Yoon Eun Hye’s first drama since 2013 with Marry Him if You Dare whereas Yoon Hyun Min would be diving right back into the television fray after finishing legal drama Witch’s Court late last year.

Neither side has given a reason so I’ll just assume the drama scripts probably didn’t strike their fancy, with a story about a hard working girl who meets her first love after two years except he looks the same but doesn’t remember her at all. Turns out he’s a brain surgeon that suffered an accident and now has an AI brain inhabiting his body. The drama would be from the PD of Saimdang: Light’s Diary with a new scriptwriter penning the script. With the Yoon-Yoons out it’ll be interesting to see who ends up taking this drama.


Both Yoon Eun Hye and Yoon Hyun Min Turns Down AI Romance Drama Love Like a Human — 19 Comments

  1. Reminds me when Dong Ha and Minah collectively turned down Im Not a Robot. Maybe they aren’t willing to take the risk because robot dramas typically don’t do well? That’s sad. Looks like we need to wait till late 2018 for a possible YEH drama.

  2. So it’s true what she said on “Dear My Human” that she’s not ready yet to be back into Korean showbiz. While I’m sad that I’ll have to wait for her next appearance I’m kind of relieved since I’m not very fond of the AI theme.

    Anyway, I hope in the future both YEH & YHM can be paired in a project cause IMO he’s a solid actor

    • Sad and happy at the same time. YHM is a good actor but the AI thing didn’t attract me . I watched “I’m not a robot” and it was a big failure. And there are more to come. I think that she owns to have a role to feed the way she wants to act. Until then , i still hope to see her movie from 2015. Happy year 2018 @ Lal @emchi.

    • Me too!… I hope & wish that YEH will find the right man for her to Marry. Hopefully soon!. And hoping to see her again in a drama. Cheers!.

  3. I was very excited to see them onscreen. Although there was no info which station this drama would be broadcast on, I was hoping to see them on Running Man (if it ever was on SBS). KJK-YEH reunion and Jeon Somin is Yoon Hyun Min’s ex.

  4. the rapist can do drama yet YEH cant even come back cuz knet still butt hurt about what she say. why are they not up in arm againest rapist too.

  5. Damn YEH rocks a red lip so flawlessly. Anyway, I feel bad for YEH but she made a big PR mistake when it comes to the Korean public, and well, it happens. I agree it’s not right that an alleged rapist is able to make a flawless comeback for whatever reason but it seems there is a bigger problem with a woman who portrays herself as having an attitude.

    If she hasn’t yet I hope she hires an exceptional PR agent that will help change the public’s perception of her as she tries to get back into Korean entertainment. It will take time but I think it will help her long term. Its been almost 3 years since the scandal and she still elicits a very negative reaction from netizens and it seems that laying low for awhile and just apologizing might not be enough this time.

    Also she has to pick very good scripts if she can because it is even easier to have a flop these day and she needs any good PR she can get. Wishing you luck YEH, there are many still rooting for you (including my mom lol)!!!

    • Shallow narrow minded fans, why always drag PSH with YEH, like last time I check they are not twins or conjoined twins or even a couple. Both have different career moves and options in life. PSH is a good actor, good for him for coming back with a high rating drama. While YEH’s so called scandal is like a fart, nada, nothing, it’s not like she cant come back, maybe she’s not just feeling the storyline of the script or she’s not just feeling of coming back yet on screen. We high level minded fans understand her, and we can wait for YEH forever.

    • Shut the fuck up YEH fans. You guys only know how to BARK like mad dogs over non-issues. Deb didn’t even insult your bias here.
      You, along with Lal and Cahill should just scram back to YEH’s soompi thread or wherever you guys came from; instead of coming here to judge other people’s comments and getting triggered. Y’all are the ones bringing YEH everywhere you go, even on the ratings thread where it has nothing to do with her. And the nerve to call yourselves “high-minded”. Tell you what, your bias is the one who did something wrong in the first place. No need to blame it on others if she is suffering the hate now. This is not a place where people will coddle your bias.

      And not to call you guys delusional, but sadly you all are. There is sadly no better dramas for your bias. 2018 is a year where many top actresses are making their comebacks – Go Hyun-jung Son Yejin, Kim Sun-a, Kim Nam-joo, Han Ga-in, Park Shin-hye, Bae Doona, Lee Bo-young etc. Even young and trendy actresses have upcoming dramas. So perhaps her saying she is “not ready” probably means she just didn’t receive better offers. Face the truth, and stop picking fights with people. Deb is right, she needs good PR. Having loud international fans like you guys is not enough to revive her career.

      • No need to talk harsh word @Truthteller. As far as I know there’s no “ban” in this site to write off topic (OT) post. I often read many ot posts on some articles here. So it’s not an issue/problem for me. FYI, the post I wrote on the other article is my way to communicate with @cahill since she’s not very active in other site (soompi thread etc.) as far as I know. If you don’t like what is said there, just forget it. Take it easy will you, don’t feel stress over it. As simple as that lol

        It’s good that many veterans & good actresses are making comeback this year. I event like some actresses you mentioned. But my biggest joy is when YEH’s making comeback project. You can’t take it from me (the feel) lol

        You’re not YEH fans, so how do you know that she isn’t get good offers compare to the other actresses ?? People like you are the ones that I dislike. Making judgment event without knowing the truth. Saying that her fans are making excuse for her or saying that YEH is a liar (I’m talking about others) when we’re said that she still get acting offers. And it’s already proven what we said is true…

        Anyway, I agree with some parts of @Deb post despite I’m aware that she’s not YEH fans

      • Who are you to tell the fans of YEH to shut up, you people are so judgmental that you think YEH is not a human being, people makes mistakes and a lot of them, but don’t act like you’re someone who don’t have any flaws, you have a lot of mistakes too. YEH needs to get a new manager, her fans are waiting for her comeback but she seems adamant. Be brave YEH for the sake of your fans, we are waiting, please come back.

  6. Yoon Eun-hye’s best shot at a successful comeback is a KBS weekend drama. KBS owns that timeslot regardless of how controversial the actors are. Park Shi-hoo gets a lot of hate from knetz to this day (and deservedly so) but still, he’s starring in a highly successful drama.

    I’m not saying that YEH and PSH’s transgressions are in any way comparable, just that nabbing a starring role in a KBS weekend drama is a 99.9% sure way of getting a successful comeback.

    • Problem is she said in an interview 2 months ago that she had no intention of coming back yet, so even though she’s getting offers she keeps turning them down.

      We her fans, are hoping that she’ll at least consider doing a drama by late this year.

  7. I am ok with how YEH runs her life. We know nothing about her true feelings except from what others tell us. Oh and we all know how that works for actors trying to make a living. YEH is a good actor, no one can take that away from her. The fact a man can move on with his career and a woman has more obstacles to overcome, sure says a lot about S. Korea and other county’s state of mind, towards females. If men were so great and deserved women’s respect, as much as they now enjoy, women could stay at home and raise the children, but how many here think this will ever be possible for them? The reason is, men are not that great of providers anymore, so women are forced to join the labor force so their spouses and children can enjoy a reasonable lifestyle. These same men still think they are the greater of the two sexes and still demand more respect. If you are one of the lucky ladies, who have enough money to survive on your own, ignore what I just said.

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