Hwayugi Episodes 11-12 Drop a Bit in Ratings as Narrative Treads Water

The Hong Sisters currently airing tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi finished its 6th week and at 20 episodes has another month of airing left. I hope it’s enough to wrap up all the myriad threads and continue to develop the characters more because right now all my concerns with this drama have intensified in the same way all the Hong Sisters drama worries me that it will have a latter portion deflation in narrative and intensity. I really feel nothing, zero nada zilch, on the central romance of the OTP. I love Song Oh Gong in all his ornery pettiness and reluctant emotion, and similarly I also love Samjang/Jin Sun Mi for her strength and kindness in the face of incessant challenges.

But together they are not sparking and the romance fails to see me on how/why they have fallen for each other despite the longing looks and gestures of hand holding and kisses. Thank god for the side characters to keep the cohesion of linking all the main characters together, namely Bok Ja and her fate to keep dying. Episodes 11 and 12 fell below 6% ratings again to stay in the mid-5%, still solid for a cable drama but shows this particular drama despite the truly creative setup and immersed performances from the leads is ultimately faltering on messy writing.


Hwayugi Episodes 11-12 Drop a Bit in Ratings as Narrative Treads Water — 79 Comments

  1. This is the first time a Hong Sisters drama failed to make the OTP have sizzling chemistry. Even their biggest failures like Big and Warm&Cozy had amazing OTP (probably the only thing that was salvageable in those dramas).

    But here, there’s simply nothing. I don’t know if the problem is the actors having no chemistry or the characters itself. I wouldn’t fall for Sunmi personally so I don’t get how monkey fell for her either. It’s a weak drama honestly, because in a Hong sisters rom-com, they usually only need two things: a story that makes narrative sense, and OTP that makes you want to root for them.

    In this case, narrative isn’t very weak (neither is it very strong) but OTP is super weak. I ship Oh Gong with Winter Frost and Summer Fairy more lol. They have adorable chemistry and interaction. And Bu Ja ❤️ Pal Gye. I love that couple even if I’m sure it’s not romantic for them.

    • Lmao the pig zombie is just terribad and act cute crap lol……At least SOG and Sunmi actually have a more mature relationship than that pos……You must be a kid to like those act cute shy crap……

      • You must be a kid with that kind of argument. Lol grow up and accept others with different opinions.

      • Kinda true but Buja brain is rotting that’s why she is so dumb. Imagine if Sunmi did all those stupid things eg. going to your killer trap again and again. She would have been bashed to death

        But yeah, people wont admit that they love kiddish cute female lead
        When the female lead is realistic and mature, they will start whining how she is bland

      • @Butterfly the same could be said for you no? I put up a different opinion no? Lol how is having a mature relationship instead of a kiddo 1 not an legit argument? Lmao take a look at your own sentence you look more like a kid than me…..And i guess you are a fangirl or some sort with your petty assumptions as well lmao…..Hey too bad korean and chinese viewers in korean portals naver,daum, nate and chinese sites actually have the same opinion as me lmao…..Lol your bias is getting bashed atm for bad and off character acting….In fact the only 1 who isnt bashed atm is lsg lmao

      • Agree with you. Sohn oh gong, Jin sun mi were the core of this show. Without them this drama won’t achieve high ratings

  2. Agree… never get the loveline in the first place, is it necessary? I won’t blink if Sun-mi disappears… her existence with the monk’s blood puzzles me and now she is merely a pawn for Mawang to collect his points. Hong’s sisters have failed terribly in developing Sun-mi’s character. I prefer all the side stories with Buja/Priestess, PK, Dragon Prince, Summer Fairy/Frosty; they are entertaining… but what is the main theme of this drama? Immortals/Monsters-Merry-Go-Round??

    • Sun Oh Gong will forever be the selfish, arrogant, destructive, monkey forever without Sunmi.
      Sunmi should have let the bookseller becomes the new owner of the Geumganggo.
      Why bother.. just let the world be destroyed. Let Oh Gong be used by that demon till he dies pfft.. that would be super fun.
      Sunmi should just stop living her lonely sad life with all these demons using her for sacrifical lamb. Just live as a successful real estate CEO and marry a normal guy

    • Did you even watch the drama…..Sum-mi was punished to be sam jang for releasing OG…….lmao all your side characters you stated are pretty shallow and have no depth at all except as filler with some comic relief once in a while and are pretty cringy act cute pos lol…..Neither are their acting spectacular as they dont execute nuance acting nor have depth……At least the leads lsg,oys and csw acting are decent and can actually emote and do nuance acting with depth……

      • I can’t get why they are satisfied on how the Pig demon is being portrayed.. the way he acts is not the same to the original new journey to the west. I won’t even watch this drama even it has a high ratings. Thanks to Lee seung gi’s acting and oh yeon seo. I was surprised by Seung gi. This is my 1st time watching him act. He literally carried this drama in my eyes. Without him. This drama will not bloom.

  3. Buja herself is a dumb zombie who needs help. She is revived by Sunmi anyway
    She should have burnt hee from the start
    At least sunmi is an independent career woman. It’s not like she chose to be samjang.. she was forced into it because of Monkey scam

    All the demons are selfish with their own agenda
    But even before reading the comments and the article Koala’s wrotr, i’m not surprised with the biasness ?

    • Oh and even Palgye is just a selfish pig with agenda. He wants samjang blood
      Putting samjang in the car to let Buja eats her is so off putting. He totally forgot who makes Buja alive in yhe first place
      Her existence in the drama is merely for annoyance and comedy

    • i have never watched a smart zombie, yes she wants to be burnt but she is saved everytime against her wishes. Yeah, it seems like both Buja and Sunmi are forced into their current states unwillingly. This shows how bad Hong’s sisters writing is!! LOLOL… I am not surprised if rating continues to drop, I am starting to lose interest bcoz the story is going in circles… Of coz demons are selfish, they are not here to save the world…

      • Sunmi herself has her own selfishness to survive hence she doesn’t want ro take off the GGG yet.
        But guess what? If it’s the demons: they are smart, funny.. if Sunmi decides somethinf dor her own sake: selfish, frustrating

  4. Better write a hugh school lead who whines and do aegyo everytime. That is more interesting than a grown woman who acts like her age/s

  5. I liken their romance to plucking petals off a flower. She loves me, she loves me not,he loves me and he loves me not. It is such a petty and childish portrayal of the characters an love in general. I wouldn’t be watching this if not for LSG. I think he has more sparks with Buja.

  6. Lots of clever ideas but let’s face it the story is really hollow and lacks depth and focus. The drama isn’t generating a lot of buzz at all, coming in 4th and 3rd on the drama trending list the days it airs.

      • Exactly. A TVN drama scoring 5-plus ratings should be trending no. 1 on the drama trending list on the two days it airs, but it is not. Which puzzles me, especially with the great hype before it aired. Does this mean that though many people are hanging on to the drama they are not finding a lot to say about it?

      • I think for cable dramas, getting 5% is no longer a big deal. Now they can go as high as 18%, as with Youn’s Kitchen. So that’s why there’s not much buzz?

    • You forget that there is family drama “Golden Life ” which scored 45%. It’s been years since a drama score thay high… and family dramas are watched by all ages.
      People love writing “Rating dip” , Rating drop” cos it brings joy to bash.
      It’s common anyway. The drama is still scoring high that what matters lol

      • Misty trended no. 1, followed by Money Flower, followed by Golden Life, and then this drama.

  7. This was my worry about Hong sisters. It has a great set up but spittle out midway. The OTP is not helping. I find the female lead to be underwhelming in this role while she’s proven to be awesome in Come Back Ahjussi. Although she’s a pawn but she doesn’t have to be boring. Actually in Journey to the West, the monk is really a lame figure cos he’s always getting into trouble and needs saving. But the “monk” in the korean version doesn’t have to be lame too!

    At first i was so excited to watch new episodes but not now. I seriously don’t know what’s the deal with the otp. Is it a direction from the PD? They have zero chemistry, so how do we root for them? Maybe they should change the OTP to the Bull King and his loyal dog instead.

    • Actually in terms of acting the chemistry is there as both execute nuance acting with depth and emote pretty well in both gaze or facial expressions…..I thk its the directing as its helm by 4 pds atm…..So there seems to be a gap between a scene to the next and no continuity…..The story does not link up……Also it does not help the story is pettering out as they are trying to extend it to 22 episode……

  8. I feel like this is one of the drama where the otp chemistry is really good. I love seeing a childish male lead with a mature calm female leas for a change.
    All the other characters are comical so Sunmi character is a balance to them. Much more realistic

  9. Maybe I am biased but I thought the OTP chemistry is great and believable! They were thrust into this relationship..

    They were not sure where it will lead them so they were cautious with each other..as they spend time with each other, other feelings surfaced for Seon Mi..you could see it in OYS’ eyes and mannerisms; an awkward grown up lady who has never been in love or been closed to a person or being…

    Then you have Son Oh Gong who does not seem to be in love before is trying to attribute his strange behaviour to the GGG bracelet..but his actions betrayed his thoughts..

    As a viewer, I could sense the attraction between these two awkward beings… I SMILED to myself as I watch SOG does the sweetest things to Seon Mi and how touched SM is.. Then you can sense their apprehension as they become aware that they are not supposed to behave in this manner.. Then he will act like he is forced to do so…I get all the vibes from looking at them..

    I can feel Seon Mi shyness when she is caught fantasing about SoG and herself by SOG!

    Maybe I am biased but i totally love both of them.so fun to watch…

    With the writing, i don’t find it messy because the original Journey to West is episodic so i can live with it. The main theme for JTW is growth in the character as they journey together as well as overcoming evil… I believe that’s what we will see in Hwayugi.. The characters are learning about love, trust etc… We as the viewers get to reflect on gluttony, loneliness, abuse, death, revenge… Quite alot of things to reflect on.

    Sorry for the long post.. I am completely biased aren’t I?

    • Nope you’re not biased. I love and appreciate the narrative developments, OTP chemistry and mythology as well! Hong sisters have done way worse (Big, Warm and Cozy), I actually think that they are back into their groove for this show.
      Haters gonna hate and everyone’s got their own personal preferences. Having grown up with the Journey to the West narrative, JSM is actually the least annoying monk character in all the versions so far and I like what they are doing to change things up. The ratings are probably a disappointment because of all the hype but honestly, it’s not doing badly (especially given that incident early on that resulted in negative PR). Hopefully they can recoup via international sales- a number of my kdrama friends are watching it and enjoying it 🙂

    • I so agree with you! I also love the way the story is going. I don’t care much about the ratings as long as I love the series. I actually look forward to it when it comes on. I initially didn’t want to watch it because I am not a Journey to the West fan, but when I realized the story was different, I took a chance and loved it. I guess everyone has shows they hate and love. This one is no different. As long as it is doing good, then it’s okay to me.

  10. the otp chemistry is really good . i don’t know what is wrong with ” some ppl” lol . oh yeon seo had really portrayed sam jang really well even only just wearing black clothing all the time her acting is superb .

    but nowadays a lot ppl just like to watch drama that had female lead that act cute without any character growth . i’m non english speaker so sorry if there is any error .

    • There’s nothing wrong with “some ppl” – it’s simply opinion. Chemistry is based on the perception. And right now, quite a lot of people don’t see this so called chemistry you talk about.

      You don’t need to be an English speaker to express your views but honestly, the issue is that the female lead in this drama has zero growth. Absolutely zilch, nada, none. She’s the exactly same person she was in episode 1. Acting cute and giggling to herself then acting all righteous and conflicted. So yes, some people do like that kind of characters and it seems you’re one of them? I certainly am not so this drama doesn’t work for me.

      • Lol actually there are not alot of people talking about the chemistry,there is no proof except your words lmao and a few random comments here. Most find the chemistry of leads fine….Its the acting and capturing the essence of the character that is the main topic….There is alot of proof of that people feel lsg is carrying the drama and the only one that is nailing his role and the others acting are pure crap and off character……Check the korean and chinese portals and sites like naver, nate and daum……If you are fans of other actors except lsg i suggest you not to read lmao cause they are getting flamed and critisized for not capturing their character and acting out of character……..

  11. I feel that they wasted too much time on confirming each other’s feelings. The set-up has alot of potential, I like the idea of the magical circlet (now bangle) causing hurt on the Monkey King’s heart instead of headache whenever he disobeys her orders. Tragic love story LOL.

  12. Seriously OYS is always into her character. She doesn’t care about dressing up pretty or whatever
    I remember watching her popular weekend drama “Jang Bori” . She ist the inly actress i’ve seen wearing really poor clothing..

    Here she wears minimal make up and black clothing. She didn’t even perm or style her hair…
    Sh eis just that good.
    Compare hee to Hong Nan and Sunmi. I wouldn’t believe they are the same actress.

    The otp chemistry is really good too. Maybe because they are the same age? Just hot couple

  13. Really enjoy watching this drama. It’s been a while since I feel excited waiting for the new episode. The plot is really unpredictable. Hwayugi Fighting!

  14. why are some ppl so defensive for OYS? The discussion is not even about OYS as an actress, her black dress, her makeup… It is the poor writing of Hong’s sisters which make Sun-mi so bland and lack of charisma. I cannot see how an adult woman will fall for a Monkey who is clearly an immortal living for a thousand years, does she think she is even a match?? I’d rather watch more action, more evil spirits, more zombies than shipping for a romance relying on a bracelet. This is only my opinion, OYS fans don’t need to take it personally…

    • Of course people are defensice of OYS lol. When paired with their fave actor it’s always the female lead getting hate

      She love OG .. so what’s wrong with it. She knows that he will leave anyway socdespite her not being able to control her feelings, she still put boundaries.
      Some viewers are even saying she is frustrating because she keeps doing that. So what do people want really???!
      She needs him to survive anyway.. and he should keep his promise to protect her. She won’t even have this damn fate if he didn’t scam her

    • The monkey you speak of is a spirit/deity…….He can take human form so there is not much of a problem lol…..Just like angel can take human form in supernatural etc….As for the romance whether it relies on the bracelet or not is actually of unknown quantity now as even SOG even feels like he will still like her after the removal of the bracelet…..Btw since SOG and JSM have been ghostbusting together there will definately be feelings as just like those office romances or work partners who begin to feel companionship from your workmates etc……What the writer needs to do is to focus on the dynamics of the leads and how it changes along with the ghostbusting etc…..The story is getting lost as they are trying to extend this show lol……And then you have 4 directors that makes the scenes not connect to the next one

  15. 20 episodes! I was hoping that it would end at 16. Honestly, the plot is tired and worn out and the otp has no sizzle, no spark between them. The side characters are way more interesting. I can’t tell why the otp isn’t working since Lee Seung Gi is playing the heck out of his role though I find the “monsters” lives and behavior to be over the top anyway. If things are losing steam at ep. 11 and 12 how are they going to keep the momentum for 8 more episodes? And I agree, the character Sun-mi is such a wet blanket. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the actress. She’s shone in her past roles, so it just might be the writing.

    • The side characters you speak of have no depth and character at all lmao…..The most they are done is some comic relief here and there…..No nuance or depth at acting as well…..Neither any plot lol………

      • I agree with your analysis @Anon. The side characters lack depth and are mostly there to provide comic relief. That’s why the whole drama feels so over the top and unbalanced with lots of flash and little substance.

        For the sake of the drama the writing needs to be tighter and more cohesive. There are too many filler scenes in the drama which is not surprising as each episode is about 90 minutes long and with 20 episodes, it will be quite challenging filling the scenes.

      • Yeah this drama actually started well with the OTP dynamics from predator prey to guardian workmates in ghostbusting…it should have progress to romance gradually with more teamwork during ghostbusting adventures….But then the writers decided to add alot of side plots that made no sense and dont drive the story forward and lessen the OTP interaction and time……The 2 lsg and oys actually have good acting nuance and depth from facial expression and gazes etc but the writes are not tapping into that potential and the continuity in dynamic over work to romance and sacrifice and world saving…..And this is affecting the show……Its evident the ratings drop when they added alot of useless stuff from ep 7-8 onwards instead of continuing on the OTP dynamic…The episode last week where the OTP dynamic was explored again gained higher ratings….If they dont continue to refocus on the main plot and OTP the ratings are going to continue to drop like this week….Also they have like 4 directors which make the transition between scenes no smooth at all…….The main plot needs and OTP needs to move again, they are stalling it by trying to extend episode to 22 and use filler that are just bad……

  16. That’s why oppa fans are annoying as heck. I always read naver , daum, and baidu but no one is roasting the other actors/ actresses
    @Anon stop trolling and hating . I saw your hateful comments in other articles too

  17. @Anon
    I’m always reading naver, Daum, and Baidu.
    No one said what you wrote above..
    I saw your negative post everywhere so i won’t even bother lol.
    That’s why oppa fans are annoying.. everything is bad except oppa. Oppa the saviour

    • Lol actually there is lmao…..Do you even read korean…..If you check the comments…..You will find that people are actually writing lsg is the only reason i am watching this drama, or lsg is the sole highlight if not i would have stop watching etc……..Check the drama news comments, drama vids on naver etc as well……Lol are you trying to lie to defend your bias? Lmao tough luck…..Any1 who can read korean or chinese can see those comments lol……Did you do some google translate stuff and not scroll through the comments….Btw there are also these comments at those korean drama forums on DC etc…..Hahaha truth hurts like hell 😛

    • Btw i am not hating but just saying the facts that the viewers are saying on those korean and chinese sites lol…..This drama needs to focus on the OTP and show how the dynamic changes from working together and ghostbusting…..But then from ep7-8 they added alot of useless side plot and stories that just detach from the main plot and made the story lose it steam……If this does not go back to the main plot it is likely the ratings will continue to drop…..Btw in terms of being in sync with character…it seems i m proven right lol….Lsg is the one who said he is most in sync with character followed by oys and csw……The other cast are completely off sync and out of character……

    • Anyway the main leads lsg, oys actually have good acting skills as they have nuance acting and depth…..Their facial expressions and feelings are on point as they emote pretty well from gazing and interaction with each other… ..So yeah from the ratings last week it is evident they need to focus on that and how that dynamic relationship changes overtime to maybe romance or sacrifice at the end with the world saving stuff instead of adding useless side stories or plot that does not drive the story anywhere……And having 4 directors is messing up the continuity from each scene and makes it feel detach from the next……Evidently too much cook spoil the broth lol….

  18. Did everyone forget that on Sunday this drama faces off with Hyori Homestay 2?

    Even Forest of Secrets had difficulty to maintain 6% last year while going against Hyori Homestay in the same time slot.

    Everyone should realise by now the impact of Lee Hyori and idol guests.

    • Hyori only premier this week and only on Sunday. Hwayugi epi 9 – 5,0, epi 10 – 6,2, epi 11 – 5,7, epi 12 – 5,6. Hyori rating pretty much irrelevant to hwayugi rating.

      FoS was a hit last year because tvn hit a slumb with plenty of 1% drama. And the quality is critical claim. Hwayugi was hot the first few weeks then the hype dies down.

  19. Those who said “Why would adult women with successful Career falling in love with the demons?”
    Imagine in her shoes, since you were a kid you are waiting for someone, and you waiting and wishing he would come to protect you for 25 years, and one day you meet him and find a way to make him protect you and day by day when you face a hard time you have him tp call for and talk for, and he apparently everyday saying “I love you” and being nice, how could you are not falling for it? You are living alone ever since you were kid and now you have him, wonder how would it feel? Beyond happy and day by day feeling being love and finally falling in love. Sun Mi character is make sense , how could you feel nothing on their first scene (LSG n OYS) meet after 25 years, woah that scene really show their chemistry. But it just my point of view, i appreciate others opinion, just want to share it

  20. This show needs to actually focus on the OTP and how their dynamic changes from mortal enemies(Predator&Prey) to the work relationship(ghostbusting) to romance(world saving sacrifice) etc….They writes are spending too much time trying to extend the show with useless side plots that does not drive the show and then there is 4 directors that make the scenes not connect to one another…..It is evident from the last week episode people wanna watch more of the OTP dynamics and how it changes overtime…..But the writers and directors spend too much time on useless side show that does nothing to drive the story foward or the OTP dynamics and relationship……The ratings are going to keep dropping if they dont refocus on the main plot and OTP dynamics and saving the world sacrifice stuff….

      • I really think there’s something mentally wrong with him/her. He/she rambles on and on in every Hwayugi post despite not having much people reading his/her comments + getting his/her comments deleted by Koala.

      • Lol how is it not deep when the writing is faulty and the directing leaves alot to be desired? Lmao the best reply that you can come up is this lmao……The fact is the side characters are shallow filler and a waste of time taking up the main plot and OTP screen time…..If this went the supernatural route…..This show would pick up again in ratings where you explore the dynamics of the OTP like in the 1st few episodes of this drama (like Dean and Sam in supernatural) in ghostbusting and saving the world and get some awesome cameos from bone demoness etc….The useless side cast is what is affecting the main plot and continuity of the story by giving them those screen time when it should be focus on the main plot and OTP…..

      • Btw this show actually deviates from the essense of the jttw storyline with the addition of all those useless side character and plot. Jttw in its essence is about the monk and monkey battling evil and understanding each other along the way…..But here after the 1st few episode that started well exploring the dynamic of the OTP understanding each other and battling evil, then it started to deviate by trying to give all those useless side character screen time with 0 plot losing the main essence of jttw……Last week it returned to the main OTP and the story made sense again….Then this week they procced to break down the story again by focusing on side cast that make no sense and are fillers…..IF you check the ratings those 1st few weeks and last week where they exploring the OTP dynamics recorded the highest ratings as the storyline actually made sense…..Instead of building on the OTP story they procceed to break it down and discontinue it by trying to give other character screen time when they are just basically fillers or comic relief at best and make no sense to the story…..Though i guess given the popularity that the drama had in the 1st few episode where it was decent the other cast probably demanded more screen time and as a result the main plot, OTP screen time and dynamic suffered and was not fully explored and just slightly touched on….And you have all these useless side cast and side stories that make little sense and 0 plot and the drama and whole story atm lost direction…..What they really need to do now is to do away with those side cast and stories and focus on the main plot and OTP again and continue developing it from last week……

  21. Why so bitter dear people? If you like the story, the writer, the actors/actresses, the OSTs, then stay and watch it. If you don’t then find other dramas. And ratings, oh please. Other dramas with awful idol actor/actress got high rating despite his/her capabilites to act, then so what. Just get a cup of tea and enjoy the drama. It is a drama anyway, not a real life 😉

    • Drama with high ratings usually means decent storyline…..This story should have just focus on the main plot….How the OTP dynamics change overtime from mortal enemines(predator& prey) to workmates(ghostbusting) to romance (sacrifice and world saving stuff)…..This should be the actual progression….But they spend too much time to add too many side characters plots and stories that made no sense that are used as fillers and you can see the ratings drop from ep 6 onwards….You can see the episode last week 10 where they refocused on the OTP and their dynamics the ratings increased again…..What they need to do now is to give the OTP more screen time and show viewers how their dynamics change gradually from workmates to romance through their ghostbusting adventures and interaction till the final end game of sacrifice at world ending…..This is even more essential now as there are 4 directors that make the continuity between scene a problem……

      • I agree somewhat that they need to focus on the changing relationship of the leads where it has actually stagnated a bit. I just think the pacing was off a bit there.

        I binge watched 10 episodes over the weekend and was generally entertained.

        I respectfully disagree that good ratings equate to good storyline. It’s subjective, of course, but my experience with lots of dramas proves this wrong. Some dramas survive on star power or just luck out.

      • Err actually the OTP relationship did not stagnated but was developing slowly. The pacing was off because they gave other side character screentime when they add nothing to the plot and are just shallow and filler and 0 continuity….If this drama had just focus on developing the OTP dynamics from the inital enemies (predator prey) to work partners through ghostbusting where from each demon faced each episode they gain trust and reliance slowly from each other like the 1st few episodes and further develop it to romance and sacrifice at saving the world would been an better main plot…….There are so many source in jttw demons where you could challenge to relationship of the OTP and see how they react to each other and slowly gain trust and turning it to romance sacrifice etc……..The side cast are just a waste of time and space as its breaking the story and making it lose direction…….

      • Btw its a total waste of the OTP acting skills as well as both nuance well and have good acting depth…They emote well thorough gaze and facial expression….But the interaction and scenes between them are just too few after ep6 and they did not develop that relationship further and developing the plot but focus on useless side characters that are shallow and have 0 depth and 0 story breaking continuity…….Lol went back to main plot last week but then broke any continuity by focusing on useless side characters with 0 plot value and drive again……IF they just focused on developing that OTP dynamic and relationship through drama would be solid and actually have a continuity……Also having 4 directiors with different directing style will cause the scenes to break up even more that this whole thing feels choppy and lack any transition…….The best way to overcome this now is to actually focus solely on developing the OTP through ghostbusting various powerful demons so that they really trust and rely on each other enough to sacrifice for each other during the world ending end game and do away with those side characters as they add 0 value to plot and are just filler comic relief at best…….

      • Btw in fact if they had even gone the supernatural route 1st 5 seasons at least like dean and sam for SOG and JSM it would have been an epic drama as well…..Through ghostbusting and slowly trust rely and love each other and sacrifice for each other…..Too bad they develop it SOG and JSM halfway then tried to give useless side cast screen time when they add nothing and have 0 value to plot…..Focuses on one episode then break their interaction again for the next few giving this drama no continuity at all…..Potential totally wasted as the OTP with those little interactions they have execute pretty solid acting scenes with great nuance and depth……Writers should stop wasting time on those side characters now and this drama can still be saved….With 22 episode its not to late to refocus on the OTP now and develop their relationship further through fighting demons together till the end game sacrifice to save the world……

  22. Chill dude lol…
    I kinda agree ep 7 was a pure filler. I think ot’s the only ep i don’t like
    They all need to work together and fight the demons already. Hence i think Buja and Jonathan character are unnecessary

    But the rating didn’t keep dropping it still gets 5 % to over 6 percenr. Last week two dramas are airing their final eps+Hyori homestay too
    So what’s the big deal

  23. ㅈㅌexactly Jin Buja and Dragon king or whatever aren’t necessaey to the plot at all. These demons need to start working under samjang in fighting the world

    The rating always goes up when they focus on developing the otp
    And they have to add this Ah Sa Nyeo in Buja body seducing OG which def pissed off the viewers.
    Although i believe this A Sa Nyeo will play a big part in destroying the world, do you have to seduce OG in Buja’s body while sitting on his lap? That scene made my blood boils

    • True this drama is still good
      People are just finding everything to criticize
      They can’t sit back and enjoy the drama without bashing certain actors/actresses

      • This drama you speak of has no direction or plot atm with those useless side character and cast period that are just basically fillers and comic relief at best….The focus has to be on the main plot and OTP soon else this drama will tank completely…..

    • Lol in what way? I thk from the ratings and the viewers comment, people are starting to question the direction of the drama when they inserted those useless shallow filler side characters with 0 plot…….If the writers had any sense they should do away with those side cast and plot and focus on the main plot and OTP where they story lies just like jttw monkey and monk understanding each other while fighting evil along the way……Dont need to be a genious to see that those week where the focus was on the main plot and OTP the ratings were good lol…..Those weeks they try to insert and give those shallow filler side character screen time the ratings drop as there is no story or plot……

      • I only agree woth :focus on the main plot and otp.
        Palgye , Buja, and dragon king are just comedy fillers…

  24. this has to be the worst LSG drama. this drama fail the min the writer try to make monkey fall for the monk. they should just do what the chinese ver do make him be loyal to the monk only. if they going pair the mokey no matter what. they should have pair him up with the zombie girl.

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