Park Shin Hye Decked Out in Multi-patterned Coach Headed for Brand Event Overseas

Another airport day, another fashion sponsorship moment for K-actress Park Shin Hye. She was head-to-toe Coach leaving Incheon airport for the brand’s fashion event overseas, matching her orange-red hair color with a red-brown structured hip length leather jacket. I liked her outfit much more two weeks ago when she jetted out of Incheon modeling Chanel’s droolworthy winter white long coat. This Coach sponsored outfit feels too busy for me, too many textures, patterns, and details at work that don’t look complementary. But Park Shin Hye always is complimentary to me, fresh and natural looking no matter what she’s wearing.


Park Shin Hye Decked Out in Multi-patterned Coach Headed for Brand Event Overseas — 17 Comments

  1. Is it PSH’s new way of accepting dramas? Getting the offer and then accepting it like 5 months later? I remember this happened before Doctors too. In a way it’s good that she takes her time but she should stay doing movies.

  2. She seems to be coming more famous for her fashion and attending events…I really want to see her concentrate on her acting as that often seems to be more in the background.To me I am trying define her as an actress but am not really sure who she is or her passion as she does so many things..Just my opinion.

    • I think she is making the most of her opportunities.After consistently working since young, she seemed to have set her goals by finishing college after Pinocchio….travel to broaden her views, actually like a lot of millennials who travels a lot and just enjoy that certain period before the next part of their lives….she’s appreciating the arts, the people she meets etc. in these travels, not only to attend her sponsored events. She balances all these by trying to give back to her fans by way of her charities, the learning centers in Ghana and the Philippines. Her fan club is holding another event to contribute for another center in Manila to celebrate her coming birthday, something I really admire about her and her fans (planning to participate in this) If you read her interviews, you can gleam what her goals in life and career are.

  3. The Coach collection loves to do patterns on patterns. I think PSH’s stylist almost did a good job here – she doesn’t look as frumpy as the other outfits they made her wear. Would have been better with a pop of color. PSH’s pretty as usual nonetheless.

  4. She looks confusing, trying to put too much onto her youthful body。 Sorry, her style just doesn’t appral, it’s just the top brands dumping clothes on her. The only saving grace is her beauty. She should dress more HER, not Chanel, Coach watever.

    • Lol! She is modeling for them, she represents the brands. That is her job! And she is doing hell of good job. Reason why famous internationals name brands that want to showcase the natural beauty want her! You funny! Lol!

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