First Teaser and Stills for tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Brings the Stirring Visuals and Narrative Intensity

Yeah, imma just going to give credit where credit is due but once again screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has unveiled a drama preview that looks phenomenally kickass. The first teaser is here for upcoming summer 2018 tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine, where I’m wondering where the sunshine is because all I see is exquisite cinematography and a crap load of angst. Starring Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Min Jung, and Byun Yo Han, the drama is set in the early 1900’s during the changing of the tides from the dying days of Joseon to modern Korea, specifically centered around nameless group of patriots and freedom fighters. Aside from the dorky voiceover, the preview looks phenomenal, I got chills of the good kind filled with anticipation and excitement to see a drama telling the story of an era or group of people that hasn’t been focused on before.

First teaser for Mr. Sunshine:


First Teaser and Stills for tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Brings the Stirring Visuals and Narrative Intensity — 48 Comments

  1. The teaser looks epic and that was what we also got with Goblin last time. She has the upperhand with production willing to spend so much money on her works since she is a certified hitmaker. But I dont trust KES writing. Let’s see if she can eventually change my opinion this time.

    • Same. Teaser looks fantastic and just my kind of drama but her writing isn’t that praiseworthy in my honest opinion. I’m conflicted. I know the acting will be terrific. It’s the writing that I’m worry about.

  2. Very high production costs just by looking at the quality of this trailer. This drama is attempting to catch the international (read western, American) audience’s attention. The choice of the lead actors (internationally recognized movie stars) and the theme. I guess this will get ratings despite Lee Santa’s scandal because inetz who keep bitching about his scandal are not the target audience of this drama. It seems to have a patriotic theme too and that, if what, attracts people. Didn’t expect a trailer already though.. tvN will market this drama until its premier at this rate so they don’t want to see a failure

    • yes, trailer is very well done. Just curious – how will this drama sell to the North Americans? I can understand if it is done as a movie (ticket sales), but for a drama?… I thot only the Chinese and Japanese will pay for K-dramas… my ignorance in this area… I have never seen a K-drama in an US channel… European channels yes, but North American channels??

      • There’s Netflix which can buy the license (which means that sites like Viki or Dramafever won’t necessarily show this drama). There are other western streaming sites that want to expand to Kdramas, like Hulu, Amazon etc.
        I know that Hawaii, Israel, Turkey and Arab countries like Lebanon and Kuwait buy rights to mega hit kdramas. These countries are not nearly as big market as Japan or China though. I feel like tvN is trying to aim Mr. Sunshine at western viewers. Goblin managed to do that in a way but this time, it feels like they’re trying more systematically target the western audience

    • yeahh, but i wish they’d at least wait to include a shot of the 2nd female lead though. it’s not like there’s a need to rush to release the trailer since it’s only premiering July. just felt like someone’s missing.

  3. And this is why I watch her dramas. It’s not particular her story writing that I watch the drama for, but for the high production that comes along with her dramas. I watched it a third time already, but I still got chills all over. Got to say, who’s ever editing these teasers are really good at hyping up the dramas making you think it’ll be great, but then in reality it’s just a kind of mediocre story. So, I’ll try not to have any big expectations about it.

    • But the hype is really low considering that this is following Goblin. or maybe its because its so far away from July so the mediaplay hasnt really started in earnest.It didnt make it to the naver front page.Also the articles related to the trailer had very little upvotes.Though I must say the views on the trailer itself were ok.

    • I think the cinematography look good since Lee Eung Bok is collaborate with her. I hardly remember Secret Garden and Heirs to be this good visually.

  4. I get now only haters read and comment on koalaplayground lol

    This drama is gonna be epic at all level because Korean like KES and Joseon. LBH per se won’t make a dent in the credibility of this drama. Looking forward to it despite my dislike over period drama.

    • Lol. Then since u r here, r u a hater too? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Which blog u want to compare AKP with? DB? Most of the beanies are hypocrites, they have to mask their true opinion to appear cordial all the time. Nobody there dare to go to the exreme. Unlike here, everyone is free to express their thoughts explicitly.

      No doubt this drama may be a rating monster and despite all those popular dramas under KES belt, that does not hide the fact that she is just an average writer-full of concept but lacking of substance and yes not to mention her fondness of fillers n cheese.

      • Lols, db.. I rarely visit there since all the comments are praises, like, cmon, we need sone critics too, not hatred tho.

      • DB?… stupid they cannot tolerate any bit of objections. All faked praises… Hypocrites is the best word to describe those commenters…

  5. i’ve not watched lee taeri’s movie before but she seems a bit green here. LBH-YYS-BYH look like they will eat her alive. I was looking forward to Kim Sarang, but now that it’s switch to KMJ, i was like hmmmmm. KES’s show usually have good 2nd leads pairing, even though it tends to be male-centric. Cinematography is great, but is that enough to boost the drama?

  6. I love Kim Tae Ri’s acting. I like her when I watched The Handmaiden movie. Her acting and beauty is amazing. I will definitely watch this drama.

    • Dont worry about betting.They are going to have kiss scenes with Kim Tae Ri.He is going to say the cheesy lines too.They have a love line after all.

  7. Oh !I’m very excited ! THe production seems to be very big and the background story very interesting. I like KES’s dramas even she uses the same style of characters, she always brings something new.

    I was watching Radio Romance and it was clichés after clichés without anything new.

    • Goblin had an amazing cinematography in the beginning but dwindled as the drama progressed and there to many scenes that they repeated again and again on every episode.

      • Goblin is a liveshooting drama. So that’s why they hardly can maintain the quality of cinematography. Who knows it will br bigger than DOTS in terms of cinematography?

        can’t say no to great cinematography! I might be watching this one just for beautiful scenery. Yess sometimes I’m that shallow haha

  8. I love this trailer and wish all the best to the show. LBH might be a horny old man in real life but he sure is a great actor and has amazing screen presence.

  9. It would have been good if they casts a little younger looking actor. Say Jang Hyuk is on his 40s but he looks young. LBH is too mature looking.

      • Kim Tae Ri could’ve very well acted in a film with him and y’all wouldn’t even know then, much less make an issue out of it. She is an adult, let her decide if she is okay with her role or not. She is a professional and cheating and being blackmailed in return for ain’t no crime. It happened years ago and he has managed to survive pretty well, screaming foul here will not change that dear @candycane.

      • @Gem – I am not screaming foul here. My point is to reply on the above comment that the drama will tank, I don’t think it will because everyone knows what kind of a person he is. I am stating a fact here, not meaning to defame him so you don’t need to defend for him either… I have not mentioned KTR in my comment, what’s your problem with her now?

      • @gem Films don’t do cheesy romance. It will not sell if do that for sure.

        In fairness to the thriller, it’s well done.

  10. Back after a while.seems the traffic here increased these days. Everything aside this looks amazing and anyone knows the production cost?

    • I live in australaia and these k dramas are on netflix here like they are in the US. The market is small which is due to language and subtitle and such an inundated market of US,UK and Australian product…K production in the west is often seen as art and enjoyed for its tecnhical production so it will be definetely a neflix must for the selective k audience.

  11. Wow, the cinematography of the video is epic , by looking at the teaser , the production behind this is brilliant.
    I will definitely going to watch it.

  12. @rd.its 1.5 million dollars Per episode SO multiple by number of episodes and you get the gist.its very expensive no Wonder its being mounted On a huge even refuse to produce this because of high cost.

    • then consider that lee byun hun will take about 1/3 of the total production for talent fees.I dont think YYS and BYH are cheaper either.Plus this is a period drama.So to break even and make profit.They would have to surpass Goblin’s average rating of 12% per episode.If they get the now normal ratings of 4%-5%.They are high for most dramas, but not proportionate to the cost of this drama.

  13. The beginning resembles the beginning of Goblin, also a big scale scene, I know LBH is a good actor but when I see him on the screen, it makes me lose focus on the story. Maybe his real life persona is too strong and overpower his acting skills on the small tv screen. I think he is better on movies.

    • its the genre too.If he were doing an action, or crime thriller or even a legal drama.No one would bat an eye.Or classic sageuk where he is the king or something.But in a romance drama?KES one at that?He is known for luring young women with the cheesy lines e.g (romantic, success, you)..imagine him saying those lines to Kim Tae Ri who really looks so young next to him.It will just remind the audience, the real life image he has..but of course not everyone cares about the gossip.So they might overlook this and just blank that out and check it out for the sake of the other actors.

  14. LBH can’t hide his age in the video…
    And it doesn’t help that Kim Taeri looks younger than her real age.

    Praying and hoping that KTR’s loveline is with Yoo Yeonseok; with Lee Byung-hun as the leading character. Just like the arrangement in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. But it probably won’t happen.

    Oh well, shall just watch for the cinematography and historical part of the story.

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