Cheese in the Trap Movie Releases Preview and New Stills with Premiere on White Day March 14th

I don’t live in a country that celebrates White Day, i.e. White Valentine’s Day or exactly a month after February 14th Valentine’s Day. Hence my mistake in the last post on the upcoming Cheese in the Trap movie which is scheduled to premiere next month on March 14th which is White Valentine’s Day and I saw the Valentine’s Day and naturally assumed it was the regular rather than white one. The production dropped some new pictures on Valentine’s Day, with leads Oh Yeon Seo and Park Hae Jin sitting in a park bench with lovely flower backdrops, along with character stills of the cast holding flower bouquets. I just feel this whole project comes off as perfunctory and lacking any spark or sizzle, like everyone is just going through the motions. Hopefully my initial impression is wrong and the film gives fans of the webtoon the adaptation they deserve and ties up the unsatisfying ending from the drama version.

Movie teaser:


Cheese in the Trap Movie Releases Preview and New Stills with Premiere on White Day March 14th — 20 Comments

  1. Am i the only one who felt like Oh Yeon Seo was acting as Kim Go Eun acting as Hong Seol? Visually the two leads match well but they all look wayyyy too old to be college students the drama had a more of a youth feel to it.

    • Lol yes. Can’t top Kim go eun on doing awkward seol ah acting. Weren’t they supposed to time jump and be outside of college? Cause yes they are ALL too old and it’s missing that spark

  2. Its so a2kward watching Park Hae Jin shooting the exact same scenes..i think he shouldn’t have done it..i understand that he felt wronged and wanted to do justice to the character but this movie is just not needed. People have the webtoon to read and enjoy the characters..

  3. Oh Yeon Seo’s facial muscles are frozen or what?? I’ve noticed the same in Hwayugi, women go easy on your face. And Park Hae Jin, this looks so tired and unnecessary, I understand the work environment was not right but you should have moved on like the rest of the cast. And none of them suit college age characters.

    • OYS expression looks the same in every scene of this trailer… Sorry, but KGE really owned this role. And PHJ is a really good actor, would have rather seen him in a new drama rather than recycling an old role. The storyline of cheese in the trap is intersting, so it would have been a good oppotunity to showcase up and coming new talent. As in the original, the some cast seemed older than college. They could have rectified that mistake in the movie.

  4. I didn’t change my mind and still think it was a bad idea. They should have waited and choose younger actors and not the same male lead because we can’t help oursleves to compare with the drama. And I don’t see how they will be able to go deep in the character of the male lead in a movie. It was the part that was missing in the drama but the rest was good.

  5. hmmm I didn’t expect to cringe just watching the trailer. It looks like PHJ and OYS are cos playing as young teens. OYS Hong Seol is coming off as some kind of timid shrinking violet, acting wise she is definitly not better than KGE.

  6. My recall is the writer wanted to proceed and PHJ was involved more out of respect for her….that and at the time it probably looked like it would have a huge Chinese fan following. This was before THAAD. (Is that boycott still a thing?) Otherwise I don’t think it ever would have happened.

    When I look at all the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes in k-dramas, I’m amazed we manage to get a solid drama here and there. Imagine what we never hear about.

  7. A mess. The drama was fine until episode 8. Then the PD f-ed up. Now this attempt at turning the drama CITT into a film CITT with a completely different cast excluding the male lead will be a tough meat to chew for those who wanted more from the drama version. Kim Go Eun, although different from the webtoon Hong Seol, made the drama version. Seeing OYS in her place feels rather weird. PHJ looks so out of place. Should have done the film version with the original drama cast or with a different male lead

  8. Somehow i feel the drama has more quality than the movie and it’s so weird watching PHJ saying the same lines with only different lady and background scene.
    Well, from the trailer i can say that kim go eun acting was way better than OYS.

  9. I love Kim Go Eun Hong Seol, that was where I fall in love with Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun as well. They were so so so good together. But despite all the critics I’m still exciting to see the upcoming movie.

  10. It’s uninteresting so far.. Might be due to the change of PD and cast? And beside Kim Go EUn, As much as I like PArk Ki Woong, Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho is just so mezmering it’s hard to replace him.

  11. hold up what with all negativity towards the cast and Park Hae Jin give them a chance…it wont be like tv show and dont expect it to be…none of them are going to interpret the characters like the other cast not even Park Hae Jin…just wait and see that all

    It most likely going to be a different telling of the story with the creator/writer involved this time

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