Suzy Wrapping Up Solo Comeback and Turns Down K-drama Come and Hug Me with Nam Joo Hyuk

This may really be the epic height of wooden acting heretofore never seen in K-dramas and if it’s going to happen then I’m all in to watch it unfold. Actress-singer Suzy has been busy promoting her solo music comeback from January until now and is reportedly winding down her music activities. The latest industry chatter is that Suzy has accepted upcoming K-drama Come and Hug Me (Come Hug Me or Come Here and Hug Me), with the leading man role offer out to Nam Joo Hyuk.

For all the bad acting criticism lobbed at both Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk over the years, it’s a height of chutzpah for the production to cast them in a drama, almost like a middle finger to netizens. Who knows, maybe this reverse psychology thing will work and the leads will have turned a definitive corner thanks to acting with each other. Sadly this will not happen as Suzy’s agency swiftly refuted the news reports that she is starting filming soon, saying that after reviewing the offer she has declined doing the drama.


Suzy Wrapping Up Solo Comeback and Turns Down K-drama Come and Hug Me with Nam Joo Hyuk — 25 Comments

  1. thank you so much!! good decision from her side!! what was the casting director thinking when he had these 2 in his mind?!! I’ll never get it!!….

    • I wish they’d taken the roles, they are the perfect calibre of costar for each other. I mean, there’s no real need to waste a role by yet another somewhat-decent costar on eithet him or her.

      • Yeah, I understand. It would be fair that they have to rely only on themselves and not on a good actor who will have to act for two :p

  2. She has so much to choose from its good that she takes her time and only consideres what will be best for her. No shortage of choices for her i am sure.

  3. Damned if you and damned if you don’t. Poor Suzy always getting slammed for her acting but I have seen her in several tv and film productions and have enjoyed her roles in all of them. So hopefully in her next project she attaches herself to a top rated actor that alleviates her out of the ‘improved acting’ category to ‘well deserved you did well’ category because you gotta admit the girl is working damn hard these days to prove to her critics and I give her kudos where it is due that she keeps soldiering on over in SK with what she does best!

  4. I already knew she won’t accept,she needs a very popular costar and high profile screenwriter to accept a drama,girlie knows her limit and don’t want to f*ck herself up too much

  5. lmao knetz are calling out mbc for using suzy to hype the drama. mbc released an article yesterday saying that suzy will start filming for the drama, but jyp was quick to deny saying that she turned it down right away after it was offered to her ??

  6. I was interested in the pair to see how it unfold lol ?. Smart move by the way. Acting in this drama It’s like downgrading herself. NJH is a comparatively lesser known star when compared to her previous c-stars. Good for her.

  7. JYP is smart. Thats why he is getting more and more successful.He cant let his cash cow be exposed as poor quality product as far as acting is concerned.I mean from LJS to NJH….phwahaha.That was a trainwreck waiting to happen.On MBC for that matter.I bet the ratings would have broken Manhole’s record.Now who is the next popular actor he will be sticking her to?

    • She’s been repeatedly exposed as a poor actor, it’s just that JYP relied on reflected shine from her previous costars to sell her as having ~star power~ and somehow worth the major efforts that writers, PDs etc have to put in to accommodate her. Which obviously won’t work with NJH lol.

  8. smart move by suzy. she know drama will tank when acting with NJK the guy only get lead role cuz of YG. they both sux at acting. so who going turn in to watch the show.

  9. She just can’t act, she definitely needs a stronger co-star. Not sure if NJH would be an upgrade actingwise but in terms of looks he would be. Suzy won’t ever lead a film or drama on her own because the burden of success will be on her shoulders and you need at lesst some skills in ord
    er to at least get good reviews.

  10. I was hoping she would accept the drama to save my favs from acting with her *prays to dramagods to never let YSH, PBG, PSJ and all the other actors I like to be in a project with her*

    But I would like to see her with Lee Je Hoon, they had good chemistry in Intro to Architecture.

    • Lol if she acts with any of those this year.They will be downgrading big time for them.I mean from acting with Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Ji Won, Kim So Hyun and even Chae Soo Bin to Suzy..These are actresses who make their male leads shine and dont need a nale actor to make them act well.While she needs a good male lead to shine.

  11. Bet y’all eating your words up now lmaoo this is why these forums are a cesspool y’all never have your own opinions just bandwagon hoppin on what knetz say and knetz are either incels who hate women or just love criticizing actors/idols from big companies they never have any valid points…
    Now both are in start up eating that shit up leaving no crumbs. Nam joohyuk has already proven himself as an amazing actor in The Light In Your Eyes before this so no surprise there and Suzy is also showing incredible growth… basically y’all just clowns

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