jTBC Continues Win Streak as Fri-Sat Drama Misty Breaks 7% Ratings by Episode 6

Congrats to cable network jTBC for having the first big K-drama hit of 2018. It’s Fri-Sat night drama Misty went from a solid premiere episode rating of 3.473% all the way up to episode 6 bringing in 7.081%. Last year’s two biggest cable dramas were on jTBC with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and then even higher with Women of Dignity, both written by the same screenwriter Baek Mi Kyung. Misty’s screenwriter Je In is a new name to me and doesn’t appear to have any prior credits so if it’s a rookie writer then all the props are to jTBC for continuing to pick dramas, cast them well, and execute in a way that resonates with the audience. I’m not watching Misty since leads Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee are not my baes and the story of an icy network anchor accused of murder and needing to be defended by her estranged husband is not my cup of tea. But I love that K-dramas continue to find ways to succeed even as the Hallyu recipe from the last decade and a half has basically dwindled to nothing. If it doesn’t work anymore then find something different that works.


jTBC Continues Win Streak as Fri-Sat Drama Misty Breaks 7% Ratings by Episode 6 — 24 Comments

  1. Misty is gorgeous. It is sleek, smart, very sexy and sensual. It has this old Hollywood charm. But I confess that the story is very difficult to watch and has me tied up in knots. The female lead isn’t easy to root for, she lies, evades the truth, is often morally ambiguous and is driven by ambition. I personally find it hard to empathize and root for her. That being said, I’m not surprised the drama is a ratings hit.

    It seems that jTBC is able to accomplish in the last few years, what used to be the hallmark of tVN. They have innovative and often mature content like Women of Dignity, the Package and now, Misty. tVN’s programs now more or less resemble the big three Networks in terms of dramas. They used to be the underdog station that everyone rooted for. Plus, I don’t know who convinced them that 90 mins is the best way to go for dramas. It’s so darn long, it gets tedious watching.

    • yeah, the 90 minutes run of TvN makes me distant myself cause it feels like they crammed up too much rather than make it 2 ep.
      You know the storyline ia moving forward every ep because it was 90 minutes, so sayings that every ep is a plot point doesn’t make logical sense when they make it longer, it still a filler.

  2. Well, you should watch it. The main character is so charismatic and she is a woman (Yeah !!), a very ambitious woman with a respectful goal in her mind “a just society”. Although, the means she uses can be subject to criticism. Still, it feels great to watch a non-apologetic woman on K-TV who knows her worth and won’t stand for anything under it. She is bad, but I definetely have respect for her, at least her determination and profesionnalism. And well, we still don’t know everything that pushed her to go that far, she must have her reasons.

    I wasn’t a fan of Kim Nam joo But she is definetely a great actress.

    PS : It is long though. I agree on that point. But i enjoy it ^^

    • IKR? I love this trend television focus on woman. We used to watch an anti heroes in the past and we still enable to root for them and now let woman’s turn! Though thr execution is another case. I’m glad a show which focus on woman now can be a rating hit. There is alot beautiful talent actress out there who need a meaty role.

  3. I’m watching Misty and I have to say: it really feels like a Jdrama.

    That’s probably the reason that hooked me. I’ve always enjoyed Jdramas more than Kdramas.

  4. A person of obscure background,relentless ambition and unscrupulous tactics rises to the top, puts success above love and steely will above emotion, never flinches from any obstacle, and never hesitates in using morally shady means to root out competition. Make that person a man, and you have the typical hero in a drama that we admire. Make her a woman, and a heroine instead of a villainess in a Kdrama, now that is something. In terms of adding diversity and range to a female character and a female role-model, this is worth applauding. A typical K-drama heroine is always pure, tender-hearted and empathic, and is only allowed to be vehemently tough as a protective mother.

    Misty is a riveting show and sleekly executed. It has depth, nuance and a mature, sober outlook, blending stories unobtrusively along personal, professional and political levels. The best thing is that all the characters are flawed individuals in the way that many current US dramas are, characters who are human and troubled, yet gripping and engaging our sympathy. Can’t wait to see the next episodes.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      The characters are not portrayed as simplistic black/white caricatures. Each has their own motivation to do the things they do. Sometimes the morally right decision is not necessarily the best solution.

      Yes, the usual tropes are there like convenient eavesdropping and incompetent police, but the story makes up for it so far.

      Hye Ran is not easy to watch but that is why we are curious about her; how and why did she become what she is. Kim Nam Joo’s acting is impeccable and her presence is electric. Tae Wook at first seems to be the straight man but has shown that there is more under the surface than we thought. Ji Jin Hee’s portrayal is amazing and sexy.

      Any story that can invoke emotions and questions about our moral, ethics and humanity is worth checking out. Let’s hope the writer can keep this up until the very end.

  5. Until now and hope that it will continue, one of the best dramas of this year. It wasn’t in my list but olympic games are not my thing, so i gave it a try. Suspens, sensuality that’s what i call great chemistry, good acting ( first time i find Kim Nam Joo fantastic and i like Ji Jin Hee since years). It gives me the Hollywood classic movies vibe. Cross is good too!

  6. I am watching this only for my fave ahjusshi Ji Jin Hee. I dont quite enjoy it because I dislike Hye Ran so much and I am probably the minor few whom is not impressed with Kim Nam Joo’s acting. Her portrayal is totally overdone. I wonder if I could actually have a little soft spot for Hye Ran if some other actress portrayed that role.

    • I agree about the main character. I was a big fan of Woman of Dignity, where both lead females were complex, compelling characters. But this lady —? I dropped Misty after Ep. 1.

  7. I like Misty because it’s very well executed, the story is intriguing and the mystery well written, and the characters are captivating.Go Hye Ran is so determined and so brave, you have to respect her… And Tae Wook is a mystery, is he involved in what happened or he just decided to be a good husband and give his marriage a last opportunity? Anyway, I love the main couple, and since they seem to love each other, I’m rooting for them to stay together. 🙂

  8. I am really enjoying Misty. Ji Jin Hee is always spot on in his acting and Kim Nam Joo’s screen presence is no joke. I didn’t watch Women of Dignity but I am not surprised that Misty beat WoD in terms of ratings.The only thing I don’t like about the drama is Kim Nam Joo’s hair. Everything else is just so good. Congratulations to the Misty team!

  9. Not watching this drama but it’s interesting the sorts of things we’re willing to praise if it’s a woman doing them. And what’s so terrible about being a good wife and mother that you’d rather root for her to be a sociopath instead? So much for choice!

    • It’s called being interesting…. you only want to watch dramas about perfect people, then go do that.

      Literature and film have a long tradition of making interesting stories about flawed people, it’s fine if that’s not your cup of tea but you only make yourself look silly by behaving like you’re unable to tell thw difference between fiction and real life.

    • Because women have been pushed to be only mothers and submissive wives for centuries and the media and dramaland have plenty of them already. A woman that is unapologetically ambitious is something quite new in dramas, so yes, it is refreshing. And some of us think that it is equally worth respect a woman that wants to be a mother than a woman that wants to succeed in her career above all. No need to look down on any of these choices.

      • Not really. It started with Kim Sam Soon and became more and more common since. Witch’s Court took it to another level recently. But even dramas like Manager Kim or Healer, have women with serious roles and ambition. I think it’s more overlooked than new.

    • it call “liberation” you know /s

      yeah, I don’t like the “we need to praise it because it’s a woman” and “woman being a good mother is out of date” when being a good parents is what everyone should be doing.

      No one like sincerity nowadays because they don’t believe it exist.

  10. The heroine is not someone I’d want for a friend but Misty is still really well-executed, it’s no surprise it’s doing well.

  11. This drama is out of this world.. I regret watching watching it whilst it is still airing because waiting for it every week is going to be painful.. love love the drama.. it’s nice to see a complex lead actress for once with so many different layers ..I loveeeee the drama it deserves the ratings ..

  12. Misty is the best drama on tv right now and maybe since Misaeng. It is so good! There is no filler, every moment pushes the story forward in a way that makes you catch your breath and the end of each episode.

  13. I am probably missing something but since it’s forbidden to viewers under 19 (in korean age) then I assume there’s a lot of violence. I can’t deal with that well.

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