Yoona and Minho Rock the Loud Fashion of Givenchy for Paris Fashion Show

Props to Korean idols Yoona and Minho for getting the full coordinating fashion memo while attending the Givenchy 2018 spring fashion show in Paris recently. The SM Entertainment label mates were a pretty pair despite the mostly unpretty outfits from the fashion house, complete with animal prints, sharp shoulder pads, velvet pants, and awkward height cowboy boots with side cutouts. A quick change liberated Yoona from the hot mess as she went for a black double breasted suit dress while poor Minho traded one glaring print jacket for another equally as loud. But in the end both rocked it by wearing it with flair and this is a fashion show so might as well be bold.


Yoona and Minho Rock the Loud Fashion of Givenchy for Paris Fashion Show — 6 Comments

  1. I actually like the first outfits (minus the cowboy boots, I guess). They’re bold and the pretty pair rocked it.

    On the other note, Yoona totally strikes gold with younger male eye-candies. Just within months she was working with Park Bogum in Jeju, filming CF with Seo Kangjoon in Bangkok, and attending Paris fashion week with Minho. Lucky.

  2. Hubert de Givenchy died yesterday . Thanks for all “your créations” and only yours ! last year there was a magnificent exhibition with his collaboration. If you don’t know about him…see Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly , and many others . Givenchy was more loved in US than in his own country.

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