Suzy Glows in Yellow at Soju CF Event After Announcement of New Relationship with Lee Dong Wook

It’s the first appearance for Suzy in public since last week’s reveal and confirmation that she’s dating fellow actor Lee Dong Wook in real life. She’s dressed perfectly for this mid-March event, evoking the colors of spring with a canary yellow lace A-line dress with a fitted waist paired with pastel purple open toe sandals. Her makeup, though, seems off in a sallow complexion way which I’m not sure if it’s the makeup application or the lighting at the event causing the photos to capture her cheekbones super white. It’s a minor quibble with an otherwise nice appearance of this very popular young star who remains rather teflon immune to netizen gossip and criticism for her acting.


Suzy Glows in Yellow at Soju CF Event After Announcement of New Relationship with Lee Dong Wook — 30 Comments

  1. What is the use of cutting your hair if you always use hair extension on every single event. anyhow, she is pretty as always.

    • Didn’t she cut it for the role? Maybe she doesn’t like it, seeing how she even uses hair extension on her vacation. I think she looks pretty either way.

    • Listen gurl, this look isn’t shield-able at all. She looks terrible here. That makeup is awful and I realized that the only reason she wears circle lenses to events is that she really looks much better with circle lenses on. That hair looks so fake and tacky and gradient lips should go out of fashion already. The dress is cute but shoes are not matching and her hair and makeup ruins the whole look.

      • @Mila, circle lenses make your iris look larger thus creating an effect that your eyes are bigger. Sometimes circle lenses can even be coloured lenses

    • Exactly, i wanted to comment on it. She’s indeed pretty with or without makeup but something is off about her makeup.. Or is she wearing less makeup or minimalist, whatever ppl name it. Or is it new popular makeup nowadays in korea? I still cant picture her with ldw haha. Well that’s so oot.

  2. i think they just went for a more natural, less caked look for her makeup it does look a little off but she looks pretty in that 5th pic so idk maybe it looks better in person

    • So what if she’s dated two men that were a little older than her and she’s 23? Most 23 years old people have even more dating experience and that doesn’t correlate at all to how they look like wtf?? Do you really think that celebs that haven’t been relationships publicly are, like, inexperienced? Lmfao at your naiveness

  3. She’s got this natural glow and looks settled and content; overall really pretty . I guess she’s in love and good on her and least when I look at her pictures she looks happy❤️Sorry I can’t comment on make up cos I don’t wear caked on foundation so I wouldn’t know how to gauge it. I want her next acting role to be the antagonist – bad ass and as bitchy as hell. Then that will be a reason to really dislike her character so much that you convert into thinking that maybe she is brilliant actor after all. So there; problem solved.

  4. You can see her pinkish foundation on the upper part of her neck. I guess she had no time to get professional make up done. Without fake lashes she looks dull just with that brownish eyeshadow.

    • I don’t think they were really dating when they were outed. Well, that’s what some people from both sides were saying. They just decided to once they got outed. I don’t expect it to last long. I’m kind of amazed Suzy can get away with 2 dating scandals in just a couple years. Other female celebs get completely trashed for the same thing.

  5. Okay this is not the best day she’s had in terms of makeup and looks. In fact, she looks.. terrible.. She should practice her acting more. her delulu fans think she’s good at acting but she’s not. She definitely doesn’t deserve het top excellence award. A case of SBS getting that trophy to her with category politics. I read she also got $80 000 per episode which is $20 000 more than what Song Hye Kyo got from DOTS per episode and WYWS was a flop with 7% ratings lol. Suzy’s agency sure gets her big bucks. Her delulu fans forget that she’s originally there where sh is because of media play and she really lucked out. Just like Seolhyun. At least Seolhyun isn’t too shameless and take major leading roles after that Orange Marmalade flop. hyeri at least has her Deok Soon but she needs realize that she’s no thespian.

    • a jump fr 26k per epi to 80k seems unrealistic but anyway good for her, suzy,and yoona are getting almost the same tf fee, along with other idol/actress,and actors/actresses still getting higher tf fee than them, the reason they are casted more coz of lower tf fee,and buzz on sns by der fans,especially if u are in an.idol group,fandom help in creating buzz,agency just have to put up an articles and fans will swarm der and make it top search.

  6. Wow, so far, she has fake lashes, some round lenses and hair extensions. Well, we are looking at some fabricated person….

  7. She is a good eye candy ( when she is doll up and everything) but her media play is too much. She has a very big and vocal fandom that shield her and trash other young female celebirities. big turn off for me. Her fans are all over nate and twitter bragging about her boyfriends like.. is it an achievement or something? what’s her talent?

  8. I am not a Susie fan but the person who should be trashed is not Susie or her make-up person but the photographer. The person who took these pictures really does not like Susie or has no business taking pictures professionally. Even an amateur photographer like me can see that the color balance is totally wrong. It’s very very easy to correct white balance and this photographer obviously didn’t. Anyone would look bad if they had their picture taken with these color settings. Either the photographer purposely made her look sickly or doesn’t know how to correct white balance.

  9. First 4 pics look so awful ? Something’s gone wrong with her makeup…. Her shoes don’t match with dress… yikes! Fans usually blame the cordi, but would anyone seriously wear those to an event without questioning if these really match??

  10. It is not an alcohol drink she is advertising ? So, she looks appropriate for the advertisement! Very realistic, Drunk or Hangover ? What else do you guys want? Lol!

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