First Look at Han Ga In in the OCN Remake of British Show Mistresses

The first teaser is out for the OCN remake of the hit British show Mistresses, and it’s as teaser-ish as can be. It’s a short 15-second glimpse of leading lady Han Ga In, still insanely beautiful as ever, standing in a wheat field next to a car looking rather alarmed and distressed. The woman-centric dramas have proven to be hits and this one will be based on a story that isn’t originating from the Korean penchant for makjang societal struggle types stories. It will nevertheless be adapted for the South Korean audience and I’m curious how that will alter the flavor of what made the original work. Joining Han Ga In will be three talented other ladies in Shin Hyun Bin, Choi Hee Seo, and Goo Jae Yi, with the four ladies getting top billing and the men all relegated to supporting roles heh.

Teaser for Mistresses:


First Look at Han Ga In in the OCN Remake of British Show Mistresses — 10 Comments

  1. I hope she took acting classes.Its been six years already from her last drama.All the women centric dramas that did well, didnt just succeed because they are relatable to the ratings giving ahjumma audience.But because the lead actresses were exceptionally good.Even when the script was makjang.The acting made the dramas watchable.

  2. I hope it’s better than the American remake and more than that, a good drama. I really enjoyed the BBC original so I’m looking forward to this.

  3. I like her the most when she played the materialistic Jae In, opposite Kim Nam Gil and Kim Jae Wook in Bad Guy. I didnt know back then that many considered her acting bad, because I really enjoyed the show despite it rushed ending.

  4. Still the same look. Her acting remains awkward. Why does anyone want to cast her? She’s obviously beautiful but lacks in the acting department big time.

    • She’s like the older version of Suzy. Most of their stills are able to evoke emotions momentarily, but their weaknesses (both have big, round but expressionless eyes) are really manifested in motion. Hence, both are good in magazine shoots, but falls short in videos.

  5. Ha Ga In always gets good scripts and works with excellent actors/actresses. Although her acting isn’t great maybe, by being a mother has made her improve in that department. Will wait and see. In the past, her acting was so stale, the male leads and second leads always overshadowed her. She is undeniably gorgeous though. However, in this teaser I can see she has aged but she is still beautiful.

  6. Saw her in Architecture 101 liked the story and went on to watch Witch Yoo Hee and yeah got sick of her hitting Jae Her in the head and dropped that drama so fast haven’t attempted to watch her in anything else. As for Mistresses umm no pass but good luck to the cast and crew though. ❤️

  7. Her beauty is so captivating and magnetic it really entices you in to watch whatever the project…She certainly has that ability I think.

  8. Long time no see han gain in drama.. i always love her face.. looking her face alone can save the drama for me even her acting not so good.. so beautiful..

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