Moon Chae Won Glowing in New CFs for Skincare Brand

It’s nice to see Moon Chae Won in the news albeit in a CF setting. She doesn’t have any current movie or drama to promote and that’s usually a lull in getting updates but this month a skincare brand released two new promos with Moon Chae Won against a pretty pink and blue background. Her name gets bandied about a lot whenever there’s a new drama in the works and no leading lady attached yet, which says a lot for her versatility whether in light comedic fare to action to melos. Her last drama was a miss for me in Criminal Minds even with Lee Jun Ki attached. I don’t have a preference for her next project or male lead, I just hope it continues to challenge her and add breadth to her acting resume.


Moon Chae Won Glowing in New CFs for Skincare Brand — 13 Comments

  1. This sweet woman.Honestly speaking, I think once her contract with Namoo Actors expires, I think she should not renew and go to an agency that will promote her well and pick her projects better.

    Kim So Yeon and Jeon Hye Bin left already.I mean its overall a good agency but I feel they play favourites on who they promote.I mean MCW seems introverted to me plus all the drama that happened in between. so it could be her choice not to hide away when ever she is not working.But I really do think her talent is not being utilised to the fullest potential.

    • She actually posted on SNS about it. And she said she hasn’t been healthy after finishing filming Criminal Minds, so she took her time off after finishing filming the movie afterwards to recover.

      She said she wants to return as soon as she feels better and finds a drama which feels good to her.

      So I don’t think so far Namoo Actors has been lacking.

      • I miss MOON chae won, I watched criminal minds for her… Chae won always takes a long break after her dramas or movies but I didn’t know she has been feeling unwell?

        I hope when her health is a lot better she will star in a new drama soon❤️She’s one of the best actresses out there and it’s kinda sad not seeing her in any new projects..

  2. Saw her in ‘Awaiting’ thought she was absolutely brilliant with Goo Soo. So yes I am hoping she gets that lead role soon and am I not fussed as to who with I just want her to be healthy, happy and back on screen❤️

    • Chae won usually had great chemistry With all her male leAds, She Didnt even have a love line With Jun Ki on CM but They were sparking together, and awaiting is just so awesome i agree❤️I hope when shes healthier She will Come back in a sageuk, its been a long time since shes in one..

    • Let’s not forget she had that crazy stalker trying to pose as her boyfriend last year. Thank goodness he was caught and sentenced. That would have taken its toll on her mental and emotional wellbeing and health. I’m sorry I’m from New Zealand but Korean fans are just the craziest of all fans. What ever happened to just pure admiration and respect from afar? MCW is on my wish list for good things to happen to her in K drama land this year ❤️

  3. As much as i love her in sageuk…. I admire her performances in innocent man and hope she will pick a meaty roles again…

  4. Seunggi said she is doing great for her upcoming movie. Hopefully, what he said hold some truth there. All the best for that movie

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