Cheese in the Trap Movie an Editing Mess and Brings in Paltry 228K Admissions

Some things are better left alone even if it wasn’t done properly, especially if the second go-around is going to be even worse in a different way. The Cheese in the Trap movie with returning male lead Park Hae Jin with new costars Oh Yeon Seo, Park Ki Woong, and Yoo In Young has spent three weeks in the Korean box office and walked away being a completely pointless endeavor. It’s brought in a little over 280,000 viewers and is basically done with its run. I watched the movie this past weekend and was just gaping at the incoherency of the plot being shoehorned into two hours made even more incomprehensible by the poor editing. I thought all four drama leads were fine in acting the first time around so didn’t need this new cast to do it again in a Cliffs Notes version.


Cheese in the Trap Movie an Editing Mess and Brings in Paltry 228K Admissions — 16 Comments

    • Isn’t Park Hae Jin in his mid to late 30s? He would’ve have finished military service years ago, but he was exempted because of mental illness.

    • He wa exempted long time ago because of mental health issues.Besides, he is way above the age for that now.He will be 35 this year.He is 1983 liner..pretty much all the celebrities of that generation already did it.

      As for his movie,.The reviews weren’t that bad.But am of the opinion that the writer and PHJ should have just let bygones be bygones.There was no point in doing this.He could have used that time better to secure a fresh movie project and create something new.

    • I didnt read the webtoon nor watch the drama but only the reviews of this movie.The issue of this movie wasnt the casting BUT the editing.I mean based on acting skill alone:

      Park Ki Woong & Yoo In Young>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Seo Kang Joon&Lee Sung Kyung. Although I think Kim Go Eun has more box office leverage than Oh Yeon Seo.

      Not to mention it had good competition in the form of “Be with You” starring So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin.I think Lee Seung Gi’s movie with Shi Eum Kyung too.All these have more presence in Chung Munro than the guys in the “cheese in the trap” movie.

      • I always wondered why a very good actor like park ki wooing is not given lead or bigger and better projects. He is damn versatile and very very underrated

    • @Cinta Go on Kiss Asian and request it and hope like hell they have subbed it – sorry I can’t offer any other alternative. I’m waiting patiently for Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub’s movie ‘Be with you’ to be uploaded. They have Psychokinesis and Forgotten already up so our chances are good. I don’t qualify for Kocowa or Viki because I live down under and am too far South just up from by Antartica to qualify for the proper K Drama sites. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  1. I suppose this was a way to get closure after the drama got messed up, idk how they expected to fit the webtoon in a 2 hour movie though. Also Kim Go Eun and Lee Sung Kyung were good in their roles (LSK from thd midpoint onwards after the weird ott direction toned down), they don’t deserve to be tarred with the same brush as the drama pd.

  2. This slice of life story is better executed as a drama not a movie because the webtoon itself has long story. Actually the drama is very good except for the open ending.

    • Exactly.. I like the drama but the open ending was just a bad idea. Did the pd nim hate phj so much to not even put him back kn screen until the end?

      I saw sandara park from 2ne1. An idol. Did she act well?

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