Jang Geun Seok Continues to Donate to Alma Mater Hanyang University Now Over 13 Billion Won

This year has been a phenomenal start for K-actor Jang Geun Seok career wise. He was one of the celebrity faces of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, is currently starring in the ratings lead Wed-Thurs SBS drama Switch (Change the World), and this his alma mater Hangyang University revealed that he’s donated another 1 billion won to increase his donation total so far to 13 billion won. There is now even a scholarship set up in his name for needy students. Kudos to him for being so generous and I’m so enjoying Switch thus far, a fun drama where double the Jang Geun Seok has really doubled the fun!


Jang Geun Seok Continues to Donate to Alma Mater Hanyang University Now Over 13 Billion Won — 22 Comments

  1. I’ve heard a lot about JKS’s generosity. Even though at the times his antics make me cringe but he seems to have a pure heart. Maybe he needs to grow up a bit.
    Is the figure presented by koala is accurate. 13Bn Won is too much even for a celebrity.

    • Is accurated! However, 13 billion won has been donated by JGS over the last few years, it wasn’t a one time donation. The headlight title is confusing.

      • Then again JGS has a lot other things going on other than just acting. Acting hasn’t been his main income in a while.

        He has his music/DJ career which has been his main focus for a few years, specially because he had been promoting in Japan. Japan is a big market for K-pop idols and singers.

        He has also been working in Japan as a host, modeling, etc.

        He also has real estate investments and other business.

        As of 2 years ago his been back to focus in S. Korean doing variety shows hosting, dramas, and his lecture/professor job at University.

        Thinking about it is because his net worth is so high that he got into that tax scandal a few years ago.

    • No way Korean actors make a lot. I’ve seen many actors donate thousands of dollars. Even in 2006 2007 I’ve seen top k actors earn 9 to 10 million dollars a year and donate 80 to 90 thousand dollars.

  2. I’m a little cynical by nature and I think the reason he is donating so graciously to his alma mater is because they enabled him to continue studies thusly postpone his military draft. He is older than Jung Yonghwa, Lee Min Hoo and many other actors who are already doing their mandatory service yet he’s still filming dramas… that’s a big reason to be thankful and donate.. it would have been better for his image and career if he completed his service good 5-6 years ago when he was still healthier and younger. All that partying with booze and cigarettes is showing in his bad aging, puffy face and in an overall ugly appearance…

    • I personally hate it when celebraties donate publicaly making huge show of their generosity and using it for personal advantage but I’ve heard several accounts of many people over the years where they mentioned JKS was very generous and always a friend in need. So maybe his intentions were pure.

      • Agree..I always think the best of people whenever they do this regardless of who they are..In regards to the cynics perhaps it would not do them any harm to do a little donating themselves if they arent already in fact that includes all of us. Thats the message here we need to get.☺

    • Hey as far as I know Lee Min Ho is 2 months older than him. Jung Yong Hwa is 2 years younger than him and as fas I know he said switch will be his last drama and he will be entering military. And also they can do their Military Service up to age 32.

    • And he isn’t ugly at all he might not be good in screen but if you see him personally thenyou will know that he is really handsome. I saw him in person and closer so I know what i’m saying I’ve seen a lot of korean celebrity and he is different from other korean celebrity who snub their fans. He is the kind of celebrity who will talk to you and smile.

    • I like this work of k actors or idols. Unfortunately some of them get bashed even for donating so they do it secretly

      • I think giving is good no matter the motive because it benefits those on the receiving end.But the reason they get bashed is because it feels like they are donating for good PR.Especially for celebs like JGS, he needs as much good publicity he can get in Korea because his image is not exactly a glowing one in his own home country.

        I mean some could argue that announcing publicly set an example for other celebs to follow suit or motivate fans to contribute to the cause they are supporting.

        But then they are many others who also donate but quietly and also the usual reaction to these kinds of news is just hmm good for him/her.Or the focus is usually on how good the celebrity is, not to the cause itself.But still an act of kindness is something to be appreciated not discouraged.

  3. Next time he decides to visit New Zealand is there a notice board advising of the dates? I think he is great regardless of his motives to donate. Generous heart; Generous spirit. Waiting for Switch to get to 8 episodes then it’s binge game on! ❤️

    • Sorry I should give some context to my last comment. JGS went high school in Nelson; NZ and apparently likes to visit when he can.

  4. Uhm. Always heard he donated so much around… University and when something bad happen… Did I see wrong, or he’s also a promoter of a group that research for children with cerebral problems in Mongolia? He seems a really good person. I like his acting, he seems talented and a nice person.

  5. I would go and see him, if he came to NZ in concert. Love his music and TV series Love Rain, The Royal Gambler, You are Beautiful etc and his smile is mischievous and cheeky. That young man has charisma ?

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