Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for SBS Pre-Produced Drama By Production Team of Giant

When news broke shortly before tvN‘s fantasy drama Hwayugi finished airing that Lee Seung Gi was already in talks for another drama, his agency claimed that the offer was received prior to Lee Seung Gi doing Hwayugi and was simply another option on the table. Now it’s confirmed that said drama Vagabond will indeed be Lee Seung Gi’s next drama, and he’s also got the first confirmed costar in Shin Sung Rok. The optimistic side of this drama confirmation is that Lee Seung Gi will be working with the production team of Giant, with the PD also directed him in You’re All Surrounded, and of course the screenwriter of Giant also wrote the hits History of the Salaryman and Empress Ki. The drama is about an average man finding himself in extraordinary circumstances surrounded by a massive corruption he has to battle. It will be fully pre-produced and has been picked up by SBS for later in 2018 airing.


Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for SBS Pre-Produced Drama By Production Team of Giant — 15 Comments

  1. Wonder who the lucky actress is who gets to co star with these 2? I can’t even name anyone because there is so much talent out there it’s so hard to even think of even one. I’m so stuck and that’s gotta be a first.

    • I got it – Sorry I’m answering my own question. Not in any particular order but Moon Chae Won; Park Se Young; Lee El and Kim So Yeon. They’re my picks! ❤️

      • MCW has been in both drama and movie with LSG before, even tho I like her but this will be too repetitive… How about the young and pretty Lee Se Young or Kim Ji Won (both 25)? I am actually fine with any actress as long as it is not idol Hyeri nor Suzy… hee hee…

      • Thank you Candy cane for the info. I agree Kim Ji Won and Lee Se Young as potential leads and they should pick an actress with calibre and chops. Lol the jury’s out no Suzy or Hyeri. But knowing our luck….it might turn out to be one of them. OMG that will definitely send us into a frenzy. Before I end; I do not dislike Hyeri or Suzy at all, I just think they are not suitable for certain dramas so please don’t get offended at my comment.

  2. His post army look is very hot.And I thought he was hot in TK2H, he just get hotter in Hwayugi. Honestly me and my friends thought he was just so so in MGIG, but now, I’m gonna rewatch Hwayugi (minus the end) for him.

    • Yes, I totally skipped the last two episodes. The earlier episodes were better in my opinion, but he’s smoking hot so its worth 18 hours spend 😉

  3. Well he seems to take many dramas after his discharge! I’m not sure if taking back to back projects is a brilliant idea but he seems to have missed working in filming set..

  4. His agency said nothing is confirmed but I bet we’ll have a confirmation news soon. But I’m so excited! I hope this will have no romance but they add a female lead with whom those two men will be a great team. *imaginning Seung Gi doing action scenes and being badass and I’m dying*
    PS, he’s working out so hard and he already looks buffer, imagine all the abs scenes. *///*

  5. I hope the female lead won’t be a sub-lead here because this seems like a very strong male centric drama. Also, I have many dream actresses in mind but going by experience, the production team usually cast unexpected names. Lol.

      • Well actually, her name has been floating around in DC gallery (?) alongside Lee Seunggi for this drama lol.
        But since she’s already paired with him once, maybe they wouldn’t want to repeat this pairing so soon.

  6. This will be his real comeback. Hwaguyi was just to show his respects to the Hong sisters.

    How I wish Jung Ryeo Won was the female lead. But she’s already casted in another drama.

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