K-actress Kim Sa Rang Falls Into Manhole in Italy Vacation and Injures Famous Legs

This is such a weird accident to report on but my well wishes are on a full recovery. K-actress Kim Sa Rang was in Italy last week for a vacation and reportedly fell into an open manhole and broke her leg. She’s been rushed back to South Korea for treatment and word is that it’s a serious injury. Kim Sa Rang is known for her statuesque beauty especially her mile high legs which are insured for tens of millions of dollars. 2018 doesn’t seem to be a good year for her, before this random injury she also had to drop out of upcoming Kim Eun Sook drama Mr. Sunshine reportedly due to scheduling conflicts with her role being taken over by Kim Min Jung. Wishing a speedy recovery to Kim Sa Rang.


K-actress Kim Sa Rang Falls Into Manhole in Italy Vacation and Injures Famous Legs — 5 Comments

  1. Wish her a speedy recovery. Heard that it was a very serious injury. Must be very very painful and scary. So much for Italian infrastructure.

  2. Potholes are a big problem in Rome this year, damaging car tires if stuck in holes. Hope she can recover completely, but it may take quite some time for a broken leg & no high heels for a long time…

    • did more research… one source said she fell inside a furniture store in Milan. Italian generally are not very detailed with signage, so foreigners have to beware while walking.

  3. Wow. Doesn’t sound like a clean break. And a fracture is a fracture especially when you’re not in your own country. Wincing thinking of what happened. Hope everything heals

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