Song Ji Hyo in Talks to Join Park Shi Hoo for KBS Horror Romance Lovely Horribly

I’m not triggered enough to care but this doesn’t sound like a good casting or interesting drama. KBS has picked up horror romance Lovely Horribly and is in talks with Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo as the leads. The drama centers around the female lead screenwriter who has the supernatural ability of making her script scenarios happen in real life, and she works with a top actor starring in one of her dramas who is himself recovering from a past trauma involving being kidnapped. I guess the horror element isn’t the scares as much as the unbelievable weirdness, and also if she writes terrible scenes in dramas and has to watch it happen in real life. Song Ji Hyo turned down the K-drama remake of Zettai Kareshi recently while Park Shi Hoo is riding a career return after the successful KBS weekend drama My Golden Life last year.


Song Ji Hyo in Talks to Join Park Shi Hoo for KBS Horror Romance Lovely Horribly — 23 Comments

  1. I like her and I would check out her dramas. Unfortunately,I’m still not ready to watch anything PSH is in. Maybe I’ll never be ready.

    • sorry but i strongly disagree with you, she is a fricken amazing actress, soo relatable, super gorgeous and always has amazing chemistry with her partners, she is dubbed “Queen of romance and chemistry” for good reason, everything she stars in is a MUST watch for me, hope she accepts i really miss her alot!

  2. This will be a pass for me.
    Song Ji Hyo is a fantastic reality tv star but she is a lackluster actress. Not even a single acting projects of her I ever got to finish because she was so bland. As for Park Shi Hoo… He is not a standout actor and now, I can only see him as a creep.

    • She was ok in Goong but that was bearable because she was not the lead, only the second lead.

      And yeah, Park Shi Hoo just seems creepy to me now, he always had that greasy look but it’s even more apparent now.

    • I loved all the projects I watched with her, she is the only Asian actress who makes me super excited for all her projects, because i know she will nal them!

  3. Someone at KBS is really invested in making Park Shi Hoo come back, smh. First they offered him Golden Cross, then they offered him a guaranteed hit weekend drama on a plate, now this.

  4. Why did she turned down the other drama offer. The 2 others actors involved were good. But , i don’t know about the script as i’ve never seen the original drama.

  5. I like both actors (having seen quite a few of their works) and the genre of horror and romance so will wait if this drama does happen. But the title is just grating on my nerves! I mean ‘Lovely Horribly’ who the hell ever gives these English titles a name should be sacked pronto! Here is a hint; how about changing it to ‘Horrible Love’ see there done and solved.

    • OMG @autumn pseudo commenter – seriously what and why are you on a trip to annoy us with your comments? And especially when you have no validity in your replies. Not fair and play nicely. Either that or grow up or grow sideways or do us all a favour and please get outta here.

  6. horror romance indeed
    especially when you have to act alongside park shi hoo, the creep

    but song ji hyo is a mediocre actress, so i don’t know if i feel as bad

    • well you sure nvest aot of time posting aabout someone you supposedly don’t care about, don’t like her don’t watch and let us enjoy watching in peace, we are many who look forward to see this pairing and a estatic to see song ji hyo back in dramaland!

  7. this is awful sounds just like Rains upcoming drama Sketch except using a script not a picture where what the female lead creates becomes a reality I’m appalled

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