jTBC Weekend Drama Sketch with Rain and Lee Dong Gun Premieres to Good Cable Ratings and Even Better Audience Reviews

I heaved big sigh of relief with the weekend premiere of jTBC thriller police drama Sketch, for the fact that both male leads are faves of mine and totally due for a drama that audiences like and reward with ratings. Starring Rain, Lee Dong Gun, and Lee Sun Bin, Sketch was under promoted and even I nearly forgot about its premiere this weekend. Thankfully audiences tuned in as the cable drama brought in 3.254% for episode 1 and went up to 3.682% in episode. This is a win and even better are the reviews that are across the board positive, praising the interesting story and acting of all the leads. While Sketch is getting only half the ratings of its predecessor Pretty Noona Buys Me Food, that drama’s lackluster second half left me slighted soured but Sketch nicely refreshes the viewing palate for a different genre to move on.


jTBC Weekend Drama Sketch with Rain and Lee Dong Gun Premieres to Good Cable Ratings and Even Better Audience Reviews — 14 Comments

  1. I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but I’m really relieved that it has good reviews. The premise sounded interesting so it would have been a shame to waste it and it’s high time for all the leads to be in a well written, well directed drama. People gave Rain so much crap about his acting but I think it was bad project choices that are responsibile for people thinking that.

  2. I liked the first two episodes except for him not telling his fiancee what was going on. That was lazy writing. I hope they can keep the story cohesive through 16 episodes.

  3. I loved the acting of thd leads, all of them, Rain improved his acting, at first I thought he was going to over react again, but on the contrary, he managed to convey his character, especially at the last scene of ep 2. Lee Sun Bin improved a lot since her last drama, Lee Dong Gun and Jung Jin Young also delivered their best acts as usual, LDG being a vengeful character that was exhausted and wasted his tears already was really conveyed properly. I hope it will become a better drama in the long run

  4. I’ve just watched the first 2 episodes and I enjoyed the story nd the actors. Bi’s pants are the only thing that bothered me. 🙂

    • Hahahah! Good to know that I wasn’t the only one who was bothered by those short pants, I was literally missing the action scenes because of the distracting too short pants 😛

  5. I really like the first two episode. And really like acting of the two leads. I think this kind of role suit Rain so much. I will keep maintain to watch it. Hopefully i won’t become bored like i did in watching lawless lawyer.

    • @missjb – Really? Bored with LL? May I ask what episode or at what point? I’m intrigued. Please do share.

      • Hmm let it go I don’t think the person was really even interested in the drama

      • @rd I’m just keen to know what she think is boring in LL **Spoiler** because obviously she didn’t make it to episode 6 . I’m still in shock because I didn’t see that coming. Not in a million years and in a K drama too! Sheer Brilliance. ?I was so blindsided with that ‘scene’. ? Either that or miss jb is part of the a IU/LJK shipper Moon lovers part 2 brigade? They just can’t handle another woman in her place. Please can they just wait until the end of Ep 16 it’s so annoying with their IG posts blah blah blah. I’m getting distracted. They can have their precious oppa back but until then ummm buzz off he has work to do! Geez SYJ is having a tough time (BTS footage) with that ‘scene’ where she and LJK are on the balcony and she’s giggling like hell. My gosh if that was me I would have been in such a daze; staggered and fallen off the balcony! If you’re watching LL and follow the BTS compilation you’ll know what Im referring to.

      • No she is not fond of Lee jun ki that’s it. I don’t think it has anything to do with shipper. i agree shipper of any kind or anyone is really annoying.Well about this drama I hope sun bin and rain have some subtle romance

    • @rd I going to watch Sketch now and I’m hoping the writer drops the romance between Rain and LSB smack bang in the middle- not subtle but the
      no room to breathe ones and yep that should hook the viewers. And thank you for the posts above. ?

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