Japan to Also Adapt Good Doctor into J-dorama Starring Yamazaki Kento

This may be the most profitable K-drama in terms of licensing, I’m going to have to do a deep dive into the annals to find whether there has been another K-drama licensed to two or more other countries for remaking. The medical drama Good Doctor is confirmed to be remade into a J-dorama starring J-ent dorama It Male Lead Yamazaki Kento who I do love to watch onscreen. The original starred Joo Won as the titular good doctor who was a genius with keen spatial skills but also childlike in certain aspects of his personality. The original aired 5 years ago in 2013 and last year the US remade the show called The Good Doctor with Freddie Highmore trading his Psycho-sis for scrubs. The show is getting solid ratings in the US and if the J-version also gets high ratings then GD will not only be multiple licensed but also successful in each country it has been remade. Quite a feat indeed.


Japan to Also Adapt Good Doctor into J-dorama Starring Yamazaki Kento — 17 Comments

  1. Though I always loved Kento, I doubt if he can pull this off safely, but who knows, he managed to pull off different roles in the past and I think he is really popular and in demand actor. Anyway I’m going to support him and this dorama

  2. Enough with yamazaki!just so sick of him. They should give a chance to other talented guys as well. Japanese acting industry is really bad at these things. If one actor hit big, then he acts 3 dramas and 4 movies within a year.

  3. I really like his last drama 😀 It was really weird but he had a great chemistry with Mugi Kadowaki.

    I like the US version of Good Doctor, I’m happy there will be a season 2.

    So,I’m curious about the japanese version now.

    • Those remake from Indonesia usually just a copy pirate without any legal license. They copied almost everything for the ‘sinetron’. So, I won’t count it at all. And last I heard, they are also doing this Good Doctor copy soon.

      • There is also going to be a Thailand remake. It’s in the process of filming and would probably be released next year.

  4. i appreciate with yamaken did in his drama and his movie,like in todome no kiss, psychic kusuo, jojo bizarre ‘hair’ (i mean adventure),no matter how lack the story of that movie and drama. honestly i can’t stop laugh when i saw his in jojo bizarre adventure. i think he need something different like that.

  5. The US version is my fave. I like K version but Freddie is just in different level as an autistic boy.

    Well, yamaken is good but curious how he will interpret this character. It’s not easy. Really. Not every actor can act that way.

    So good luck yamaken.

    Ps : am i the only one who didnt really like Signal JP version?

    • Me too. Coming from a fan of both JW and MCW, I have to say, Freddie blew me with his performance. He’s just so endearing Shaun Murphy.

  6. actually yamaken is good actor, but he’s everywhere. this is a problem in japan, they tend to give it all to trendy actor. most of them can act but it almost funny to see the same faces over and over again.
    japan has a lot of great young actors but only few of them have opportunity to act as main lead in movie or prime time drama

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