Song Hye Kyo Popular as Ever in Hong Kong Airport Arrival

Boy would I Iove a gorgeous blue bouquet in hand when I get off a flight, but then again it’s probably a welcome reserved for the likes of top star Song Hye Kyo who was welcomed with media intense arms when she arrived in Hong Kong this week. She’s traveled quietly overseas with husband Song Joong Ki and those airport photos are always surreptitious fan snaps, for official events like this week’s Hong Kong stop she was posing warmly for pictures by the media looking beautifully as ever in a casual linen oversized jacket over a shirt and jean shorts combo. I especially love her gorgeous healthy hair, I can feel the silky shine through the pictures lol.


Song Hye Kyo Popular as Ever in Hong Kong Airport Arrival — 24 Comments

  1. I watched the videos I knew she was popular in china but I didn’t realize she was really popular to extent that an airport appearance could make her trend high on weibo

  2. Okay so does that mean she declined the PBG drama? Sorry but its good that she has a lot of overseas CF endorsements to attend to but I’m interested in what her next film or drama is? Frankly if Park Shin Hye can finish up on a variety show and be in filming for her drama along with her many fashion shoots and promotional gigs etc…then surely SHK can excite us with something else apart from her beauty products events – better then reading the ubiquitous ‘she is currently considering numerous drama script offers’. And before anyone gets up n arms about my post please I’m just asking the question. No offence intended against SHK. ?

    • Boyfriend is also one of the scripts that she’s reviewing. She hasn’t confirmed nor declined the offer yet. Hope she declines tho..I think I can wait lol

      • @Thank you Sunshine- If she does accept and that’s a big IF I hope the drama will run along the lines of My Ahjusshi without the romance tag more of a companionship/friendship take because I’m really sorry but PBG still looks like he is in his last year of high school.

    • She is 20+ years in the business and a top star.I think she has the right to be choosy plus she is known to be careful with her projects. She is at the stage of her career where she doesnt need to be constantly seen by the public to be relevant. She already made a name for herself. Park Shin Hye is still on her way to become a top star. No ofense also.she is still young and she is definitely one of the most popular in her age range..

      • Yeah..She is a popular star for now.What I mean is that Koreans have their tiers of top star like SHK, Jun Ji Hyun, Jo In Sung, Won Bin, Gong Yoo,etc. But dont be mad bec Shin Hye is ahead of the line with her age range and is positioned well to be someday be consider as a top star.

      • @ Jieun -Sorry but who’s mad? PSH is a top star regardless of how you rank it and at what age she needs to reach that status. When a fan names their first child after a character that you’ve played then that alleviates you to the top tier – Imo. Read that piece of info somewhere back. We’re cross purposing the same idea.

    • AS a long time fan of hers, I can’t imagine her taking that drama. Not because of Bogum, but because of the writer and no pd/network. she’s way too picky. And from her interview she gave I’m pretty sure she is actively looking for a new project.

      And she doesn’t go overseas all that often. Just a random thing or two and she’s not PSH either, but a veteran of 20+ years (and a married woman) who likes her breaks.

    • I dont get offended but since you said “since PSH blah blah , then SHK can blah blah” , please don’t bring someone’s work projects and ambitions to compare to another one, different actresses/actors have their own priorities and agenda.
      SHK has been known for years as being picky about how she picks her projects. She chose one and then will wait for another 2/3 years to come back. So it’s not like she doesn’t want to act but it’s just she is considering and being selective on the scripts she has been offered.
      Hope that makes sense.

      • @Ta That’s my whole point. My post initiated the reference to PSH and her work rate. Feel free to comment as you have done explaining SHK reason for her hiatus and why she takes time selecting her project. You know that’s the beauty of Koala’s playground- we have the freedom to express our opinions. And when you say that’s a no no well umm and you’ve asked not to compare other actresses then I’m sorry I guess you haven’t read the hundreds of previous posts on this forum? It’s comparison open season galore!

      • when your question bringing comparision between the two actresses with the implications : why cant SHK do as much as PSH, then you should have expect a reactions from her fans , obviously you feel that your question may sound offensive , thats why you did mention : no offence intended Against SHK.
        dont you feel its hippocrite much.
        If you are a fan of PSH, good for you and good for her to have such a dedicated fan like you.

      • @Tai Geez chill! I’m a fan of everyone actually. And it’s great that you show loyalty too and patience as well. However again if you are going to get rarked up at the comparison simply put as you explained and I did learn something from what you said – SHK takes time to consider her projects carefully so if anything is gained from this I now know. Thank you and enjoy your day.

  3. I don’t know if she would be recognised outside of some Asian countries… She would definitely not be recognised in Australia or the US as western countries can’t distinguish K celebrities from the rest of the population and they are simply not known their.I think that’s why they like a break and go their..I see and meet many K pop stars K Actors at Sydney Airport fly into Australia and they are never recognised and I actually only recognise them because I work their as and it’s on their card when they processed into the country. Many would be surprised to how different and traditional they actually are to the image which is presented as a celebrity.I love my job and get to meet and become friends often with people that most never get the chance to meet. Doing it for 15 years ?

    • Why would she wanna be recognised tho? She’s been travelling a lot especially to Europe and the US..most of the time she did it quietly. This is for an official event hence why you got to see fans and media taking pics of her.

  4. Exactly and that’s why they travel often to other countries…they are rarely recognised especially in the US and other Western countries because they are not known and I process a lot of them. Has anyone said she or any of them want to be recognised ? They actually don’t.

    • @Cassandra – You’re so lucky I’m so envious of you! At my local Korean cafe here in Auckland, NZ they have signed posters of Song Joong Ki and Big Bang on their walls. So I’m assuming that they were there at some point but it’s purely speculative. A fan vid of Jo In Sung walking down town in Auckland was posted on you tube a few years ago too. Arrrgghhhh! I know my favourite K actors by sight so if I ever chance it I’m gonna go up and ask politely 1. For their autograph and 2. For a pic with them doing that finger heart thing. I know I’m desperate but gosh that’s once in a life time and I’m not going to slink away; either that or I’ll stand their speechless, in awe and crying. ?

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