Ueno Juri and Fujiki Naohito Join J-dorama Good Doctor with Yamazaki Kento

Oh man, the J-dorama version of Good Doctor may be the third to arrive at the party but it’s just smashed the casting squee by pulling back the curtains on the roles outside of the casting of Dorama It Boy Yamazaki Kento as the male lead. Kento will be joined by Ueno Juri as the female lead and Fujiki Naohito as the second male lead, and at this point my screams of excitement are through the roof and there is no way in hell I’m missing this dorama! The director is also coming off the hit spring 2018  dorama The Confidence Man JP with Nagasawa Masami and also directed some popular doramas like Koinaka, Hero, Summer Nude, and Galileo. Good Doctor J-version just shot up to Great Doctor with a droolworthy full cast.


Ueno Juri and Fujiki Naohito Join J-dorama Good Doctor with Yamazaki Kento — 10 Comments

  1. Happy to see a solid team behind the Japanese version. I expect the same success as the US version. This is the first time I see the kdrama being seriously remade.

  2. Goodness, I love Juri Ueno, her acting was so good in her past movies especially with MatsuJun in girl in the sunny place, Fujiki Naohito is also good. Big cast with Kento and these two indeed!

    • I couldn’t finish the K version of Good Doctor because of bad writing. However, the US version is really, really well done!

  3. Ueno Juri is such a natural actress so I’m always happy to see her. However, I thought she had retired since she got married? Did I dream that article up?

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