K-actress Jung In Sun Cast as So Ji Sub’s Leading Lady in Drama Terius Behind Me

This is such a buh? type casting I don’t even know where to start mainly because I have no idea who this actress is. The leading lady for So Ji Sub‘s next drama Terius Behind Me will be Jung In Sun, who I had to google to find out what per previous acting resumes are. Her most recent drama was as the leading lady in cable drama Welcome to Waikiki, and also making tabloid news for dating her Waikiki male lead Lee Yi Kyung and then the two breaking up a month later. I legit have never seen her onscreen before since I didn’t watch Waikiki but if she’s a good actress then this casting is fine though still strange since So Ji Sub is such an established big name leading man and his drama leading ladies have always been top actress counterparts like Shin Mina for Oh My Venus and Gong Hyo Jin in The Master’s Sun. Jung in Sun’s casting came after Yoo In Na turned down the role and even earlier Lee Yoo Young also didn’t accept.


K-actress Jung In Sun Cast as So Ji Sub’s Leading Lady in Drama Terius Behind Me — 46 Comments

  1. Well, imagine the horror I got when I saw my beloved HJW paired up with a rookie actor in HS, who visually looks like a teen 🙁

  2. I’m glad you posted this Mz Koala because I’m so pissed at this pairing! Like MBC must be on a budget because Yoo In Na declined and its like they threw it out there for bites and guess who they caught? I enjoyed seeing JIS in WTW but I’m definitely not down for this and yes I ain’t watching it too. It’s like Daniel Day Lewis cast as Hamlet and a drama try hard acting hobbyist as Ophelia. Gosh they have the cream of the crop of Korean actresses to pick from and is this the best they could do? I love SJS ? and this drama is just screaming we are so screwed! Good luck cos they are gonna need it. Ruined my day. Aaarrggg just sucks.

  3. Is there something wrong with the female role? They didn’t try casting current popular IT female movie actresses. Or established female actresses. I like both previous casting actresses but I am suspicious when both turned it down.

    So it’s either the script or budget for the female role right?

  4. I’m always worried when a script keeps getting rejected. In this case, both Lee Yooyoung and Yoo Inna has another offer other than this so I’m trying to console myself that this is a matter of preference. Jang Insun seems like a good actress according to most so at least there is no one dragging the acting down in this production.

    Another drama I’m worried about is Incheon Airport (or Fox Bride Star) and The Third Charm. Both drama have multiple rejections hmm.

    • Fox Bride Star already secured Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin to headline. Definitely not the casts lineup I look forward to.

      • That writer sucks, so I wish CSB good luck on this “Fox Bride Star”…. she really does not need to ruin her career with another poor script ?

      • @candycane the writer of Fox Bride Star, Kang Eun Kyung, is also someone with an unbroken streak of hit dramas so if CSB accepts, it’s with a reasonable expectation of a solid script and a hit drama that could launch her to the next level as a lead.

        Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin are both good actors and proved themselves in a variety of genres and role types even if he was my least favorite in Signal, at least they cast actors and not idols.

  5. at least JIS is an actress, not an idol 🙂 She has been acting for a long time but I have never noticed her (did not watch Waikiki even though I have read good reviews). Hope for good chemistry and maybe they will surprise us. I like SJS a lot but am totally disappointed with Oh My Venus…

  6. I’m being nasty now. My take is that the female character has been written as a one dimensional ditzy as door mat that loves and believes in her two timing player as husband and there is no character development so yep in a nutshell that’s why the other 2 actresses went yeah nah. Plus there were no pash scenes between them and on that note it was a double rejection except JIS saw SJS name and didn’t care about the role and dosh offered and accepted.

    • or maybe agency power, she is fr.cjes, the break up news wasnt release with no hidden agenda, even naver comments are not favorable, and der are more angry emojis with her casting confirmation news

      • I don’t have a good impression on her ever since she played along too much with the dating news. She only gained notice after the dating news broke out which suffice to say, her performance in Waikiki isn’t impressive enough.

    • In non-romcom spectrum, it is usual to have one main protaganist which is EITHER male or female then one main protoganist.

      Maybe you should select only dramas that centres on the female character or a romance drama that male & female leads have equal weight in the drama.

    • @Ann Joel You can skip to be nasty if you like. It is but normal for Big actors/actress to take projects that centers on their character. If you like, you can watch dramas of Kim Sun Ah as her dramas are really female-centric. I can’t think of any female k-actress who consistently take dramas that centers on them.

      • @ misty eyed – I did say I was skipping the drama in the very first post right at the top. JIS was ‘nice’ in WTW and I watched every ep and totally loved it. However she’s accepted this drama and for that reason I’m being possessive because it’s SJS and it’s not the genre that bothers me it’s the casting of JIS in a role that should have gone to a more experienced actor (and it’s not an age thing). So when Koala acknowledges that she didn’t know who JIS was and had to google her plus the majority of the comments here are surprised at the casting as well then I will admit defeat and pull up my big girl undies since it’s MBC and it’s their drama and I’ll just let sleeping dogs lie.

      • @ misty eyed- Furthermore I also like to use a disclaimer in my comments so there is no misunderstanding so me being ‘nasty’ is justification for what I write as you can see it’s an opinion- pure and simple. I think I’m rather tame considering the subject.

  7. Intellectually, I accept that there are many happy couples in real life who have an age gap as big or even bigger than this one (13.5 years),but I still have a knee-jerk reaction of dissatisfaction with it. (Plus, she looks younger than she is.) I wouldn’t object if the big age-gap casting weren’t so prevalent these days.

    • I’ll ask the usual question. Why does real actors age matters? They would be playing themselves in the drama but a character.

      • Typo* They would not be playing their real life persona in the drama but their characters as written in the script.

  8. Maybe she has been acting for ages in unknown or under publicised roles. No idea if that is the case I’m willing to give it a look in considering the idols that are shuffed down our throat, (about to get catty) a la suzy who are pukable in the acting dept and are giving the red meat
    (lead roles). I love So Ji Sub so going in with an open mind. Who knows she’ll surprise us.

  9. Ehh?? MBC is doing worse than I imagined.. from a jtbc extra to acting next to So Ji Sub. That’s.. doesn’t he get any say in the casting?

    • So Ji Sub has his own independent agency and he has reculsive personality. So even though he is crazy popular and respected star he doesn’t have many connections and probably great offers. Not to mention he is one of the highest payed drama actor so budget constrained projects won’t cast him with other expensive star. He makes his money mostly through cfs and business. He is quiet rich and doesn’t need to work just for money.
      He waited for nearly three years for his small screen comeback. I’m sure the story revolve mostly around his character.
      And why are people so disappointed with female lead’s casting. I don’t know her but do we have to follow certain elitist rule that a top star always needs to pair with another top star. Every unknown actor has the potential to be next star. If this drama succeeds then SJS will win two points instead of one. First for being a successful lead actor and another for carrying the entire drama without aid of a popular co-star.
      Doesn’t even look like drama’s genre is romance.

      • The reason why SJS is cast with less popular star because the production is confident that he can carry the drama on his own.

      • @Misty Lol unless you work in Korea film/drama industry, don’t talk like you know for sure what they are doing.

      • I know what I say and many years of relevant work experience. Take it at that. What about you?

    • Jung In Sun was the girl who won the lead role in the My Sassy Girl drama with Joo Won after open auditions, only to have the producers get cold feet at the last minute about casting a non-famous actress (even though they said that was what they would do) and dump her in favour of Oh Yeon Seo.

      If she’s a “jtbc extra”, it’s certainly not through lack of talent, I don’t mind if she gets the break this time after being robbed of an opportunity last time.

      • Oh she was. Good luck for her. I’ve never seen her but I like to watch new faces. Here I’ve got sick of the people always expecting their favourites to be paired with star of equal ‘status’.

  10. But guys instead of worrying about the actress.Worry more about the script and director.Casting big names or top actors next to each other doesnt mean anything these days other than initial buzz.Look at how well e.g “miss hammurabi” is performing with Go Ara and L as lead.Then compare to “undateables” and “greasy melo” who have big names as leads but the result is less than stellar.Even So Ji Sub himself was cast with Shin Min Ah in Oh My Venus but it turned out to be underwhelming.

    I am not very familiar with this actress since I didnt watch waikiki but her acting must be better than lee yeon hee’s acting, his co star in ghost.Of course if Jun Ji Hyun was available I think she would have done great.romance spy action comedy is right up her alley.

    • I think it’s drama that’s more focus on the male character. If Jun Ji Hyun is willing to be a support to So Ji Sub.

    • MBC has casted Son Yeo-eun, who plays supporting roles against Jang Hyuk for end of the year drama. She is talented and experienced actress though.
      I think MBC is experimenting with the casting. They are pairing one popular star opposite other relatively unknown partner to save the money.
      It’s not like star-star pairing makes hits these days.

  11. I think I like to see how this turn out. I mean i am disappointed that Yoo In Na rejected it.

    Jung In Sun is relatively up and coming actress but quite promising. I love her small cameo in Mirror of the Witch as Yeon-hee mom. Small cameo but very memorable.

  12. She was a child actress, so she’s not really a rookie. I don’t really have objections against her, it’s just for this role I really thought it will be Yoo In Na and I was happy to see her in a lead role.

  13. I think some people here doesn’t familiar with her yet. I think she has cops…. And i loveeee her in circle…..she has talent, don’t worry guys…. As long as her character is not written poorly, she will be fine, and even have chemistry with So Ji Sub.

  14. What’s wrong with her casting, she’s a decent actress and there’s no rule that says that only top stars can be cast with another top star. And anyway the script matters more, look at what happened with Oh My Venus – good actors, great chemistry, equal star status…..but a completely underwhelming script that wasted both So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah.

    • She is not only decent for me… She has talent. Her friendly chemistry with Yeo Jin Go in circle is really really good. I’m just surprise they cast her mainly bcause she doesnt has popularity yet… This pd casting has an eye for talent.

  15. I’m open minded about this pairing. SJS has been in the industry for donkeys years and he has had hits and misses. Just as long as the story is good I’m happy.

  16. Wow so much negativity against Jung Insun. Sure she doesn’t have that much name recognition, but I’ve always thought she was a very promising actress. Her cameo in Mirror of the Witch was striking, and she did well as a slightly unhinged alien-obsessed girl in Circle. I did feel her character was underdeveloped in Waikiki, but I blame that on the writing and not on any shortcomings from her part.

  17. Tbh, LYY was the only “good” choice. She’s an up and coming actress with decent acting. YIA had a lot of ups and downs but is enjoying a small revival in her career thanks to Goblin, so she’s not that bad. JIS came out of nowhere. Looking at how the offers went, I’m thinking the script probably sucks big time.

    I also heard that the scriptwriter is the same person who penned Oh My Venus, so…

  18. She played an important supporting role in Mirror of the Witch. Her acting was really good there which made me curious who she is. I hope she does well as the lead.

  19. Arrghhh…I don’t like the leading female, Jung In Sun to be paired up with SJS. Although I have watched the Waikiki, still I find JIS is not that good in acting and she doesn’t seem to match with SJS. Sigh, quite disappointed as I am looking forward to SJS’s drama.

  20. I watched Waikiki and no, she is absolutely not a good actress. The second lead in that drama totally stole the show (female lead wise), and shallow-speaking too, her look is really bland and blah..

    Never seen here before Waikiki and not sure how she came to the role. Maybe she knows one or two important people in the business. Not to be cynical but that is what it is in the entertainment industry.

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