KBS Remake of Suits Ends with 10.7% Ratings and tvN’s Why Secretary Kim Break 6% in Second Week

This Wed-Thurs saw the conclusion of the K-drama remake of Suits, a high profile drama with leads Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik which led the time slot but didn’t manage to create big ratings. The final episode broke 10% with 10.7% and the other prime time competitors The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) and Come and Hug Me are both in the 3% ratings range. I’ve been waiting for Suits to finish and marathon plus I only have the time for one legal drama and it’s Lawless Lawyer on the weekends for now. The real success of the Wed-Thurs time slot is tvN newcomer rom-com Why Secretary Kim which increased from the 5% ratings range of the first two episodes last week to breaking 6% in this second week – episode 3 got 6.950% and episode 4 brought in 6.379%. Great news for the nearly comatose rom-com genre to finally have a breakout success and totally deserving for the cute and perfectly cast Why Secretary Kim.


KBS Remake of Suits Ends with 10.7% Ratings and tvN’s Why Secretary Kim Break 6% in Second Week — 15 Comments

  1. To be honest Suits was very underwhelming. I saw every single episode but I can’t actually say I liked it. The original version still wins out.

  2. I didn’t like the American version suit so the Korean version is pass and besides corporate lawyer & commercial law is just boring in general. Oh well unless if they are representives of pharmaceutical companies then it’s more interesting. But then again cases of these mob like companies are converted into criminal case.

    As for WWSK, I think I would be engrossed to watch it if it’s my first rom-com drama. For a rom-com drama, it’s amazing actually. One thing to note, PSJ should have at least made efforts to make his appearance interesting. He looks exactly the same in Fight My Way though he looks great with PMY whos killing it in the drama. She looks so so gorgeous in it.

  3. Suits is v boring tbh… WSK is a delight, v upbeat & PMY is absolutely stunning! PSJ’s lipgloss is a pain to watch, why would a 30 yo man wear pink lipstick? ? PMY is beautiful & charming (I think I said this before ?) . I am happy with rom-com….

  4. Suits is boring. I could hardly get passed one episode.

    WSK was a delight for the first 2 episodes but fell flat this week – cliche plot and troupe, sloppy execution, annoying supporting characters, clueless so-called genius male lead. The drama’s attempt to throw skinship and romance between the OTP feel so outdated. Fireworks? Closed theme park? Accidental trip so that they could embrace each other? Power failure? Boring! I don’t like it and yes, I am dropping this show.

  5. I’m not really into lawyer dramas so I didn’t watch Suits but its being a hit is still a win for Jang Dong Gun and especially for Park Hyung Shik who now has a hit public broadcast drama as a lead, good job.

    I like the leads of WWSK, they’re good actors and pulled off the first week’s episodes really well but the story isn’t interesting to me. Still, it’s doing really well in Korea so I’m happy for Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young’s sake.

  6. Suits was meh for me. Maybe they should have more episodes to have the time to explore more the relationship between the characters. It’s the best part of US Suits and it was lacking in this version.

    I like WWSK, it’s very funny and the both actors are stunning. But I would like less close-up and slowmotion in the next episodes, it was too much in the last episode.

    Come and Hug Me could be better. The story is so slow and the past is important but they should make the present love story more important than the past one.

  7. It’s been a while since I’ve been enchanted by an OTP so WSK is a very pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it’s the show that makes me happy right now. The OTP makes me squee. I’m not a fan of childhood trauma/childhood fate/whatever, but I’m willing to overlook it for now because everything else is perfect for me.

  8. What is wrong with people!!!!!? Suits is sooo good. The remake cast JDG and PHS are so true to Harvey and Mike, even The actors that play Donna, and Jessica.
    It’s a great drama that teaches about paying the consequences of your actions and it highlights some differences between American law and Korean law when comparing how the same cases are resolved in both shows.

    This was honestly one of the few great dramas of this year with very few clichés.

    Secretary Kim is a fun watch but it hardly adds value to your life. At the end of the day it’s still about a Poor girl who serves as a Chaebol’s worker and they fall in love.
    Then there is already the over used love triangle already being built and most likely a sibling rivalry over the company in the future and mark my words, something will probably happen to one of the lead characters fathers in future episodes.

    All that’s missing is an annoying second female lead and an illegitemate child to top of off with the clichés or better yet she turns out to be a long lost/kidnapped childhood friend of his.

  9. Suits kr can be considered a well-done remake for me. It is not as funky and slicky as the original, but it was sure a solid drama and has a cohesive storyline. It has actually more heart than the original. Jdg and phs are winners, especially the latter as this solidify his status as an actor and not just an idol actor. This may not be their cup of tea or they just want to compare it to original.

    Also we cannot compare wsk and suits because they are of different genre.

  10. I liked Suits, it was a solid drama. I think a lot of detractors couldn’t let go of the comparisons to the original and enjoy it for what it was. To each their own, I suppose.

    I’m enjoying WSK for the candy floss fluff that it is.

  11. WSK was enjoyable at first but idk why I’m slowly getting bored… Happy that its a success for both leads though

  12. It has helped certify Park Hyun Shik as a lead actor.Frankly speaking, Jang Dong Gun got the look and the charisma but it was Park Hyun Shik who stole the show in the acting department. Thats a win.It is also probably the second successful korean adaptation of an american series.Despite not hitting big ratings.The drama got good reviews. Thats another win.

  13. WSK is classic kdrama story with good execution which just tell that viewer can still enjoy old trope as long as it executed well.

    At least the secretary is actually great at her job, independent in real way and not kdrama independent when they always need a man to help them, no matter how they can manage to work 5 part time job and declare that they don’t need a man but a man is what gonna solve their problem. The secretary has no more problem, especially financially, she is known as super capable at her friend circle, she just want to find her romance and that’s why people like her.

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