First Look at College Age Shin Hye Sun in K-drama Thirty But Seventeen

The hit weekend My Golden Life has launched K-actress Shin Hye Sun‘s career into the next level very similar to Seo Hyun Jin after she did Another Oh Hae Young. Seo Hyun Jin followed that up with the very success Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, so now we’ll see if Shin Hye Sun can rise her wave through her upcoming drama Thirty But Seventeen. The first stills are out and Shin Hye Sun looks so much like Moon Geun Young from the Cinderella Unni vibe I did a double take. Her male leads Yang Se Jong and Ahn Hyo Seob are both still squarely in the rising male actor category but if the roles are well written both have the potential to deliver. I do love the premise that both leads are adults in their 30s but their emotional and mental states are stuck being 17 year olds. That makes for lots of innocent romance and hard knock fast growing up.


First Look at College Age Shin Hye Sun in K-drama Thirty But Seventeen — 6 Comments

  1. Since listed three of the four leads, I’ll add the one you chose to omit: Wang Ji Won – the reason I’ll be watching, although I already have a sinking feeling about the nature (and likely scope) of her role.

    • It’ll be a pity if Wang Jiwon is again cast as a scheming second female lead. I saw her in a variety show once and she was very cool and open-minded.

      • Yep. If you haven’t already seen it, do try to check out Swan Club. An awesome show, and not just because it helped Ji Won reconnect with her ballet past.

  2. Patiently waiting for this drama! Thank goodness for Park Min Young’s drama, WHTSK, I have something to watch in the meantime.
    Shin Hye Sun does give off Moon Geun Young vibes…maybe that’s why I like her! ?

  3. She’s getting prettier and prettier nowadays. I really like her, and i think her face got lots of characters, not your typical k-beauty. Her acting chops is also great. Looking forward to more of her works in the future

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