Script Reading Stills From K-drama Lovely Horribly with Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo

I feel like K-ent is determine to boil anyone’s distaste or reservations towards actor Park Shi Hoo like a frog by normalizing his return to drama land. The success of 2017 weekend drama My Golden Life was due to the screenwriter and ensemble but it bolsters the assumption that K-viewers are fine to see him back onscreen. Prior to MGL he did cable drama Neighborhood Hero and up next is the return to big three prime time drama with KBS Mon-Tues romance Lovely Horribly with Song Ji Hyo. The drama takes over in July from Are You Human Too and tells of a man and woman born on the same day but share exact opposite fates, and when work brings them together on the set of a K-drama strange things happen around them. Rounding out the cast is Eunjung, Lee Ki Kwang, and Choi Yeo Jin. All I know is that the title seems apt with each description applying to one of the two leads, or maybe this ploy will work and this drama will also be a hit so soon it will be no biggie to see Park Shi Hoo fully rehabilitated in the minds of all viewers.


Script Reading Stills From K-drama Lovely Horribly with Song Ji Hyo and Park Shi Hoo — 22 Comments

  1. He will not be rehabilitated in my eyes. He has not faced any serious consequences of his actions.

    The plot of the drama seems interesting but I’ll pass anything with PSH in it.

  2. I’ve been a silent reader here for a while and have noticed that every time there’s news about Park Shi Hoo, there’s always people bashing him. Are you guys sure you know the truth? Do you just read the title of news articles or only get your news from sources that summarize news from other sites and assume that he’s guilty? From all the articles I’ve read from different sources that actually report both sides, Park Shi Hoo is actually the victim. Sure, he’s a man but it doesn’t mean he’s immune to abuse and blackmailing from someone who wishes to gain from him especially those who know he’s wealthy. The woman who accused him is a repetitive accuser. The messages to her friends have revealed that she’s a pro at exploiting men for money and specifically chose Park Shi Hoo because she knew even before the media knew that he’s wealthy. The ordeals she sent to Park Shi Hoo to shut her up are ridiculous. Someone keeps saying that they’re traumatized from the photos of Park Shi Hoo carrying the woman inside his condo. You don’t think that was planned? Anyway, all I’m trying to say is, there are two sides to the story and then the truth. We may never know, but to adamantly go all out and bash PSH whenever he’s mentioned and wishing that he never shows his face again when he could be innocent is a bit too much. And especially from the sounds of it, most of you only read news that are summarized and biased and you have never bothered to go back and correct your information, it’s pretty sad. I just think maybe he’s innocent, maybe he’s not but just let him live. If the courts have decided to let him be as a free man, then just let it be.

    • I choose to believe the woman, everytime there is an article where a man is taking advantage of and/or hurt a woman I belive in the woman. Because especially in patriarchal societies (such as S.Korea) the positions of power and execution are dominantly occupied by men. And it is very easy to villify the victim in various ways.

      To me the ideal world is in which men, globally, will not dare casually hurt women (I don’t mean break ups or betrayals, these occur on both sides equally) I mean physical hurt and/or rape. There will be dire consequences such as jail time and this can not be prevented with insufficient lack of evidence, he said/she said etc. I want a man to be aware that there is a risk of losing his career, his position even his freedom if he commits such an act. Even if laws are not sufficient to do this yet, at least I expect women to stand together and not let this man (PSH, KHJ, MYC or whomever) have a career. Since this way maybe there will be a deterrent and future victims will be saved. Alas this is at the moment a dream only and if there is another handsome, talented (and imho PSH is very talented, such a waste) successful entertainment personality feels inclined to commit a similar act, he wouldn’t stop and think twice before commiting it.

      Sorry for the long post but I’m a frustrated when women do not make a stand (in this case an economic stand by not giving this man ratings so no one will want to work with him again in the future). Alas…

      • People want men and women to be treated equally then they have to be treated equally whatever the crime is both sides have to be looked at you cant just throw a possibly innocent man in prison to prove a point or make a statement. You cant just take the woman’s side because she’s a woman that’s not fair or right. There are evil and dangerous women as well, that abuse men and yes are capable of rape and assault, there are women out there who try to scam and lie to get money by making up stories like this, we still have to differentiate them from the true victims.

        Unfortunately yes in the entertainment industry and many other places men have been getting away with these heinous crimes since forever but we still can’t be biased. Not if people want true equality which really isn’t possible.

        I’m not a fan of PHS I don’t think I’ve seen any of his dramas or movies but I remember when this scandal came out I read everything about it and from what I remember it was more like she had set him up from the texts that were found and her history, like the commenter said above, unless there was something I missed, but we’ll never really know

        I don’t know I just don’t think it’s right to side with anyone unless you have the facts and proof to do so.

    • i don’t want to blame anyone side because there evidence he bring a woman under influence alcohol to his house. it ironic too because he still a public figure, who should control his behavior.

    • I am someone who read all his news. In my opinion the media were exploited by his side too and always give wrong facts about the girl’s side. He’s from royal family if you want to know

  3. song jihyo…kinda disappointed with you~

    and i can’t believe over how many oppalogist in your comment section ms.Koala (refer to Kimhyunjung article before)

    • Craptastic, it’s a no from me. I am not surprised by the apologists here it just goes to show that there is a long way to go before sexual/physical assault of women is seen in the same light as other offences by the public, especially if their oppa is talented and good looking then he deserves a hall pass. SMH

  4. Guess those who has problem watching him are the i-viewers. Koreans seem accepting of him. No matter what, he is still a creep to me. And thank god it’s the bland Song Ji Hyo. At least, I won’t regret not watching a good actress starring a opposite this creep.

  5. Can everyone remember last drama song ji hyo hit big? If not i hope this time she can hit drama with park shi hoo

  6. He is the sole reason I avoided My Golden Life at all costs. I’m all for someone being able to continue making a living, but whenever I see him I just think Ewwww. Can’t he be relegated to side character status? Why does he have to be the lead?

    I don’t blame the lead actress for signing on. You never know what is going on in her life. Maybe this is the first lead drama she has been offered in several months. She also could have signed on before He did and therefore could not back out.

    Whatever the case, I’m definitely skipping this one.

    • Actually, I would love it if sites like this one and Dramabeans just stopped reporting on anything to do with him all together. I was so annoyed when Dramabeans reported on him in their news and then didn’t report any other news for days (weeks?) so I had to see his face every time I logged in. So he basically made me avoid Dramabeans as well.

      • That won’t happen because people like him are controversial and that means more comments, which in turn means more clicks on those articles.

    • I wonder if he has some stocks or shares at KBS since they are the ones brazen enough to give him these high profile offers regardless of his battered image.Or since KBS has a largely ahjumma audience and PSH has a lot of ahjumma fans.They are probably banking on that to get the results they need.

  7. He continues to be offered roles on the main tv networks and no small cable ratings drama networks so is still seen as cream talent…Always the test for the highest paid actors where free to air invest in the most popular actors who are assured of the biggest audience numbers…love him.

    • I think what you are saying used to be true until 2016.In my opinion, “Goblin”, “Signal” and “Reply 88” changed that.Now its the other way round.Most of the A-listers, the popular actors/actress and the star writers and directors are favouring cable over public broadcast channels.Or rather cable channels especially TVN(and to a lesser extent OCN and JtBC) are almost on the same playing field as public channels.

      • To some degree…But free to air networks still have much larger viewing numbers than cable networks and always will. fact
        and for any actor to be offered larger viewing numbers is normal priority unless an actors popularity is such they can afford to be choose. Though I suggest with the amount of content which is huge in S.Korea most K Actors are blessed that they are working and quite happy to take what they can get and would definitely not be working without cable and certainly not on free to air which is very choosey about investment and popularity of its actors without a doubt.

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