Cable Netowrk tvN Hit Rom-com Why Secretary Kim Breaks 8% Ratings in Episode 8

It’s a balance scale if you add up the ratings for two dramas to equal the ratings for at third one, and even more astonishing that the two added dramas air on free prime time networks and the highest rated drama on paid cable. Wed-Thurs is total dudsville in the prime time dramas Come and Hug Me and The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum), with the former bringing in 2.6% and 4.5% ratings this Thursday and the latter got 3.1% and 4.4%. Conversely cable drama Why Secretary Kim keeps rising with Thursday’s episode 8 hitting a new series high of 8.120%, and we all know the OTP kiss (finally!) helped, right? For those still watching, is Secretary Kim still your bae or are you getting bored with the antics of the leads and wishing their relationship would progress a lot faster? I love them so and this is one drama where the supporting cast do well enough in being entertaining and memorable with their own antics.


Cable Netowrk tvN Hit Rom-com Why Secretary Kim Breaks 8% Ratings in Episode 8 — 21 Comments

  1. I still enjoy WSK except I wish the older brother can be written off as quickly as possible by returning him to where he came from (ie working abroad). He is a miscast, very poor acting. Otherwise, all other supporting cast is excellent and very entertaining. Parents are kind and the office dynamics is fun to watch. Needless to say, the OTP is the best 🙂

    • Not entirely miscasted (he is okay, I have seen worse actors even as hero), he has too little script to work with it. Only a first class actor maybe whould have made up for the cheesy lines they gave him. Also, he has too little time with the main characters. I get the feeling he is like the moon and all others are on earth. Even the team at work got way more screentime.

      • good, the less screentime the better, I have been FFing his scenes because he is like a piece of wood most of the time.

  2. I think they balanced pretty well the dark past, the love story and the comedy. If I liked Lee Tae Hwan in other dramas, in this one he really looks younger than Park Seo Joon. It was not a great idea to cast him for this role.

    Now for the rating part, I’m happy for them but the Worl Cup messed with a lot dramas on main channels.

  3. Trick question but if it were between this or Because its my First life which would get better ratings? Personally quality wise I think the previous work was better. This relies too heavily on the OTP to carry the show. I’m happy for the ratings nonetheless.

    • I agree. BTLIOF had a fresher feel and concept, WSK is more of your typical kdrama with a chaebol that’s just being boosted by its leads. Still happy for Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young though, they deserve it.

    • Both of them good in diff way. I love BIMFL bcos the stories were very relateable (jobless Jiho, ect) meanwhile WWWSK is more like a fantasy one

      • I was just thinking this drama feels more fantasy than BOTWG even though it has no obvious fantasy elements. This is about as old school as it gets for romantic comedies which are all fantasy in a way I guess. I prefer BTLIOF for its realism too.

    • btmfl kick themselves in the foot by making an unreliable female character that can only speak and changed the male character to someone he isn’t for the sake of female character (who still can’t contribute anything significant besides empty monologue)
      so sec kim need a better rating since at least both of them are perfectly able to perform their job and actually did what they say,

  4. My opinion: It is a quite common drama but the main couple is adorable. The sidekick of the hero I like very much but the sidekicks of the heroine are too much. They are so much over the top that it annoys me. Unfortunately the story is almost no where to find. It would have been enough for a movie but for an entire drama run, it is way to little. It is something I can watch easily beside sewing and I won’t miss the good parts because I needed my eyes elsewhere.

  5. I’m so glad the female lead is not a complete airhead. Also, am I the only one who gets like Joo Joong Won (Masters sun ) vibes from Park Seo Joon’s character? (It’s rare, but sometimes ).

  6. I don’t mind the slow pace when the OTP‘s chemistry is this good. It’s a pleasure watching even the smallest moments.

  7. Come and Hug Me and Secretary Kim are both my baes for Wednesday and Thursday. I love them so much and I am super happy that they are both doing well.

    4.5 % for Come and Hug Me is amazing considering the hot-mess show that aired before it (The Great Seducer) and that it recieved barely any promotion with no name stars in their first lead roles in a last minute casting choice.

    So yeah, don’t nobody put Come and Hug Me in a corner.

  8. I’m still enjoying this alot, it’s perfect drama for summer. The OTP are great but I’m also really loving all the side couples and characters.

    Also, I just found out the webtoon “I am Gangnam Beauty” is getting a drama adaptation at the end of july on JTBC. I haven’t seen any news about it yet on drama related sites/blogs though. I’m reading the webtoon and I’m really liking it so I’m looking forward to the drama. I’m not familiar with the main actors so I’m not sure if they’ll be able to bring the drama to life like PSJ and PMY have done with SK.

  9. I like the drama just fine but the lead actors are carrying it a bit as the plot is quite thin. PMY just glows in this. Also forgive me but am glad soccer is about done.

  10. This drama is not perfect but it makes me happy. I’m actually enjoying all the supporting casts for they got characters. The best friend is hilarious. The writing on main couple sometimes not consistent on their characters, but it’s getting better. I hope there is explanation on why he’s narcissistic. I actually love the flashbacks scenes of 9 yrs ago, when he hired her, so much feels.

  11. The webtoon is pretty slow so the pacing of the show doesn’t bother me and the two leads are absolutely adorable. Plus we have a capable and non-candy like female lead played by a more than capable actress so I have no complaints. Like others have said , the older brother is miscast because Tae Hwan looks sooo young despite his towering height but otherwise the secondary characters are enjoyable especially PSJ’s sidekick so I’m enjoying the show.

  12. I thought I am just gonna enjoy the main couple and romance but honestly the comedy and performance by other characters was enjoying as well. There are many LOL moments

  13. The humor is enhanced by the actors and thus saves the over done typical romcom. The twists are sooo expected I can already tell you the ending.

    • Its true even the cliches are cliched. The actors have carried the over the top romcom this far but 16 episodes of just this I’m not sure. The chemistry is sweet but where is the story?

  14. Idk the drama doesn’t feel substantial and it’s all a bit…forced. but I do find it entertaining. Once the angst really kicks in I’m out though.

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