Oguri Shun and Matsumoto Jun Attend Hana Nochi Hare Drama Wrap Party After Success Airing

For those who want a throwback good time then check out recently completed J-dorama Hana Nochi Hare, the sequel to hit manga franchise Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers). I legit adore this story in both the manga (which I marathoned one weekend and need moar) and the dorama adaptation with fresh leads Hirano Sho, Sugisaka Hana, and Nakagawa Taisho. They created their own characters, youngsters attending the same prestigious high school years later in the narrative timeline, without ever being compared to the iconic roles and performances of HanaDan leads Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, and Inoue Mao. The dorama created the throwback feels to a great shoujo love triangle with both male leads having their lovable qualities and being a great option for the female lead in different ways. Even better was having three of the four original F4 cameo, Jun and Shun showed up early while Matsuda Shota nearly stole the show with his final episode appearance. A most excellent dorama for those craving classic shoujo feels.


Oguri Shun and Matsumoto Jun Attend Hana Nochi Hare Drama Wrap Party After Success Airing — 11 Comments

  1. I like the first 5 episodes, but from 6 to end were so meh. I love sho hirano, he’s one of the promising young J-actors. While Taishi acted in too many live actions, boring. No wonder, this drama wasnt a hit during its airing time. I guess, the drama writer just loved taishi and hana’s character. Well at least i’ve finished watching it. It’s better to have s2 without too much into love triangle.

  2. Surprisingly i find this drama to be enjoyable despite some cringey moments. But in my opinion they kinda side-lined the main couple Haruto-Oto. I’m sorry but Tenma/Taishi character should never have been this big and why would they ever dragged on the love triangle up till the last few minutes of the story? I know they are adapting an unfinished ongoing manga but at least have the honesty to follow through the manga storyline. [spoilers] At least in the manga Oto have the backbone to called off her engagement with Tenma and confront her true feelings for Haruto. In the drama? Well let’s just say Tenma became the bigger man who pushed Oto to confront her feelings toward Haruto when it should be the spunky heroine who should decide what to do by herself. Please dont ever cast Taishi as second-lead again, coz he’s just way more popular that the writer would just end-up bursting-up his character more so than the main lead. Sigh quite a shame move from writer’s part.

  3. i like hanadan but yeah not my favorite drama, i can’t blame the actors or the actress if they made a lack story,so please stop blaming sugisaka hana,and i don’t understand why mao didn’t show up at all.
    and honestly i like nakagawa in kakegurui and his new drama rather than in this drama.

  4. i love the theme song from utada hikaru for this drama, but this song make me more hate with what they did to tenma character. lol

  5. I loved this drama ! It was cute and easy going to watch. I like the fact that the main lead was far from perfect. It made him more human and likable. Tenma character was too perfect.

    The end could be better. I mean it was weird how they showed the past but the the present the both of them together.

    The OST of Utada Hikaru was nice 😀

    It was nice the cameos, they didn’t change.

  6. I just started this!! It’s adorable! The main leads have interesting stories and their character develop is great! I love how dumb Haruto is lol! It’s entertaining to see him grow in every episode. I like him most out of the cast so far.

  7. I’ve actually never seen the original Japanese version for Hana Yori Dango. Maybe I’ll have to check both of them out soon.

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