K-ent Reports on the Background of Choi Ji Woo’s Non-celebrity Younger Husband

When K-netizens are called out for being hyper critical it’s not surprising where they got it from since K-ent fans the flames. A Korean news publication reported this week on the background of actress Choi Ji Woo‘s husband and noted several reveals that got K-netizens tut-tut-ing in disapproval. It was stated in her wedding announcement that he was 9 years younger and an ordinary office worker. It’s not been revealed that he previously worked in an establishment that could be considered a host club, that he changed he name prior to marrying Choi Ji Woo, and that he currently runs an online app company that she’s invested in.

They dated for three years prior to marriage, and disapproving K-netizens are basically calling her a sugar mommy to a young hot guy. You know what, even if that’s all true who the heck cares. She could have bought herself a mail order groom and it’s still fine because they are two consenting adults not breaking any laws and choosing to be together, now and hopefully forever in the future. This is such a pointless issue to even have an opinion about because Choi Ji Woo got so much flack and poor her commentary for being unwed and in her forties and now she’s married it’s the opposite commentary.


K-ent Reports on the Background of Choi Ji Woo’s Non-celebrity Younger Husband — 26 Comments

    • Well, knets themselves are petitioning to shut down dispatch. I’ve read about this on akp. The reason for this petition bcuz for this past week, dispatch really worked hard to release news about YG artists. Started from GD to Mino to Choi Ji Woo.

      For CJW’s case, i think, this one is her life business. Not others’. And i dont think everyone has the right to criticize her love choice. As long as she’s happy and he’s good to her, why not. It’s not like he’s a murder or some psychopath. Sometimes, media needs to respect artists’ lives. Well, it’s the consequences of being a public figure but media has no right to blow up one’s privacy.

      • Talk about conspiration theories seems always follow big celebrity to extent that some accuse the dispatch, one of the most active celebrity media outlets that often break news on big scandal, bring affiliate of the national intelligence services (Nis).

      • Hot celebrity breaking news in same day as political news of government wanted to bury was not coincidental or suprising.

    • I though song hye kyo was cougar marrying younger husband but definitely choi ji woo was cougar but also his sponsor too. What a shock.

      • What is shocking about it imagine thinking 4yrs difference btw a couple is something to be alarmed by you must stuck in last century

      • This @lovewadaws person is a troll.What is cougar about Song Hye Kyo when it was Song Joong Ki who chased after her and asked for her hand in marriage?Read his own account about how they got together.

        Probably a Song Hye Kyo hater or a salty ex Song Joong Ki fan who is still salty oppar got married.I come to this conclusion because she seem to drag Song Hye Kyo in every single article even some that have nothing to do with her.Pathetic!!!

      • IDIOT! Now its cyratal clear you are a Song hye kyo hater pathetic binch. I have a feeling your are one of the delususional shipper/fan that hate shk so much cause oppa got married.
        Fyi He bought her a house cost 8.9 million dollars after they got engage last yr of january and she is only 4 yrs older than him you good for nothing brainless hater.

      • Why is it ok for Male to marry younger women but not Visa versa? It’s her life; worry about your own life First!

  1. It’s her life. Her happiness. Marriage is just like a gamble, who knows what the future might hold. Just leave her alone and let her live her life.

  2. Choi Ji Woo married a non-showbiz guy. His identity, Whatever his occupation is in the past or now, is seriously none of K-netizens business. And 9 years gap is nothing. If the guy is older and the woman is younger, everyone will be screaming “couple goals”, but if it’s the other way around, the woman gets called a cougar or sugar mommy. The double standard is disgusting. Let them be.

    • I still remember people were praising eric mun (79er) when he married 91er girl 🙂
      People always give side eyes when woman married someone younger. Its annoying.
      Like woman can married whoever they want. Younger, older, poorer, richer. If CJW want to give her husband financial back up, that her choice. Her husband wasnt criminal.

      • I actually admire her, she doesnt care what age she marries, and she doesnt even care if her husband is not that rich. Like duh, when a woman marries a richer guy, she will be called a gold digger. so wtf is going in with these dumb netizens, just let her be, it’s her life. I actually wont mind also if she chose to not marry, coz again it’s her life, her choice what makes her happy and contented. like duh, for a professional or working woman, it’s not always easy to raise children, you’re always at work, leaving your children to maids, juggling time, there’s always risk. so let’s stop judging others personal status, when it’s a personal choice, as long as they are good people.

  3. Another example of what high expectations K-netizens require from their celebrities. They can’t take a breath even when they have found their own happiness.

  4. If he is hot, young and willing, what’s wrong?
    Good for her
    It’s her life and his, even if she is a cougar what’s wrong with that!

  5. My grandmother was 10 years older than my grandad, a teacher and a soldier. My aunt’s 15 years older than her husband. Older women/younger men relationships does work.

  6. Geez K tabloid media must be scrapping the barrel for anything titillating just to keep themselves relevant and in the public spotlight. I find it really offensive that a top star such as CJW has her privacy breached and something as trivial as her hubby’s past exposed like who gives a hoot? Oh sorry that’s right the righteous Korean public do. Umm yep I gotta remember I’m just a guest. Damn if it wasn’t for my love for K dramas I would have hightailed over to C n J dramas ages ago.

  7. Don’t even bother replying to lovewadaws she’s a troll. Loves mentioning SHK everywhere she goes eventhough the articles have nothing to do her with her at all.

  8. If you don’t like me just ignore. Older man like dating/marrying younger woman and older woman like date or marrying younger man.

  9. Is not sjk and park bo gum rumored in relationships before song2couple made in official? They even spent valentine time together in thailand 2017? When that rumor coming I’m feel worried about song joong ki lol.

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