The Why Secretary Kim Cast Attends Drama Wrap Party in Funky Fashions

It’s probably K-drama karma that the exceedingly well-dressed onscreen drama cast of just finished tvN drama Why Secretary Kim exited their roles and promptly fell on their fashion faces in real life. Goes to show how important a coordi is in the world of K-ent, and the outfits in Secretary Kim were some of the best onscreen professional and personal style ensembles I’ve seen yet. Sadly the leads didn’t absorb those styling cues and showed up at the well deserved drama wrap party running the fashion gamut of passable to oh lordly no. Park Min Young‘s oversized white shirt and too dark/too stiff jeans combo went a long way in dampening the image of her as the pert and perfectly dressed Kim Mi Soo, the jeans are nearing camel toe territory and were also seasonally out of wack with the hot July weather. Park Seo Joon needs to lay off the BB cream and also borrow his onscreen alter ego’s suit for this occasion if he couldn’t find something in his closet.


The Why Secretary Kim Cast Attends Drama Wrap Party in Funky Fashions — 20 Comments

  1. Fashion:The lady in pic 5.The one wearing the brown sleeveless top and khaki trousers looks alright.I love smart casual so that one works for me.The next picture after that one, the lady in the red t-shirt and jean skirt(?).I am not feeling the outfit but its weather appropriate(casual but comfy).

    As for PMY and PSJ.PMY is a small girl, so oversized top and tight jeans is a no-no.Oversize shirt and no bottoms while lounging with a boyfriend at home.Yep, cute and sexy.But outside, especially at a party, faux pas .Koala is right, she should have taken the styling cue from drama coordi.More form-fitting clothes accentuate her volumpous body and compliment her beauty.Oversize + tight combo make her look like she is drowning in the clothes and not compliment her body proportions.Maybe a more fitting top would have done the trick.The jeans and shoes arent so bad.As for Park Seo Joon, boy needs a new hairdo.I really detest those comma bangs on any actor not only him.They are so unflattering.

    • As for the drama, itself.I dont know if there will be a separate post for a drama review so here it goes:

      My honest thoughts:This drama takes the second place for “most overhyped and mediaplayed drama of 2018.Even when a drama is good.I prefer the actor’s acting and the audience to do the job in raising the popularity of the drama.Not the drama’s promo team especially during the course of the drama airing.TVN, Soompi and Viu overdid it for me.The other thing; their dating rumor(PMY&PSJ).Whether its true or not has dampened the post drama syndrome.Now all the articles related to their names or the drama are just filled with speculations or jabs at them or PR doing convert damage control on Naver to try to make the audience ignore the private life and just simply congratulate them for a job well done and acknowledge the show on its own merit.

      That said, I think the biggest winner from this drama is Park Min Young.It has raised her popularity and finally she manages not to get outshined by her co-star in a drama because they are more popular or had a better written character than her.She finally has a hit deama that can be half credited to her for its success and PSJ sharing the other half. Although I wish she was acknowledged more for her acting skill when she did “Seven Day Queen”.

      • I agree with almost everything you said. The khaki jumpsuit and the skirt works well for me too. However, i still think PSJ is boasted more from this show than PMY. He is topping the CF ranks i suppose? That is sth that unfortunately always happens with PMY. She does make her partner shine because she has good chemistry with all of them. She always performs better but the limelight is stolen by the male lead unfortunately. And yes for SDQ, that was actually obe show where she shined more than YWJ atleast and did sth different and excelled at that. Plus even though PMY and PSJ had good chemistry, YWJ and PMY were on a different level.

  2. Kang Ki Young is the best dressed man at that party, along with his secretary (as mentioned by RubyRed). The khaki color looks so refreshing and fit for the hot weather. Chansung is still wearing his office suit, so loyal to his character…. The two leads outfit is yuck ? Maybe they don’t want to be in the spotlight anymore?

  3. Perfect, not like they’re going to a fashion show. Wrap parties are usually conducted in a typical Korean BBQ restaurants. Busy, crowded and smelly, why risk your precious clothes! Some are probably sponsored as well, so kill two birds at one stone.

  4. I personally give actors a pass for filming wrap up parties. They are exhausted and are just there to celebrate with other cast and crew who are in similar state. I hope they enjoyed themselves and hope PMY and PSJ get a permanent career boost from this drama because they did a good job in their roles. Despite the odd overreaction to dating rumors, I think they’ll be ok.

  5. The most overrated drama with fake acting, exaggerated stale comedy, and predictable plot. Wonder how it can be so popular..

    • I think it’s because viewers were hungry for some easily enjoyable fluff after so many serious (but good quality) dramas and it’s the type of dramas people seem to like to watch during summer months.

    • This I couldn’t agree more. Another plotless drama with plenty of making out, with the female lead achieving nothing other than winning the grandest throphy – THE MAN. Of the same league with Pretty Noona. Meh.

      • To me, WSK wins in visuals (beautiful clothes) minus an annoying mother/mom-in-law. I dropped PN by ep 8, WSK by ep 14 ??

      • Lol. U dropped it after 14 episodes? The last time I invested so much time watching a drama but not giving a damn over the ending is LOTBS. I stayed until ep15 before I bid adios ?

      • hahaha, unbelievable isn’t it? My mom dropped WSK by ep 8, only to finish off by just watching ep 16 (she sounds like @jusash… lol).

    • I enjoyed the first few episodes. And was on the wagon, just bec I enjoy PMY and PSJ.

      However it really started to wane and it was a little challenging to muster interest to tune in each week. And even the actors’ expressions started to look more and more exaggerated-fake as they too struggled with the same script churning round and round.

      Ep 16 = I did the dutiful dues and tuned in. And was dissapointed – contrived to the end.

  6. It’s hard enough to be impressed with K-artists’ outfits during red carpet formal events what more when it’s just a wrap-up party in a bbq restaurant. Though I still find PMY looking good in her white shirt and jeans.

    As for the drama, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was sweet, fun and easy to watch. I discovered PSJ and was reminded of how adorable PMY can be. And of course, I found the best male bff in all dramas – KKY.

  7. Good god. It’s a wrap up party and all were tired and exhausted. They still look damn good.

    Enjoyed every single episiode of this drama. Love the fluff and the comedy,laughed my ass off. PSJ and PMY, as well as the rest of the cast did a magnificient job on their roles.

  8. just one comment; too much BB cream. they should stay away from that or perhaps wearing a non-flashback foundation.

    • Unfortunately it’s a common issue with those pink-toned bb creamd and cushions they use. Those look unforgiving on camera, especially on people with warm/yellow-toned skin but it’s supposed to have a “brightening” effect in real life.

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