KBS Releases 2018 Ranking of South Korea’s Top Entertainer Beauties of All Time

The list is subjective of course but I’m always curious to see if the populace views beauty how I may perceive it. The 2018 list of 30 Top Korean Beauties of All Time and I foresee debate over the top 2 position, from whether either lady deserves to be there and whether their ranking should be switched. The number 1 South Korean beauty picked is Kim Tae Hee, followed by Song Hye Kyo in number 2. Rounding out the top 5 is Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Sun, and Kim Yuna. I’m surprised to see Kim Yuna there but I think Koreans just love her so much for being so talented and winning, plus she is naturally very pretty, but her 5th spot seems more for bringing glory to Korea than actually being subjectively that pretty. The next 6-10 ranking is Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Soo, older actress Jung Yoon Gi, Son Ye Jin, and Suzy. Even I can’t believe Suzy is in the top 10, lol, goes to show just how popular she is in Korea despite the consensus commentary about her acting abilities. Check out the full list of 30 below.

Top 30 South Korean Beauties:

  1. Kim Tae Hee
  2. Song Hye Kyo
  3. Lee Young Ae
  4. Kim Hee Sun
  5. Kim Yuna
  6. Jeon Ji Hyun
  7. Kim Hye Soo
  8. Jung Yoon Hee
  9. Son Ye Jin
  10. Suzy
  11. Han Ga In
  12. Go Hyun Jung
  13. Hwang Shin Hye
  14. Go So Young
  15. Han Ji Mim
  16. Han Hyo Joo
  17. Kim Ji Mi
  18. Kim Sung Ryung
  19. Kang Soo Yeon
  20. Shim Eun Ha
  21. Choi Jin Shil
  22. Go Duk Shim
  23. Kang Sora
  24. Ha Ji Won
  25. Kim Sa Rang
  26. Kim Nam Joo
  27. Yoona
  28. Kim Hee Ae
  29. Kim So Hyun
  30. Moon Hee


KBS Releases 2018 Ranking of South Korea’s Top Entertainer Beauties of All Time — 97 Comments

      • I think it’s more that she hasn’t made a comeback for almost two years now.
        Articles about her still trend with mostly positive reactions on Naver. She’d probably have ranked higher if her comeback drama had aired as scheduled.

      • Choi Jinsil is dead but still ranks crazy high. Han Hyojoo hasn’t had a drama in forever either. All actors get positive comments on their articles and they trend online in Naver especially these 30. Drama comebacks have nothing to do with this list.

      • Choi Jinshil is dead but still ranks crazy high on the list which means people still haven’t forgotten her after all this time. Han Hyojoo hasn’t had a drama in forever neither has Kim Sarang but they still made it to the list. Drama comebacks have nothing to so with the list its about what classifies as classical beauty in Korea.

      • Lily han hyo joo movie Golden slumber and jin roh was flop in box office. I think that’s why they released dating rumor just for media playing. Even illang the wolf brigade was flop because competition between mission impossible.

  1. Interesting that top 4 are ladies in late 30s to late 40s and taken. Interesting to see Kim So Hyun and shes probably the youngest one on the list. Beauty is subjective but we’ve heard so many harp over the beauty of some of those on the list (KTH, SHK, SYJ, JJH, SYJ, HGI)- so im not surprised. Personally i thk Song Ji Hyo is beautiful n could hav made top 30?

  2. Wow top 4 are all married and mothers except SHK perhaps soon mother-to-be.
    Maybe their next generation will be leading the list in the future.

  3. To me, the most beautiful is Lee Young Ae. She just have that “extra touch” the rest do not have. There’s something ethereal about her beauty which is hard to describe. Beauty is subjective so there’s no point to agree or disagree. Second in my list is Sung Yuri. I can’t think of the rest of the ranking.

    • I hv e same opinion with you. Lee young ae and sung yuri ,i personally find them beautiful and elegant with their look. They hv v nice features and figure too, not too skinny.

  4. So how much did JYP pay to get Suzy on that list, above Han Hyo Joo at that? SM must have paid too to get plastic Yoona on that list, above natural beauty Kim So Hyun. I’m surprised to see that there’s no Kim Taeri, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Shin Hye, or Park Bo Young who always get a spot on lists like that because they’re always praised for natural looks and are tops of their generation. Did those particular stars anger the person who made that list? Did the person who made that list put his personal opinion there and tried to present it as a legit ranking? No Kim Taeri and Suzy above Han Hyo Joo… what a fucking joke!

    • Kim So Hyun is so beautiful and a complete natural beauty who frankly deserves to be higher on the list. Still happy to see her among the top 30 with some very strong beauties like Kim Hee Ae, Ha Ji Won etc. She’s the youngest at that which is honestly pretty amazing.

    • Park Shin-hye is #32.
      Kim Tae-ri is too new I guess. But I agree she’s really pretty.
      Park Bo-young is cute but they probably don’t see her as a beauty.
      Kim Yoo-jung is the biggest puzzle to me… but like someone said, maybe the scandal has affected her 🙁

      Yeah Han Hyojoo is really gorgeous to me but her image isn’t that good right now.

      • Image is everything in Korea so this list is completely appropriate. Goddess visuals with clean images have topped the list like every year. PBY and KYJ have the same cute image not goddess beauty so I’m not surprised to see them on the list but why is PSH below Yoona? Or even Suzy? She’s much prettier than both.

      • I too wonder how it has affected her. She is really keeping very low profile since.

      • I think Park Shin Hye’s image has taken a SLIGHT hit too(emphasis on slight because she is a child actor so they will always have a soft spot for her.She only needs a hit drama and they will be worshipping her again).If it were two years ago.She would be slightly higher in this ranking.She has always been shitted on by international “oppar” fangirls and international drama audience for her acting.But in Korea, her articles used to get overwhelmingly positive feedback.

        However, the tide started turning after that “nail polish criticism” in “Doctors” drama.They said she was arrogant (because of her response to the criticism) and so focus on looking pretty instead of immersing herself in the role.Then her dating scandal was poorly handled too.I saw the effect of that in her variety show with So Ji Sub.It flopped concluding at 1%.Of course, they said it was boring and Na PD thought it did not connect with the viewers thats why it failed. But Shin Hye is the type who could make the korean public watch her projects just by her name alone.This time, it didnt work.

        But like I said earlier, all she needs is a hit drama and they will be worshippping her again.Two years is a long drama hiatus for someone who is still young and in her prime like her.Just look at Park Bo Gum, he has only been away for two years and in between that, he was replaced by Jung Hae In(JHI ruined his own momentum by being dumb)and then Park Seo Joon in trending/popularity poll rankings(his popularity/image in Korea could also sink if his dating news with PMY turns out to be true).

      • I don’t see kim tae ri as a classic beauty actually. She doesn’t have the elegance any of these others have. Similarly bo young and youjung don’t have classic beauty vibes. They come across as too childish not to mention small. However park shinhye should have been in the top 30 but han hyo joo is ranked too high but I concede she appeals to people more because of her sweet image.

      • @hohliu Yoo-jung is currently recovering from hypothyroidism and will resume filming her comeback drama (which was originally planned to air April) next month. The scandal is old news at this point and she’s had a good year with endorsements, but I am a bit worried since her health doesn’t seem to be good.

      • For someone so young I dunno why she has so many controversies or why her health thing has been blown up by her agency so much. EXID Soljin suffers from the same disease but you never see her agency playing up her health problems. Vying for sympathy to erase one controversy is such a bad PR move. Its basically what politicians do when they do terrible screw ups.

      • I agree that her agency mishandled her controversy in 2016. Should have just threatened to sue IMO since that five-second clip was maliciously edited and the people who actually attended the event defended her behavior. Knetz are mostly over it and it’s not something that gets brought up in her articles, unlike Yoon Eun-hye and her plagiarism scandal.

        I don’t think they’re mediaplaying the current health condition, and there’s no controversy to address this time. They had to do a press release about it since the drama she’s involved in would be delayed, and now that the male lead has been recast and production scheduled to continue soon, it’s inevitable that the articles about it would mention the reason for the drama’s delay even in passing. Otherwise she’s been quiet. Even Solji gives updates on her health from time to time, especially now that she’s making a comeback.

      • Lol its so tiring to maintain a “perfect” image in South Korea. One little undesirable move and the turned into a huge-blown scandal. Just look at how PMY and PSJ were discredited immediately after their dating scandal.
        I’d say, PSH not keep that perfect image or they’ll forever treat her like a child. It’ll help her transition to a mature actress much faster and start expanding her career path by giving her much more varied roles – like for eg, a villian or another nuanced character.

        I adore Kim Yoojung and its sad to see people actually turning against her for… literally nothing. She’s still young and rising so she def needs the good image. Hoping her upcoming drama can be a huge success so all is forgotten.

    • I agree with Kim Yoo Jung.She should have been in top 30.Her beauty gives similar aura as Han Hyo Joo and Song Hye Kyo.Park Shin Hye gives off “girl next door” beauty vibes to me than “classic goddess beauty” which seem to be the criteria of this ranking.Maybe thats why she is ranked a tad bit lower.

      Kim Tae Ri, Park Bo Young, IU give off similar vibes to me.They are very pretty and cute.However, they emit “child-like” vibes sometimes so maybe thats why they are ranked lower when you put them together with the classic beauties.

      • Yeah, but why put Suzy on the list then? She gives off similar girl next door vibes. She’s nowhere near the classic goddess level like Song Hye Kyo or Son Ye Jin. Whereas Kim Taeri gives off luxurious vibes.. but she’s nowhere on the list…

    • I 100% agree about Kim So-Hyun needing to be higher on the list. She’s a true goddess like Kim Tae-He, Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Young-Ae and Son Ye-Jin. I’m glad to see Kim Youna ranked so high. She truly is striking with both beauty, talent and personality. Han Ga-In I thought would be higher to be honest. Top 5 definitely.

    • Very very late reply but I feel Lee Na Young also deserves to be there at least in top 15. She has such a clean, elegant beauty and I meanshe has to be beautiful to be considered good enough for WonBin.

  5. Kim So Hyun is so beautiful and a complete natural beauty who frankly deserves to be higher on the list. Still happy to see her among the top 30 with some very strong beauties like Kim Hee Ae, Ha Ji Won etc. She’s the youngest at that which is honestly pretty amazing.

  6. I think this is a very fair list. KTH is forever their most beautiful. I do wonder the demographics of the voters though, maybe predominantly ajhumma age.

  7. Baby girl KSH getting the love she deserves from the korean ahjumma’s. Her flawless natural beauty matures as she has gotten older.

  8. I’m surprised to see JJH & HGI rank so low. I was expecting then to be in top 5 since everyone adores their beauty. KTH comes as no surprise to anyone she will forever be the standard of beauty in Korea. KSR is pretty high up I didn’t know she was that popular in Korea for her looks. KSH to me has always been a mix of SYJ, HGI & KTH who all rank in the top 10 so I’m not surprised she makes it so high on the list plus her looks are further elevated by her brilliant aura.

  9. Suzy is excessively popular in korea. I think everyone needs to finally accept that fact and move on from it instead of try to belittle her for everything. Good acting doesn’t always make you make you popular otherwise Kim Tae Hee or Song Hye Kyo would not enjoy the kind of success that they do.

    • I dont like suzy acting, but she is super popular that even with two dating news, its not really hurted her popularity.
      And yes, frankly speaking, KTH acting is so so. Its her beauty that make her popular. Just like suzy.
      SHK was wonderfull in some of her drama but she is popular definitely NOT ONLY because of her acting chop. Just like so many other actresses or idols

      • What makes KTH so popular is the mix of her beauty and brains, two of the major things Koreans value. She has what many koreans consider the perfect small face and is a Seoul University graduate.

  10. Kim So Hyun has always been a popular natural beauty who deserves to be in top 10. She’s still the youngest in the list so that just goes to show how mature her beauty is.

  11. I’m surprised Go Ara and Lee Yeonhee did not make the list. Out of the 3 famous SM beauties, I find them way more attractive than Yoona; especially in dramas where they use light makeup.

    • I am not surprised with Go Ara not making the top 30 list over Yoona.The reason being Yoona emits the same vibe whether onscreen or in pictorials.On the other hand, Go Ara is super gorgeous in photoshoots but when you put her on TV all the charms disappear(See “Hwarang” and “You are all surrounded” to understand what I mean).She is similar to Lee Sung Kyung in that aspect.Its only their eyes that remain super pretty in motion.However, sometimes their acting is so bland or overexaggerated that when they widen their eyes or stare at someonr,I forget about how beautiful they are and get annoyed instead.

      That said, I also find Yoona so uncharismatic onscreen.This is why she has been acting for a while now but still has no memorable role credited to her name.Her off-screen personality to me is also so bland.However, there must be something about her that appeals to the Koreans that most international people who dont stan her cant understand.Because she has consistently been mentioned by many korean actors and idols as their ideal type.She also gets good reviews every time she appears on variety shows.

    • its not about all the acting. She is the korean standard of BEAUTY AND BRAIN. Most girl envy her because of that. Guys like her because they are their ideal type of women. She has everything BEAUTY BRAIN AND WEALTH.

    • She’s not the most beautiful of course. Beauty is so subjective but like what the other commenter, she’s the epitome of a perfect woman to the SK rigid standards. She’s a natural beauty, graduate from the most prestigious Seoul University, and came from a wealthy chaebol family. It’s very rare to find all this combo in just one woman. In a western perspective all this could seem shallow but for S.Korean they really put a lot of importance in educational background and more importantly, family background regardless of how much money you earn later on in life. That is why Rain/Bi is a subject of envy and criticism “ to be able to marry someone so much better than him, in netizens mind he hit the jackpot.”

  12. Must admire how this list goes across the decades with classic beauties both young and old, living and passed away. Shows that its not a biased list but made of people who they truly feel are beautiful both outside and inside.

  13. Its a fair list.If it were up to me.The order would be rearranged but still all those women are beautiful and deserve to be there.

    I am surprised Shin Se Kyung didnt make it in the top 30.I thought she is considered a goddess beauty by the koreans.Is Shin Min Ah’s beauty more appealing to men than women?(this totally looks like the voters were 30-40 ahjummas)?I thought I would see her in such a list.

    • SSK and GHJ are surprisingly missing. I guess beauty standards have shifted around somewhat. This still a very accurate list about beauty standards in Korea.

  14. I love Son Ye Jin faces the most. She is just so so beautiful. Especially in Noona who buys me food and in his movie with So Ji Sub. Her body is soo proportional too. Might be I’m just not a big fan of chubby chin in a slim body…

  15. No Nana? I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world by some magazine or else. Wow, i guess, what international see is different from what koreans think. I remember seeing taeyeon and then jessica and some other names in those list but not in this list?

    Are those ladies natural beauty? Im not surprised seeing suzy in that list. She’s really pretty despite her bad acting. And the top 2… Seems like koreans really love them.

    Ps : i personally think irene from red velvet is really pretty. Wondering why she didnt even make it to top 30.

  16. Congrats to all my favorite for making on the list as top. KimTaeHee, SongHyeKyo, KimHeeSun, HanJiMi, SonYeJin, HanGaIn, are the most beautiful Korean actresses in the entertainment. Wondering why Sung Yuri is not on the list because she is by far one of the most gorgeous Korean actress I’ve seen. Anyway congrats to all who made the list.

  17. This list seems fair to and since Beauty is subjective especially in Korea where they see beauty in people that I fail to see it in. I can agree with this list to a certain level.

    Suzy is very pretty and lovable so I’m not surprised she is up there. More surprised that Kim Yoo Jung is missing. But oh well maybe next year.

  18. Not sure why people are asking for Irene to be on the list since it’s specific to those who act. Haven’t seen or heard about Irene acting in anything yet so she’s not eligible for the list. Agree that Park Shin Hye should be higher on the list. Glad to see kTH, HJM, HGI, and KSH on the list. KSH must be the youngest in the top 30 so yay for her! I’ll never get the hype about Suzy, but I don’t begrudge her being on the list since it’s clear Koreans view her as a great beauty.

  19. Suzy is very popular in Korea which explains the ranking. But unlike KTH, Suzy has no brain… lol. This is a list voted by the Koreans, ifans will never understand their standard of beauty although I agree with the Top 5. The listing would have been different if ifans get to vote. So happy to see KSH in the Top 30, to me she is much prettier than Suzy 🙂

  20. Number 8 should be romanised as Jung Yoon Hee (not Gi) and same with Number 30 should be Moon Hee (not Moon Gi)

  21. I’m surprised no one’s said it, so I don’t know if I’m the only one seeing it. But that older actress at #8 looks just like a slightly chubbier Suzy (or more like Suzy looks like her, I guess), down to the freaking teeth and big pouty lips o.O I find that a little fascinating.

  22. I’m so sorry to say this about KTH but she’s sooo overrated! She’s no where as beautiful as SHK! just check out KTH’s old HS photos before some of her minor plastic surgeries. Also, her eyes are way to close to each other to be sonsidered to have a balanced face! I do not understand what the big deal is with her being a graduate of Seoul Uni when her major was fashion designs lmao! It’s not like it was something truly “brainy” like math/science or even literature. It’s a bs major sorry. K-net’s standards of beauty is laughable!

    • Trying to get into design school can be more difficult than the basic sciences. Portfolios have to be submitted along with high academic grades. Creativity is required for design, along with good memory to study art history. It is not as easy as you say. I have high respect for designers because I cannot even draw. I study science, so does this put me in the truly brainy group? ??

      • @Lilykoo I study sciences (medical) and I would never put down arts students. Besides, to get into SNU, you have to have high grades from your previous educational institutions and high marks from entrance exam. Arts departments usually require personal interviews and portfolios and years of dedication to arts since childhood, something that engineering or medical students don’t have to do unless we’re talking about places like Yale or Harvard.

    • I respectfully disagree with you, I have medical degree but I don’t think art students or designer are less brainy than me or other who pursue sciences/ medical fields. Art students are very talented and creative, and I have high respects for them.
      At early age , kids are taught to learn art, music, math , literature because all of them contributes to every aspects of their well-development.
      Having all said , beauty is in the eye of beholder, and I Don’t think KTH is the prettiest.
      I think SHK, Kim Hee Sun , Jeon Ji huyn , Han Ga in are more prettier than she is.

    • She got in for fashion designs lol it is a bs major, say what you want but it’s not considered a competitive major by any means. Also, please my comments correctly, I never said it was super easy to get into fashion school, I’m saying it’s easy to get into a prestigious Uni w/ a less competitive major like fashion designs. She didn’t apply to fashion school like Korea’s equivalence to Parsons…

      • yeah say what you want is what you are doing now. It is not easy to get into a prestigious University, every student still has to go through the entrance exam. Putting down education is what you are doing and this is what people are disagreeing with you.

  23. Suzy’s “beauty/aura” is purely photoshopped! She does not deserve to be on the list, she has nice skin, hair and a nice smile but that is not enough to be considered a “goddess” lol without the circled lense and her typical makeup/typical package look, she has a lazy eye!! I knew this list was bs when I saw Suzy being ranked higher than HGI and SGH was nowhere to be found on the list. Also, I’m utterly shocked that Yoona was on the list and ranked higher than KSH, whose a natural beauty!!! Have pl not seen Yoona’s pre debut pics!???

    • Lilykoo, many said it’s a Korean poll, so it’s their beauty standard choice. but I agree, Suzy included in that list made it a bshitty list, like a nonsense popularity poll, whichever, whoever, whatever goes, like not well thought of kind. although many are really deserving beauties, but the ranking is skeptical too. Why no Lee Yo Won, Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye, Seo Hyun Jin, etc. these beauties made popular K drama well received outside of Korea, all around the world. Is this list only for active actresses, oh well, let’s take it just as a grain of salt.

  24. Lee Young Ae is no.3 baby!! I’m still amazed by her beauty. I feel like time barely moved for her. And I’m super proud of Yoona for being in this list too.

  25. Maybe they should use no make up photos? So we can really see who is a real “ beauty” …. and then let those who ranked this vote again! Lol

    • I totally agree, since more than half of these ladies will not be considered “goddesss” status w/out makeup. Suzy def would not make the list with her lazy eye lol

  26. I’m probably the only one but I just can’t see the supposed beauty of Lee Young Ae. I tried to google her pictures but she’s just… like nicely looking lady.

    I’m missing Park Min Young in Top 30, I always thought she’s exceptional beautiful.

    • PMY is man-made beautiful. Do you really think anyone will vote for her knowing how she really looks like? No offense, I like PMY, but everyone will be very surprised (I guess you will be the only exception to see her on this list).

    • @ Cherry, girl what are you on? have you not seen LYA’s 2014 Marie Claire magazine hanbok pictorial? she’s an elf!! she’s not just some “pretty lady” and PMY is so man-made that it’s laughable. There’s no way k-nets will vote for her ever. You need to get real! SMH

  27. This is a KBS list so take it with a grain of salt. Secondly ‘Entertainers’ of all time and are beautiful so K nets would have picked those who are memorable and extremely popular. I’m not fussed because it does have a good range of celebs selected. But I believe anyone that had the ole touch up a la plastic shouldn’t be on that list. Then again 3/4 would be automatically eliminated. Maybe they should do beauty; brains and talent list next time?

    • Yes… KBS should have put Song Hye Kyo first then.. because she brought KBS billions of wons after all.. why put Kim Tae Hee, who’s not even the most beautiful on that list….

  28. song hye kyo, kim yuna, suzy, and jun ji hyun on top 10 <3

    also why can't just some people here appreciate beauty without overly criticizing others? the list is all about beauty but some are talking about brains and acting and whatnot just to drag others down.

  29. I don’t find Kim taehee a top beauty. In SK, I would rate SHK as top beauty but just that alone. Overall Kim taehee would win. But Lee Young Ae is definitely an epitome of beauty, her voice, her elegance is top notch. I love Kim Yuna and Han Hyo Joo too, because they have more than just a pretty image. Their inner beauty radiants more from charisma, personality and grace. To be honest Suzy is the one I find overrated. Be it being a singer or as an actress, she is just average. I have no comments about her personality since I do not watch her in any variety show.

  30. I’m so happy & so proud that Goddess Kim So Hyun made the list and is the youngest in the Top 30! She definitely needs to be higher on the list, but I understand that the higher ranks are probably “reserved” for the more senior artists. Let’s just wait some more years, and I have no doubt Kim So Hyun will be in the Top 5! She’s just so so so beautiful, I was instantly enchanted by her beauty when I first watched her in I Miss You, and I knew even then that she will be a top leading lady in the future!

    The other ones that I agree about being on this list: Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, Han Ga In, Lee Young Ae & Kim Hee Sun! Now these are all-time top beauties.

    On the other hand, I guess I will never get what’s so “beautiful” about Suzy. I’m not going to shit on her or on people who find pretty, but I just can’t find her pretty at all. Not even in pictorial photos where she’s all dolled up. I’ve already tried watching her dramas and CFs, thinking maybe she looks better in motion, but no, I still don’t see what’s pretty about her. Especially her eyes. To me, she just looks like a slightly above average Korean. She’s cute at best.

    To the people who are looking for Kim Yoo Jung, she’s on the list, around #80 I think. Personally, she’s cute, not beautiful, so I understand why she ranks low.

    And yes, where are Song Ji Hyo, Lee Yo Won & Shin Se Kyung? These ladies are classic & natural beauties..

  31. Suzy is top 10 and I love the fact that she’s the youngest up there. Goes to show the effect that the Nation’s First Love still has on Korean public.

  32. There’re comments asking why suzy deserve to be in the list. My God, let’s me laugh. Whatever your opinion about her lazy eye, photoshopped face, etc,she is one of the classic beauty in SK in this day and age. Lancome only use the most beautiful face in every area (not country) as brand ambassador, see their ig n website,they use only the best recognize beauty to represent their product. And Dior invite her as a Dior lady.

  33. Where is Shin Min Ah? I think she deserves to be there. Not only she’s pretty but she’s also very sexy. #ShinMinAh ❤

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