Moon Chae Won and Yoon Hyun Min Spotted Filming K-drama Tale of the Gyeryong Goddess Around Seoul

The fantasy K-drama Tale of the Gyeryong Goddess has got an English title of Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter which sounds rather incestuous if you ask me considering the romantic narrative of the tale, lol. It doesn’t deter me in the least as I’m still super excited about a Korean take on the folk tale of the fairy who loses her fairy wings and falls in love with a woodcutter which has also been a staple in both Chinese and Japanese folklore. Starring Moon Chae Won and Yoon Hyun Min, the drama tells of a past love between a fairy and her woodcutter husband until he dies ignominiously in a fall off a cliff and she lives hundred more years waiting for him to reincarnate. He is either Yoon Hyun Min (duh) or second male lead Seo Ji Hoon in modern times as the fairy tries to find her love while she runs a coffee shop disguised as an old ahjumma. The whole thing sounds adorable and I love Moon Chae Won coming back with both sageuk and modern roles in the same drama.


Moon Chae Won and Yoon Hyun Min Spotted Filming K-drama Tale of the Gyeryong Goddess Around Seoul — 6 Comments

  1. These images are already a couple weeks old. But thanks for sharing anyways.

    I’m just happy to see Moon Chae Won back in new drama and it looks and sounds much better than GMB and Criminal Minds.

    • I agree on your comment on GMB. It was too slow and dropped it midway.

      But Criminal Minds was great. I think CM wasn’t your cup of tea and the format of the drama was not usual for a kdrama most esp most viewers of kdramas were dominated by rom-com followers. I even thought CM Korea was a better watch than the original CM but to each his own. Why I said that because in the US series, I probably like 4 or 5 episodes of 22 per season which I think were good but with CM Korea I like 16 episodes out of 20.

  2. I don’t think words can express how much I miss seeing Moon Chae Won in a hanbok. She was so awesome back in those The Princess’ Man/War of the Arrows days.

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