Park Shi Hoo is Curious with Creepy Song Ji Hyo in First Teaser for Lovely Horribly

It’s unfortunate that the PD of upcoming KBS drama Lovely Horribly had to make such an inappropriate and insensitive comment during filming because learning about it adds another layer of pall over the proceedings. The drama marks Park Shi Hoo‘s first return to prime time drama land since the 2011 drama The Princess’s Man, with his later drama Cheondamdong Alice airing on the weekend time slot and since his scandal he’s only done cable or weekend dramas. Lovely Horribly describes the intertwined but opposite fates of the two leads, top actor Park Shi Hoo and screenwriter Song Ji Hyo, and it all comes to a head when they work together on a drama and strange creepy things begin to happen around them. I appreciate the vaguely horror movie vibe in the first teaser, it’s a refreshing palate cleanser to throw scares before romance.

Teaser for Lovely Horribly:


Park Shi Hoo is Curious with Creepy Song Ji Hyo in First Teaser for Lovely Horribly — 8 Comments

  1. Can’t wait! Song Ji Hyo might not be everyone’s favorite actress but I loved her in My wife is having an affair this week.

  2. I liked this very short trailer a lot! I don’t know if I’ll like the rest of the drama but this trailer was enough to make me want to see this drama. It does look very refreshing.

  3. Well he was in Neighborhood Hero but it was on cable so maybe it doesn’t count. I dropped that one at episode 3. I am waiting to see if DF or Viki pick up this one because it at least looks a little different.

  4. I will definitely watch this drama. I like PSH and SJH.
    After My Golden life, I can’t wait to see Park Si Hoo again and with another charming lead actress, too.
    All the best!!!

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