Rising Young Actress Ahn Ji Hyun Confirmed as Kim Hyun Joong’s Female Lead in K-drama When Time Stopped

Those worried that a favorite K-actress will sign on to be disgraced but angling for a comeback idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong‘s next leading lady can breath a sigh of relief. The female lead has been cast for his upcoming KBS W cable network drama When Time Stopped and honestly the name didn’t ring a bell at all until I saw some pictures. Rising actress Ahn Ji Hyun will be Kim Hyun Joong’s leading lady in a drama where he plays a time-traveler and she’s a present day girl with plenty of real estate holdings and her life turned upside down when she encounters him. Ahn Ji Hyun is familiar to me thanks to having a small but she did well enough part in Goblin playing female lead Kim Go Eun‘s high school classmate. She’s only playing supporting roles so if this is her first big break to leading lady status I can’t fault her for accepting. Good luck and hopefully this drama just turns into an aside project to satisfy Kim Hyun Joong fans and isn’t terribly offensive to watch.


Rising Young Actress Ahn Ji Hyun Confirmed as Kim Hyun Joong’s Female Lead in K-drama When Time Stopped — 25 Comments

  1. There are certain celebrities I can no longer watch on any screen; he along with Park Shi Hoo and Micky Yoochun are them. Therefore I definitely will not be watching.

  2. Lols, i cant blame her. Probably for her it’s better acting in this drama than waiting for years to get the lead actress title. But… This man cant act.

    Even LBH has scandals, but at least he can act. Bigbang has scandals, but they can make great musics. But this man… His acting and music are so-so. Sorry not sorry. Just an opinion.

    • Are you kidding me he is kim hyun joong who is alwayes successfull since his dubet in music or acting you are already dont know anything about him .boys over flowers .playfull kiss and as alwayes all his music are sucessfull and toped chart .search in geogle and you will know

  3. Interesting. Some people get a free pass, others are stained forever-why? In my opinion, Lee Byung-hun is one slimy person but he gets a pass and currently has a leading drama. Hope Kim Hyun Jung has success with this drama. In my opinion, the hypocritical behavior of many in Korean is harsh and unnecessary.

    • Ask KHJ’s girlfriend- why she took him to court? Ask LBH’s wife- why she forgave him and stays quiet? It takes two to tango.

    • Lee byung hun not only cheating with lmj but he also controlling k-entertainment industry. His X-Files truly disgusting and he word score all of women his sleep with. Im really hope his drama with Kim eun sook not popular and tvn lose all that money they give for him. And next time Kim sun sook can’t cast rape, serial killer, abuser anything she wants. But if mr. sunshine success I congratulated them. Of course lee santa romance life was successfully with many CF.

      • I know a little about the recent blackmailing scandal and the scandal with the Canadian gymnast years ago. I’m ignorant about all the rest. Anyone care to fill me in on the other dirt (that’s not just a rumor)? I give him the side-eye as I watch him in Mr. Sunshine, but maybe I should be hating on him more.

        But I still wouldn’t wish for the whole drama to flop (though I understand your feeling that way), because there are so many other talented people who’ve worked very hard on MS. Instead, I might wish for the drama to do well, but for LBH to get a lot of negative feedback.

    • The difference: LBH is in a big budget drama. Money talks and can silence anything even his poor performance in the drama.

  4. Watching this. Should be an interesting watch too. And don’t spam me with your thoughts please cos really I don’t want to rehash for the millionth time why why why.

  5. I dont know if I will watch this drama. But the ratings of this drama really interest me more. So I will wait and see…

  6. Oh my, the writer of this blog or website must really hate KHJ. I mean, just write! Does writing hate opinions to stars make your website look good? This is not writing at all. Biased. Not good. There’s so much hate here. No wonder the world’s fuckd up because of people like you. Just write on the good stuff and shut up if you don’t have anything good to say.

    • Honest opinion must be from both sides. False praises do not make a loser who hit woman any better. I think you should shut up unless you are the person who got beaten up!

    • Kim hyun joong, park shi hoo, lee byung hun,park yoo chun, lee jin wook all of them are trash and deserve getting hate. They will never get into jail thats why so many victim always getting blame not them.you now money cantik buy everything on korea. And yeah victim will be goes to jail if not enough evidance. But i don’t think this trash khj can acting and have hit rating.

  7. First we dont know exactly what happened in his personal life and its really no ones business. Thats on the real side. As for acting goes I personally love his acting. He is the main person that got me into k dramas after watching Boys over Flowers, and Playful kiss. Actors have to potray the characters they our playing in his roles its who he is. Now I will say he really needs to act in more movies and tv shows. His singing isnt bad either.

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