Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. Captivate in New Stills for Romance Sageuk 100 Days My Prince

I’m getting more excited for upcoming tvN sageuk romance drama 100 Days My Prince (also known as Hundred Day Husband or Dear Husband of 100 Days) thanks to the beautiful stills being released to whet the appetite. Starring D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Nam Ji Hyun, the drama plays up both the court life with the crown prince and the commoner world once he loses his memory for 100 days. D.O. looks suitably royal in his crown prince attire and actually not as youthful baby boy features as he does in real life and Nam Ji Hyun always delivers in sageuks and here she’s basically playing her young Deokman character in Queen Seondeok as both the scrappy tomboy and pretty regal lady.


Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. Captivate in New Stills for Romance Sageuk 100 Days My Prince — 10 Comments

  1. Is this drama fully pre-produced? I think they have started filming a while ago and the drama will be aired on september, right?

  2. Yes, Do Kyungsoo looks definitely manlier here as the Crown Prince.
    The supporting cast also looks better than I expected. I’m also surprised how Jo Hanchul looks very commanding as the King because he usually plays lackeys or petty villains. Han Sohee looks very regal – I did not recognize her at first.

  3. Seems like it’s a preproduced drama. The cinematography and colors look really beautiful. I hope the writing delivers cause that’s one of the most important things that could make or break the show.
    I have to add that DO looks a little too baby faced for the role. He looks much younger than his real age even with the hanbok. I hope it doesn’t affect the immersion in the drama.

  4. This drama looks fun 🙂

    I’m not convinced by D.O, he looks more like a boy than a man. But Nam Ji Hyun always has a great chemistry with her costars, so I keep hope 🙂

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