Han Ji Min Radiant in BTS Stills for Knowing Wife and Redeems Herself in Vibrant Drama Performance

I reserved judgment that K-actress Han Ji Min wasn’t just all around awful though it really seemed that way after the debacle that was Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Her character was incredibly annoying as written but her performance exacerbated the problem. In her first drama back since then she chose the do-over fantasy what-if drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) with Ji Sung and she’s knocking it out of the park. Whether as the put upon and thoroughly defeated wife to the do-over bank employee with her spunk and heart intact, she’s the warm beating stable center of this drama that has me wanting to flay Ji Sung’s character and only give him the benefit of the doubt because Ji Sung plays him with such raw sincerity. He knows he’s a f#*&ing asshole for choosing an alternate reality where he is married to a rich spoiled brat and gives up having his two kids and a kind wife, and yet I weep when he’s crying for the things around him that don’t exist in this reality including having a loving mother-in-law who forgets things but not him. I love his acting (as always) but am rooting for Han Ji Min’s character all the way, she deserves happiness in this reality or any other.


Han Ji Min Radiant in BTS Stills for Knowing Wife and Redeems Herself in Vibrant Drama Performance — 9 Comments

  1. Wow. Han Ji Min is absolutely gorgeous! She is slaying in her role as Seo Woo Jin! I love her spunk and energy! Such a breath of fresh air!

  2. I love this actress. Everyone speaks about Hyde, Jeckyl, Me but it’s not her only work. The writting was bad. She was very good on other movies/dramas. I loved her in Padam Padam 🙂

    She’s really beautiful. How can she stand with those shoes O_O

    I like her personality too. In Three Meals a Day show, she was very funny.

  3. I hated her acting in “Hyde” (plus, that drama was a wreck). Initially, I was worried that she will be bad in this drama. I’m so happy that she proves me wrong. I love her acting and character here. I’m rooting hard for her character. I hope she gets the happiness she deserves.

  4. Why is han ji min so gorgeous and beautiful this days? Aside from being gorgeous, she is knocking it off as seo woo jin. Actually her acting and character is what makes the drama interesting. So glad she got past the horror of her last project. This only means that having a competent writer and director, she will truly shine. Can’t wait what will happen to her character. I hope more people can discover what gem this drama is.

  5. She looks gorgeous in these photos. Natural and beautiful. Such poise and elegance..Showing how it’s done. Absolutely love the dress…everything is perfect.?

  6. Han Ji min is gorgeous but is a horrible actor. She really ruined Hyde Jykell, Me. If they have chosen a better and stronger actress, the drama won’t flops this bad. She has no chemistry with Hyun Bin in the drama. Glad he made the drama a bit watchable. Next time please choose an actress that have great chemistry with him.

    • It is the writer and PD that ruined HJM. Any actress put on that project will yield the same result. If han ji min is really bad, she should have been bad in all her projects. She has a number of dramas and her latest she is slaying it. HJM is so badly written and it is to blame not her.

    • She’s just one of the few k actress who can play different roles. recently, shes slaying her part.
      Hyde Jekyll me was a hyun bin show. Ahhh…..don’t worry girl they cant be paired again and there are lots of idols who can have a great chemistry with him.
      Han ji min must have learned lessons. That is why it took her 3 years to choose a comeback drama. And I’m glad she did it. Rooting for familiar wife all the way.

    • Hyun Bin himself underperformed in that hyde drama.His acting was not that good compared to his previous drama like Kim Sam Soon, Secret Garden or Worlds Within.There was something lacking.Plus the writing and directing is more to blame for the flop than the lack of chemistry between him and Han Ji Min.

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