Jin Se Yeon in Talks for K-drama Item Opposite Joo Ji Hoon

There are actually tons of K-dramas produced each year especially with the added competition of cable channels. That means there is too many to honestly keep track of other than for the obsessive completist, which I may have been at one point but no longer. As such I totally thought these two names had never crossed paths before only to be reminded via Google-fu that they actually costarred in a drama and played the OTP! K-actress Jin Se Yeon has been offered the female lead role in K-drama Item which has already extended the male lead offer to Joo Ji Hoon. If both accept it would be a reunion since the 2012 weekend drama Five Fingers, which Jin Se Yeon technically shouldn’t have starred in other than female lead Eunjung leaving after her T-ara bullying scandal exploded and Jin Se Yeon was the last minute replacement. Item is a supernatural/fantasy drama about items that gain special powers with the setting in the legal procedural world with Joo Ji Hoon up for playing a prosecutor.


Jin Se Yeon in Talks for K-drama Item Opposite Joo Ji Hoon — 25 Comments

  1. Never watched any of her drama since I stopped Doctor Stranger half way. She is one of the actresses I dislike (the list is not long at all).

  2. A HUGE downgrade for Joo Ji Hoon.He is doing so well in korean movie world.If he has to make a kdrama comeback at least work with an actress who isnt a chemistry vaccum like her.Even in her latest drama Grand Prince, Yoon Shi Yoon acted circles around her and hard carried the chemistry.Also acting with Ha Ji Won in that prometheus drama and the plot sounds better for Joo Ji Hoon than this one.But he refused the role and Jin Goo already took bis place.If this girl sounds on, JJH needs to think carefully if the plot is good…he can still keep his momentum but if the plot is bad.There is no way of saving it by chemistry because this girl whether platonic or romantic onscreen relationship.She just doesnt ha e the ability to synchronise with her partner.She cant emote too.

    • Finally. Someone who agrees with me! I liken her to a black hole. She sucked the emotion out of every scene in Grand Prince…absorbing everything and giving nothing back. Poor YSY and JSW had to pretty much emote on their own.

  3. I don’t like it when people here shit on talented actresses and pretend they aren’t good at their jobs …….

    but in this case you guys are right, she really is a dreadful actress and frankly not one of her performances makes me want to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s another one who gets all the help from PDs and writers to make her acting look better, but for how many lead roles she’s done, she’s still terrible. Her age isn’t an excuse either, there are actresses her age and younger who are much better at acting but didn’t start to get lead roles until recently (last year or so)

    • Or better still..older ones.She is 1994- liner.Why do they need to go that far in age when there are plenty of actresses in his age group stuck in second lead roles or already doing weekend makjang dramas.

      Yoo In Young(forever playing second lead roles(she was the second lead in my love from the stars, empress ki and others),Lee Yoon Ji(second lead in king 2 hearts) Nam Sang Mi, Shin Min Ah,Park Ha Sun and many more.. even noonas like Gong Hyo Jin, Kim So Yeon etc, can do the job.If they have to go younger, Seo Ye Ji is highly recommended..she has a mature, calm and minimalist acting approach which would match JJH.Not to mention, if this has a love line or platonic relationship but need lots of chemistry.She can deliver as shown by “save me” and LL.Seo Ji Hye of Black Knight is also highly recommended.There are plenty more but they insist on casting Jin Se Yeon in lead roles when she doesnt improve

      • Yoo in young wasn’t the second lead in my love from another star, it was yoo in na. But overall agree with you. Ju se yeon and shin sekyung (?) are the worst. Why production house keeps casting them with that kind of talent. Jsy especially, she didnt even have mant cfs like suzy, well suzy at least has this reason for getting casted.

        So many talented actors who always ended up as second lead or probably third. They are better than most of the idols. But have no sponsor is their biggest problem.

  4. I much prefer JJH in movies. He is doing so well in movies. Why does he need to go back to dramas? and with someone like JSY?? What a waste of time…

  5. He already has Kingdom with a great cast, I really hope he won’t act with her. In Five Fingers, all the cast was really intense and she was so bland.

  6. I don’t see him taking this, he has turned down 2 or 3 kdramas in the last year, and the only 1 he took was kingdom which is a short drama and was pretty much guaranteed to be a huge success. I mean it had a huge budget (20mil usd for 6 eps while sunshine has 30mil for 24 eps), amazing screenwriter, amazing cast and it was Netflix’s first picked up produced kdrama. I don’t see him downgrading from huge movies and kdramas to work with a horrible actress and a plot that might not attract an audience. But hey he might like the plot or actually working with jin se yeon so he might take it.

    • Didn’t Netflix just okay Season 2 for Kingdom? Slotted for production Feb2019 so if he’s already in Kingdom
      1…then I guess unless he can slot this drama in as well he may turn it down. He’s on an upward trajectory right now coming off Along with the Gods. If he acts with her it’s not gonna do him any favours

  7. Again? JJH is doing so well in Chungmuro atm, he should choose stick to movies or choose a better partner for his drama comeback.

  8. Cant wait to watch JSY in modern drama. What’s more, its a suspense thriller with her previous co-star. Hope to get more writeup on this new drama I T E M.

  9. Well.. Actually,this is my first time to watch JYS’s acting.. Before start watching this drama at OHK,i already read a lot of comment like this.. And i don’t know why netizens very dislike her.. So,i’m quite worried to watch drama ‘Item’.. But,when i watch it,its okay for me.. Nothing very bad at that drama… And it also make me want to watch it again and again until the end.. If we always give comment negatively non stop,it will not help her to change her acting.. If we want change someone,we have to give a comment or talk politely or give a support for them.. If we at her place,what we will feel if people talks about us like that??

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