tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Breaks 15% Ratings in Episode 14 with 10 More Episode Left to Air

Currently airing tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine doesn’t have the international drama fan buzz nearly as much as screenwriter Kim Eun Seok‘s last dramas Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, or even Heirs. But it certainly is bringing in the top ratings as the other predecessors, a slow and steady churn towards potentially setting a new record for cable network tvN. This weekend’s episode started the second half of its 24-episode run, with episode 13 getting 13.327% which is on par with the ratings of the previous few episodes, but episode 14 broke free finally and brought in 15.526%. This already puts Mr. Sunshine in the top 5 highest rated tvN dramas ever with an eye now towards hitting 19% which will breaking Goblin’s highest rating record of 18.680% and Answer Me 1988‘s network record of 18.8%. I continue to hear high praise for the writing and acting, and apparently male lead Lee Byung Hun‘s character is all sorts of awesomely written, and so are the other leads to create a compelling narrative universe keeping viewers hooked.


tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Breaks 15% Ratings in Episode 14 with 10 More Episode Left to Air — 22 Comments

  1. Meh, Jung Hae in and Park seo Joon don’t need to be in kim Eun sook drama for getting Fame and CF.They just need good script and storyline to make that drama take spot light. I hope familiar wife can take spot light and get higher rating. And i don’t surprise if kes drama get high rating because the Washington money maker.

    • Well, i’ve seen many leads in KES dramas got daesang. What did JHI got from noona drama? Wondering if Park seo joon will get daesang bcuz of secretary kim.

      Plus, good script? Who is the best script writer in korea right now? So curious… Heol. So many good dramas this year, i’ve watched many… Even i wish sunshine get daesang for best drama, still hope jo seung woo will get daesang for actor. He deserves it. Life is amazing!!!

      • But in WWSK, talking about performance, it was PMY who did great in that drama. How could PSJ get a daesang?

      • Who knows since the comment abobe praised him so much. Im just wondering since he’s so popular. But well, hd probably will end up like han jaein, get popularity award.

    • @okeydokeyon “life” is lower in quality compared to secret forest.Jo Seung Woo is very good but its the script that is saving the drama.Lee Dong Wook and Won Jin Ah’s acting is subpar and the directing is off at times.I think the highest he could get is top excellence actor award not Daesang(Grand Prize),I think that wull go to either Ji Sung or Lee Byun Hun.But he also has tough competition for top excellence compared to last year.Lee Sung Gyun(My Ahjussi), Jung Kyung Ho(Life On Mars) Lee Jun Ki(Lawless Lawyer) and Lee Jin Wook(Voice 2) are also worthy contenders based on reviews and ratings.Upcoming dramas soon is So Ji Sub, Jang Hyuk and Hyun Bin.

      As for Park Seo Joon and Jung Hae In, they were good too but not WOW.The highest they should be getting are couple awards with their co-stars and popularity awards.Although I can see them winning the more international awards like APAN and Seoul International Awards.But who knows? politics is also part of the game.They are young and popular.They could snatch a daesang.But the travesty would be PSJ winning an award for Secretary Kim and Park Min Young getting nothing.

      • LSK and JKH’s performances were great in MA and LOM! And JSW is doing amazing as usual in Life, but agreed that SF is on another level.

        Cable channels should have yearend awards, tvN especially

      • Sf and life are two different storyline with different genre. SF will always be my fave. But life is great too. The names you mentioned above for daesang nominees are best actors.

        Back to topic, sunshine is purely preference. I think, the 3 men in sunshine did great. Yys and byh are my fave. Lbh hm.. If only they casted kang dong won. But it would a total joke if they did since kdw has a story with japanese thing.

  2. I think its a boring drama with little thing going on. KES pretty much make one thing happen in one episode then filler the rest with whatever. Thats being said KES know how to keep audience – good cinematography, good acting, comedy here and there. Its not drama for someone who dont have patience but its a nice watch regardless.

    • “make one thing happen in one episode then filler”….this is what she did in Goblin. It’s odd because I really don’t think she (KES) did this in other dramas. I wanted to love Goblin but I ended up giving up in episode 9. I’m waiting for this one to complete its run before making a decision.

  3. There’s nothing special about the leads’ acting but the drama as a whole is watchable if you have the time to kill. There’s 10 episodes left but MS might be the first KES drama I can finish, it’s very pretty to watch LOL

    • I was thinking the same thing! Haven’t watched this but in all the stills we see of him, his coloring does look off…and yes a little like a corpse! He’s always had darker tones but he does look much older here and not a healthy skin tone. But all the other actors look really good!

  4. The drama is wonderful visually with fine acting and certainly the ratings speak for itself. A well deserved outcome for everyone who has worked hard to make this drama great success.

  5. Mr. Sunshine might not be as recognized by international kdrama “fans” as compared with KES’ previous works. But that, I think, is a good thing after all because Mr. Sunshine, in my opinion, is KES’ best work yet. It doesn’t fall under the cringey generic rom-com/melodrama format and that’s a breath of fresh air for me. Most Kdramas this year are getting more and more tiresome tbh.

    • It’s too slow and boring including the performance of their main leads. The flaws of the dramas are somewhat compensated by its nice cinematography and 3 supporting casts.

  6. I am in love with this story, especially when focused on the freedom fighters. They really are like a flame and that’s why I love it when the main lead compared herself to a flame.
    Eugine is such a tragic character, always going through loss.

    I agree ratings speak for themselves.

  7. Didn’t surprise that Kim eun sook and mr.santa claus drama get bigger rating lol. Mr. Santa will get all the fame, CF and award. More fame and money he will get more younger girls will sleeping with him???. I just hope he doesn’t getting mess up with Kim Tae ri. Cause I like her. Get those all award Mr. Santa Claus, apan award, Seoul international award, baeksang award all award you can get. Hohoho santa claus coming to town.

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