Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin Take Bromance on Hawaiian Vacation

It’s not unusual for top actors and actresses of the same generation to breach their onscreen rivalry for the same roles to a offscreen real friendship. A few come to mind that includes Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin, that they each costarred with same generation top star Suzy in success dramas validates their position of vying for the same roles but their friendship goes back to before each hit it big. I’m so happy that they have each other to understand the same pressures in the industry and also share in the successes each have achieved over the years. It’s been a tough year and half for Kim Woo Bin after his throat cancer diagnosis but his girlfriend Shin Mina has been there by his side and also his good friend Lee Jong Seok as the two were spotting leaving a restaurant after dinner last week and this week comes news that the two took a vacation to Hawaii together after determining that Kim Woo Bin was healthy enough to travel. I’m so relieved and so happy, have fun boys!


Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin Take Bromance on Hawaiian Vacation — 11 Comments

  1. I am happy to see that KWB os improving their health and may happiness is doubled when I see that their friendship with LJS has not only continued but has benn wonderfully strengthened. True friendship is something so valuable! I also hope for the best holidays for these cute guys.

  2. No matter what you think of these two as actors, there’s no denying their friendship is genuine and anyone would be lucky to have friends like them.

  3. Awww qure.
    But I have to mention that both UF and WYWS can hardly be called successful with those ratings. Those dramas were not just popular enough among general population.

  4. Aww so happy they are on holiday together so so close they are not just friends more like family have a great holiday boys and stay safe

  5. can’t they just go on vacation without the need to tell media for the sake of popularity, eespecially that one who going to serve soon *cough

    • Haha,haha,Sorry, haha,but something more than coughing makes me want to laugh with your comment haha.
      There are many positive aspects in this note to see. Please think about this: 1) KWB is recovering favorably from its cruel disease. 2) His recovery allows him to start showing himself publicly, which is very nice. 3) He has also had the desire and strength to take a long journey. 4) You can even see him walking through the beautiful land of Hawaii. 5) KWB is showing that he enjoys quality time with a good friend. And maybe if you meditate a little more with a good mentality, you will see other positive aspects…(if you have not had contact with people who have gone through a similar situation, you may not understand the importance of each of these achievements).
      Are you sure they have a bad attitude problem?… Mmm. No,I do not think so.
      Be happy with KWB and with LJS.

    • If they go without telling the media, people like you will blast them for that as well.One of the retarded comments that might come up is “Ohhh, look at Kim Woobin, he’s well enough to go to Hawaii, but he doesn’t care enough about his fans to update them on his condition”.Thats the reason the agencies decided to go public. Besides, fans are going to spot them in Hawaii anyways, no point hiding.

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